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Propaganda at its worst, 16 February 2013

Film makes no mention of Damien Echols very long history of psychosis. How he killed and tortured animals before the killings. How he was institutionalized for violent behavior, how he threatened to kill his parents, how he tried to gouge out the eyes of a classmate. The film would have us believe that poor little Damien was picked on by those dumb Bible believing rednecks just because he was different. He was focused on because he was a known violent psychotic. Much is made of how there was no satanic connection, yet Damien Echols continues to this day to follow satanic and occult practices. He is a liar and a murderer. Anyone can do some research and find the facts, but most just watch documentaries and then assume what they've seen is true. So very disappointed that Peter Jackson has blindly gotten on the Echols bandwagon. Maybe look at the writings of another death row inmate, Billy Sinclair, if you want the unvarnished truth about Damien Echols. Also..why no mention of the 5..yes thats right 5 confessions by Miskelly, including 2, in private to his own defense attorney. How exactly would those have been coerced?

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Formulaic and predictable, 28 September 2011

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Very disappointing and formulaic TV show. Perhaps the worst pat is the old "rebellious teen" angle. So Junior sees his prison escapee dad for the first time in 2 years, is reunited with his newly freed little sister, get transported back to dinosaur times, breathing fresh air and seeing clouds for the first time in his life...well what better time for teen angst and rebellion. He doesn't attend the required orientation school (what cold he possibly need to learn about life in dino times) and wanders off, until Ta-da! he meets the prerequisite saucy aggressive teenage "bad girl." Her suggestion "why don't we and the other disaffected teens go off and do dangerous "teen" stuff like wander unarmed in dinosaur and bad guy territory and get drunk...oh look I'm wearing a bikini." Jeeez this is lazy inept pathetic writing.

The rest of the stuff is OK..and I mean just OK. The plot with the conspiracy could be developed, the dinos are OK, but this brings up another issue. Why are they in dino land with weapons that are not able to bring down even a small dinosaur. They empty magazine after magazine into small dinosaurs, which run off seemingly none the worse for the experience. I'm thinking 2 rounds of 30-06 would be sufficient to drop one..or at least wound it pretty severely. Anyhoo....I had high hopes, but will not be watching. I lost interest quickly, the characters were lame and the show was one big MEH!

OK...I've tried to watch this some more..give it the benefit of the doubt but this last episode with the lost little girl was TERRIBLE and BORING. This is the worst pile of junk on TV.

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Fun, loud, Blackhawk Down meets Independence Day, 28 July 2011

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The people giving horrible reviews...what did you go expecting to see? An Oscar contending serious drama? This movie is what it is..a good combat flick, but instead of terrorists the fighting is against aliens. The combat scenes are well done, the aliens are a refreshing change since they aren't super shielded warriors who can't be killed without a special super weapon...they're alien grunts...soldiers like the Marines..and can be killed with a few well placed shots. Was the movie a little's a movie about aliens attacking LA. It's not on par or even close to District 9, but it was still fun...I liked kids liked was exactly what I was expecting. THe characters were at least likable, unlike the lame Skyline where you wanted the aliens to eat the annoying characters. The FX where well done...there was a very positive pro USA vibe

to the movie...nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

The Road (2009/I)
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Incredibly Stupid, 28 July 2011

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This post apocalyptic drama had a lot of potential. There is some unknown event that causes widespread destruction and kill most of man kind. far the premise is good. A father and son attempt to survive...again, so far good premise. Then we get into the stupidity. the annoying kid refers to him, is an inept idiot. He finds a totally stocked bomb shelter full of food, water etc etc..yet when he hears a noise outside..he abandons it for the "safety" of the open world??? Huh? WHY???? Thats never explained. Supposedly all the animals have been killed, but when they hear the sound in the shelter, the kid, who was born after the cataclysm says it sounds like a dog. When did he ever hear a dog before to know what one sounds like? Poppa wanders into obvious dangerous situations oblivious to warning signs, like cannibal cooking pots.

Poppa was married to Charlize Theron, who, for unknown reasons, while she was till in a warm home and relatively healthy chooses to wander off and die. WHY? No reason given..she just does it..wimpy Poppa makes no physical attempt to stop her...he lets her go...such love huh? Poppa is on a journey to "the coast" WHY? No reason is given for this..there's no sign that the coast is safe or better or different..but Poppa plods on the the coast for some strange reason. Of course the coast is a bad as everywhere else..everywhere except to wonderful warm dry food stocked bomb shelter that Poppa foolishly left.

The cannibals are all red necks for some reason..they eat people but the people they eat are eating what before they're found??? By the time Poppa kicks the bucket you're glad he's dead because maybe now the annoying kid might have a chance of survival. Here we find that the family with the somehow uneaten dog has been following them. Apparently this family is a family of uber-trackers because they could follow Poppa and whiny kid when the cannibals could not.

Some critics said Robert Duvall was spectacular...he was in the movie for a total of 5 minutes....he was OK...yet Poppa was a snit to him and sent him away..what a jerk.

The movie wasn't even depressing because you really don't care about inept Poppa...he was mostly just annoying.