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My kids and I both love this show!, 4 April 2013

You have to go into this show not expecting anything overly intellectually stimulating. You have to realize it is a goofy, just for fun show. Not everything has to be so dang serious all the time. We watch this and are guaranteed at least two or more laugh out loud moments per episode. It is a show my husband and I can watch with the kids and not want to rip our hair out. I would list this and Adventure Time in my top ten shows on TV right now in creativity. Everyone expects every show to have a moral lesson or be educational now. That gets old and boring fast. Remember when we were kids? We had Loony Toons, Animaniacs, Tom and Jerry, etc. None of those tried to teach us a thing, lol, and we loved them. Our kids are inundated all day, let them check out once in a while. Let them have some things that are just for fun. I'm not saying sit and have them watch TV all day, but after playing outside and doing other things after school, let them watch something fun! This show buries shows like iCarly, Jesse, Good Luck Charlie and the like. All of those shows main characters are just downright mean to each other. This one is obvious goofiness and playing. The thought that someone would not like this enough to think they had the right to take it to a school board blows my mind. If you don't like it, don't watch it or let YOUR kids watch it. Who are you to dictate what other people show their children? Who are you to decide what people should or shouldn't watch?

ParaNorman (2012)
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Do not take children under 10 or 12, 26 August 2012

I feel like I need to apologize to my children for taking them to this. There was foul language, pretty intense scariness and a gay joke. I would have gotten up and walked out but we were the guests of my inlaws and I felt that would be rude. Quite a few parents did walk out and leave though. I am shocked this wasn't pg13. They several times mentions souls in eternal damnation. Are there no standards anymore? The movie was visually beautiful and I'm sure if I was a young adult without kids with me I would have enjoyed it. But to market it to children as a fun loving romp was wrong. I am no prude but childhood is a time for happiness not trying to push the envelope the way filmmakers and Hollywood do for adults. Each movie getting more vulgar than the last it seems.