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Saari Raat (2013) (V)
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Something Different !!!!, 25 July 2012

Just today i had the chance to watch this short film in my college in which the director and actor Parimal Aloke visited along with Paru Gambhir and a couple of his team members to.They had visited our college to give us a special screening of the movie!And i have to say that the movie was something different,nothing which is normally seen in a short movie.The issues were touched upon very sensitively and managed to hold my attention for the entire movie! Both the actors have done a commendable job as they had the responsibility of keeping a strong screen presence and executing the story well! Hats off to Parimal Aloke for playing the chauvinistic Indian male with ease who doubts his wife no matter how much she tries to convince him , and also Paru Gambhir for playing the ever so doubted Indian bride! But yes i have to say i realized in the end of the movie that Parimal Aloke,the director was in fact the Groom (needless to say the fact that the mustache made the difference)and yes neither did i recognize Paru Gambhir (may be the make up i guess! ) Hats off to the director and i wish him the best of luck for the success of his movie! My Rating - 7/10 (Worth a watch)

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One of the best shows yet! :D, 4 June 2012

I remember watching White collar for the first time and falling completely in love with it! It is far by one of the best written scripts and has amazing storytelling!Each episode has a new case and keeps you glued right from the start!Matt Bomer is excellent so much to the extent that you cannot think of Neal Caffrey as anyone else!He is smart,witty and makes you believe in his character!Tim Dekay is perfect as Peter Burke ,the smart FBI officer who is always behind Neal!But Willie Garson deserves special praise here,he depicts Mozzie exceptionally,with ease !the rest of the supporting cast lives up well!All together the show gets better each time i watch it as you don't know what Neal is up to!Far by one of the best television has to offer!A must watch if your a crime fan like me ! :D My rating 10/10

Awesome Movie!!!!, 1 June 2012

I recently watched this movie,n believe me i had a lot of expectations from the movie!High expectations especially because it had one of my favorite entertainers Ayushman Khurana in it,and i have to say i haven't been disappointed at all! First things first-Awesome storyline,the movie is light and funny both and at the same time manages to deliver the message of sperm Donation effortlessly !The story of Vicky Arora ,a normal punjabi guy who becomes a sperm donor is a delight to see! Ayushman Khurana is the perfect choice.He delivers the role with excellence and certainly deserves recognition! Yami Gautam is a pleasure to watch n matches up Ayushman's pace as a subtle bengali girl! Anu Kapoor is flawless as Dr.Chadda,The infertility doctor is hell bent on getting Vicky to become a sperm donor! Overall the film has been 1 of the best i have seen yet,given the fact i don't watch much Hindi movies,but i can assure you movies like Vicky Donor will make u realise that Hindi movies have much better to offer than the usual naach gana!Hats off to Shoojit Sarcar and John Abraham A MUST WATCH ! 10/10

Treasure Guards (2011) (TV)
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Surprisingly Watchable!!!!!!, 24 March 2012

I was kinda bored yesterday so i decided to check out what was on TV and I came across this movie titled "Treasure Guards". Having not have heard about it i decided to give the movie a watch and it turned out to be surprisingly watchable.Even though the plot and twists and turns will remind you much about the many other adventure movies like National Treasure and Indiana Jones,the movie just manages to hold your attention to the last bit.The actors manage to give fair performances.The story is pretty decent even though some parts may seem unbelievable .Overall,a fun one time watch if you've got nothing to do on a lazy evening!