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Here is a list of some of our favs who put crimials where they belong. Remember as kids ,we would prentend to be cops & robbers. We would all imitate our favorite crimefighter in the backyard. And of corse we couldn't wait for them to fight crime each episode.
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Alright ladies, here is some "EYE CANDY" for you to lick your lips & salivate over.are you ready to choose for your absolute favs. Put them in the order that YOU like, OK. Ready Set Chose
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To all of my critizisers of the previous list. How come if someone is part black & part anything else, they always claim to be black. Like such stars as Halle Berry & Lisa Bonet.people like Lenny Kravitz & Prince claim both sides.
I think that everybody should be happy w/how they are.
So put them in your own order. Eveybody loves "CHOCOLATE" espeacilly white boys like me. Take care
& thanx
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These cats are the finest players to ever lace em up & play on the court. I put both of my list togeather so you wound not mis any of the names i had on the second list.
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They say "Gentlemen perfer blondes". Put them in the order that you want. These babes are "SMOKIN HOT".
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Not just another list ,but people who were taken too soon & never got to fully shine.but, they did create a hugh impact in
Our lives.
May they all R.I.P.& God bless them all .
None of these people took their own lives. They were taken from us against their own will.
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To all my fellow horror movie fans.remember those late nights w/a bowl of popcorn & the lights turned off. We would be soo scaried to go to sleep . But we couldn't wait til next time. Lets all vote for our favs , ok. Mine are

1 bela lugosi
The orignal dracula

2 boris karloff

3 peter cushing
Van helsing in all the old movies

4 vincent price
House of wax

5 christopher lee
Dracula (hammer films)

6 lon chaney
Phantom of the opra (the orignal man of 1000 faces)
From the silent pictures era

7 lon chaney jr

8 glen strange

9 donald pleasence
Dr. Loomis (haiioween)

10 tony moran
Mike meyers (orignal halloween)

Well there are sooo... Many we could go on all night . I hope everybody likes my selections & maybe you will tell me some of the ones that i forgot & thanx

Vote for your favorites & compare thanx
The order is not important
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These people have made a great careers w/their unique
Sounding voices.
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Every women on this page, has drivin men crazzzzy
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Not a slug or a overhypted excusse. Chosen for talent only, not who they play for
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These are the most talented female stars . I am not just talking about looks!
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I'm so sorry to anyone that saw my first list & that i had forgotten sooo many great acts . Please forgive me . Thanx
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They could not covince you that water is wet
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The order is not important
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No hype or b.s., these cats can really sing in key & hold a note
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