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i try to collect here all the movies i've ever seen
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movies that i want to see
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Let's see how many movies I watch this year!
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movies that touched my heart
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I'll collect here all the movies I see in these year.
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In year 2012 I made a list of best movies I saw that year. Now I decided to make a list o movies that evoked some feelings in me. Happiness, anger, surprise, excitement ect. They may not be the best movies of the year but these all are movies that I can clearly remember from year 2013.
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always waiting their new movies
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Sometimes some movie has the character that is more than just some role played by some actor. They give us something to think about. These are characters who have made me laugh and cry, but most important they´ve made me see things from different point of view.
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I'll name here all the movies I've seen in year 2012
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people who know, how to make a good movie
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I'm curious to see Japanese movies but it's difficult to find good ones so could you recommend to me some? :)
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