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To be on this list the actor/actress must either be young and upcoming or just starting to breakout.

Some actors on the list could be considered stars already but I believe they will become bigger stars.
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This is the ranking of the movies that are coming out in the next few years that I am very excited to see.
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The First Ten will be nominated for Best Picture.
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I have seen every "James Bond" movie and these are in my opinion the best to worst.

Best James Bonds:
1. Daniel Craig
2. Sean Connery
3. Timothy Dalton
4. Roger Moore
5. Pierce Brosnan
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Movie Ratings 1-40 = 10/10 41-80 = 9/10 81-120 = 8/10 Directors with the Most Movies (In List) 1. Steven Spielberg- 10 2. Martin Scorsese- 9 3. Christopher Nolan- 6 4. Rob Reiner- 5 5. Alfred Hitchcock- 5 6. Clint Eastwood- 4 7. Coen Brothers- 4 8. David Fincher- 4 9. Quentin Tarantino- 4 List will Be Revised Often (LEAVE COMMENTS PLEASE)
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This is a list of the best movies that have to deal with war. If anyone thinks I left a movie out please let me know. LEAVE COMMENTS PLEASE
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This is a list of characters in movies that I would love to be, there in my opinion the characters in movie history.
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These are the movies that have unbelievable twist that keep you guessing the entire time. Leave Comments with your opinions


Please do not read list if you don't want to know the plot twist.
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Leave a Comment with your opinion and I will add them to the list. Leave Comments
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I will note if the actor won or was nominated for an Oscar in there film.
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