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Lead Roles only!!
They played a variety of roles with ease and in their own style.
Their entertained/entertaining us through their peformances for years.
No Order!!
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A lot of new comers are coming into Bollywood Industry.All of them got some talent of their own.But some of them have a spark to travel a long way in this Industry.They are the future of Bollywood,in my opinion.You may differ my opinion.Only time can tell what is their future.The list is based only on talent and actors presented in leading roles and they are young as well.List will be continuing as the new comers will be coming to the Industry.
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My Opinion
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This list is a homage to the actors, who performed a variety of roles naturally and beautifully. No order!!
I respect them all equally.Thanks to the people who helped me giving this homage to these great people.
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This list is based upon the voice quality of the vocals, whose voices touch my heart the most.No order.All are equally favourite of mine.
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(My Opinion)
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This list contains only the names of the persons who made the movies memorable with their energetic performances as vilian.
They are not only playing a typical bad man role but their presence in any movie was/is the guarentee of success.
No Order!!
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