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Quiz Show
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I couldn't put Dougs countdowns as himself: Top 20 favorite Movies and Tv Shows, Top 10 favorite comedies, top 10 movies I hate but everyone else loves, top ten movies I like but everyone else hates, Top ten worst cliches, and top fifteen comedic infuences.
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I tried to put an anime called nana: seven of seven, but I couldn't find it
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His Honarable Mentions: Thomas and The Magic Railroad
You're a rotten Bastard Christmas Special
The Grinch
The Room
Batman & Robin
The Wizard
and Scooby-Doo: The final episode

Reviews I wish were on his List:

Secret Of Nimh 2: Timmy To The Rescue

Battlefield Earth: Saga of the year 3000



Indiana Jones 2

Top 11s That I think should have been on the list:

Top 11 Mind *beep*

Top 11 Underrated Nostalgic Classics

Top 11 Batman: T.A.S Episodes

Top 11 Simpsons Episodes

Top 11 Most Akward Christopher Walken Moments
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If you don't know, the Nostalgia Critic is a critic who reviews bad movies and tv shows from the 80's to the 90's, you can look at his videos on his website: He made a video on his favorite tv show's as himself; no yelling.

So without further ado, here they are from 1 to 20.
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These are the people who God use's for his/her voice so (s)he can use it if (s)he lose's her voice, my opinion.
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If you want to see this video click this link:
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We all have our favorite stars, right? Mine are robert evans angelina jolie and they were even nominated or won an oscar. But did you know they were also nominated or won razzies. They're are other poeple on this that were:
nominated for oscar(s) or won them but were also nominated or won razzies.
This list tell them all.