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4.5 out of 5 star rating from Horror-Web, 1 April 2007

I've been waiting awhile and looking forward to what director Robert Harari had in store for us with this movie. Having seen previous films he had worked on one way or the other, I knew he was a true fan of the genre and wouldn't let us down, and I was right!

The Murder Game gives horror fans what they need; a mystery to solve and plenty of gore! Any film that makes me yell "rock on" after a death scene scores double points in my book!

The story was straightforward, the acting, while every so often slightly cheesy, didn't have me running away from the screen pulling out my hair. Extra kudos to the F/X department for some amazing effects and the use of plenty of blood. And the ending, my kind of ending indeed (I won't say anymore on that topic)

Jekyll gives this one a 4.5 star rating. Check it out when it finds it's release date

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Just another zombie movie folks., 26 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What can I say? This is just another zombie movie.

I have a feeling if Mr. Romero had not been at the helm, horror fans wouldn't be getting their panties in a wad over this movie.

The style of the movie just felt like another remake of a zombie movie. We've had enough of those, right?

The pace of the movie was very rushed. Didn't feel like you were able to get a firm grip on the story, just some more folks killing zombies and trying to stay alive.

The acting wasn't horrendous (thank goodness). Hopper made you feel yucky, Leguizamo had you crossing your fingers, wishing for him to die and well, OK - maybe Asia Argento should think about a couple of acting classes because Bid Daddy did better with his zombies screams then she did on the screen.

The F/X team did an amazing job here and that is where the movie earns back some bonus points. Who would have thought a nearly headless zombie could cause such problems and I guess school spirit is a bit low given the leader has half her face removed. The only major issue I have is the way Big Daddy looked (similar a la Bub) Both of these zombies don't really look "that bad". Cut off half their face and then let's see how the audience reacts to them. i doubt you will be getting much support.

So to sum things up - Yes, I am happy that Mr. Romero is working again, he is a very kind man. But if people are gonna make such a big deal about it then give us a Romero film and not just something anyone could put on the screen. This one gets 3.5 stars from Jekyll.

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4 Tales to get spooked by, 11 May 2005

Stories/Plots : Each story written and directed by Bo Buckley and presented with a different level of spookiness. I have to admit the first installment THE DOLL'S HOUSE started off a bit slow but the other stories moved smoothly and made up for it. My favorite of the four would have to be WORLD'S MOST HAUNTED - any "reality" haunted show should end up like this one. So in one movie you get a haunted house, some werewolves, a haunted sanitarium and a tarot card reader. It spans a good variety of the horror genre.

F/X : I was impressed with the effects. They didn't come across too cheesy and and felt pretty high quality. Always a bonus in Indie films. Two thumbs up to the F/X crew. Only problem I ran into was soundtrack music overrunning the dialog at times.

Cast/Characters : Good scripting allowed for good follow through on the actors part. Everyone did their parts to tee - the ditsy girl does get killed and the annoying guy will get killed, that is what we like to see.

Jekyll's Final Thoughts :I was very happy to hear about this movie through a friend and glad I had the chance to watch and review it. I will recommend it to my fellow horror fans and look forward to seeing what else Mr. Buckley has in store for us. This one, appropriately, gets a 4 star rating from me (out of 5)

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Run away, now!, 2 December 2004

I really don't even know what to say about this movie. I apologize for not following my usual format, but this is a warning to everyone who happens to stop by and read this :


I cannot stress this enough. Acting was terrible, horrendous, I have found "acting" in adults movies better than this film. The music? Think late night Cinemax. Exactly. Clowns? Where are the evil clowns? Oh my, this would be the ONLY time in my life I can utter the words " I KNOW I could make a better film than this one.

Rating? NOTHING! It gets a big, fat, nothing. A bomb, a turkey, call it what you want. If you have been a bad little boy or girl this year than you may just find this movie in your stocking, although coal has more value than this movie!

Don't close your eyes or you will miss a good film!, 23 September 2004

Synopsis :While helping a detective with her smoking problem, a hypno therapist accidental unlocks images of a young girl. The detective then requests the doctors help in getting the young girl to talk after a horrifying kidnapping experience. What is unlocked is the key to a serial killer and his obsession with immortality.

Story/Plot :I was very impressed with this simple story. It's similar to other films but stands alone with the depth the film goes to. Smooth story, no choppy moments and climatic ending. All a good formula

Cast/Characters :A BBC production may mean lesser known faces in the states but I knew the actors and what they could portray, and selection for each part was very well done. A more mature Shirley Henderson as a detective in this film, throwing aside her school gown from HARRY POTTER (Moaning Myrtle). A once again beautiful Miranda Otto (Eowen of LOTR fame) striving for an American accent and doing well and the hunky Goran Visnjic as the lead character (most remembered by me as Jimmy Angelov in PRACTICAL MAGIC.

F/X : Little gore but moments of pure yuckiness (fair warning, if you have issues with EYES like I do, you may need to close yours in a few scenes) Always a tummy turn for me.

Jekyll's Final Thoughts :Lesser known films always strike my fancy. Was glad my video store had this one stocked. Have recommended it already to a few folks who enjoyed it as much as I did. This one gets a 4 star rating from me.

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Just want we needed in this genre..., 23 September 2004

Upon viewing the movie I kept feeling like I was somewhere else, back in my younger days of watching horror movies. A definite homage to old school horror, it's spooky but doesn't throw a bucket of blood in your face every five minutes. Even the sound effects remind me of HALLOWEEN.

I have to be honest, I thought the movie was a bit slow at times. I blame this to it being a midnight screening and most folks know Jekyll is in bed by 10pm! After interviewing Mena the following day, things started to fall into place and the "oh yea, now THAT makes sense" was the constant babble in my head. Knowing now it is only a 1/3 of the story leaves me more satisfied.

Props to Anchor Bay for picking this one up and I hope for it's nationwide release soon. I also give this film a 4 star rating!

Frogs (1972)
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My Thoughts...., 23 July 2004

Synopsis : From back cover - Jason Crockett is an aging, physically disabled millionaire who invited his family to his island estate for his birthday party. The old man in more than crot-chety.....he's crazy! Hating nature, Crockett poisons anything that crawls on his property. But on the night of his shindig, it's nature's payback time, as thousands of frogs whip up every bug and slimy thing into a toxic frenzy until the entire environment goes environ-MENTAL!

Story/Plot :It's a free for all animal (or rather reptile & amphibian) invasion! What cheese, what fun! And summertime is but a perfect time to watch this film! It's funny the frogs are made out to be the bad guys when it is the rest of the animals revolting on the humans. Makes for an interesting pollution story as well, don't mess with nature or it just might mess back!

Cast/Characters :A young, hunky Sam Elliot leads this cast (not that he STILL isn't hunky in my opinion) along with Ray Milland playing Old Man Crockett. You are just wishing the whole time he is next in line to get killed!

F/X :Ok, so I was expecting really cheesy puppet frogs all around as big as your head but when in reality all scenes with animals were live footage of them. Some fun facts from the back of the DVD box Many of the 500 Florida frogs and 100 giant South American toads purchased to use in the film escaped during the production That's enough of a horror movie in it's own!

Jekyll's Final Thoughts :Overall a fun time. Don't expect too much from the campy masterpiece, all seriousness must be left at the door. I give this one 3 stars!

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Enjoyable, 23 July 2004

Synopsis : A transsexual murders one of his psychiatrist's patients, and now he's after the prostitute who witnessed it.

Story/Plot : I enjoyed the film but felt it to be just another, typical DePalma film. Am I allowed to say typical and DePalma in the same sentence?

Cast/Characters : I thought everyone did a good job, Denis Franz gave me a laugh and it was good to see Michael Caine not attempting to pull off yet another disastrous American accent. F/X : Nothing extreme, it wasn't needed. I enjoyed the use of the camera in the film. Long shots through a room. Having 7 people in a frame when only 2 were speaking and central to the storyline and the lovely split screen in recalling a memory.

Jekyll's Final Thoughts : I am not the biggest fan of DePalma but did enjoy this. A sure winner for those that are fans though. Storyline a bit obvious at times but stays true to being a bit of a mystery movie. 4 star rating from me

Salem's Lot (1979) (TV)
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My thoughts...., 23 July 2004

Synopsis : from back of box : Sinister events bring together a writer fascinated with an old hilltop house, a suave antiques dealer whose expertise goes beyond bric-a-brac and the dealer's mysterious, pal-skinned "partner".

Story/Plot : I caught glimpses of this movie back in the day but never knew the whole story. Definitely a somewhat dated mini-series but enjoyable to say the least. I have heard from other sources the book was much better, which is usually the case but this version keeps you in eerie suspense through the entire movie.

F/X : Nosferatu style vamp is what haunts you in this version. Always an image to give you a bit of the willies and holds nothing to the modern day romantic vampire found in Rice novels. Give me the fangs, long nails and glowing eyes any day! It's what spooked me as a kid and can still spook me to this day.

Cast/Characters : Only coincidence that I picked this David Soul lead cast movie to watch today (remake of Starsky & Hutch was released for rental today...subliminal? Possibly) I personally feel he has always had good stage presence and we are also graced with the beautiful Bonnie Bedelia.

Jekyll's Final Thoughts : Even though you may think this one is dated I recommend checking it out. Personally I wanted to watch it before watching the 2004 remake so that I can compare the two. That review to follow soon. This one got 3 stars from me.

Near Dark (1987)
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Daylight,'s all the same, 28 May 2004

Tagline : Pray for Daylight.

Synopsis : From back cover : In this chilling tale about a gang of bloodthirsty drifters, sexuality and the supernatural combine to create a most powerful film. It starts when Caleb, a spirited but naive young man, catches his first glimpse of Mae. Her dangerous sensuality lures him into a secret clan of savage vampires who prowl the night seeking victims. It is in this setting - the dark and desolate highways of the American heartland - that Caleb's worst nightmares unfold.

Story/Plot : I enjoyed this movie but not sure on my final thoughts of it. I think I waited to long to see this film and had I watched it years back I would have finished it and said 'WOW! THAT ROCKED!". It definitely didn't stick with normal standards of vampire movies, slow burning in the sunlight (no immediate combustion) and I am sorry, a blood transfusion can turn you back to human? Maybe I need to locate a special edition extended version so I can understand this more.

Cast/Characters : A young, annoying Bill Paxton, veteran Lance Henriksen and pretty boy Adrian Pasdar. Good selection on actors and each played their role to a tee.

F/X : They never say the word vampire in this film so therefore we see no fangs or vamp face. The slow burning flesh when they entered the sunlight was impressive and once they got around to wanting to show us, blood was minimal but got the point across.

Jekyll's Final Thoughts : A cult classic that needs to be viewed, especially by those who like the vampire films. You may come out of it wanting questions answered but who said every movie is supposed to make sense? I give this one a 3 star rating

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