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Oblivion (2013/I)
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Decent sci-fi that doesn't cater to the masses, 2 November 2013

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I thought this was a great film. There are so many movies these days that, no matter how serious the subject matter end up lumbered with some wise-cracking hero who chucks out a sequence of sharp one-liners throughout the entire film whilst taking down all adversaries with ease. These kind of films really cheese me off because the invariable accompaniment to this is a dead awful, dumbed-down plot. Think Independence Day.

Oblivion isn't Independence Day. It's up there with Sunshine, Solaris and Prometheus. If you get bored by complexity or seriousness or lack of non-stop action, don't bother seeing it.

There were a couple of very minor questionable areas of the plot but nothing that couldn't be feasible in context.

I highly recommend Oblivion. It's a solid, well paced movie with some good twists in the plot and some moving moments. The acting is solid, the visuals are amazing and the alien really felt suitably alien too.

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Pearls Before Swine, 26 July 2011

This movie shouldn't be my cup of tea. I'm pretty cynical and my favourite film genres are sci-fi and horror in that order. However, this film blew me away.

I don't understand all of the negative reviews concentrating on the CGI. It's supposed to be depicting an other-worldly realm between earth and heaven - what do you expect / want to see if you go to Heaven, grim city streets with alleys full of garbage and low-lifes? I found the imagery to be exactly what I would hope from heaven - endless possibilities bounded only by imagination - and it delivered that feeling.

As for the plot and the acting, I thought it was first-rate from start to finish.

If you still have a soul in this cynical world then I'm sure you'll like it - don't listen to the miserable horde.