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Trilogy of Blood (2010) (V)
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Who Knew Killing Could Be This Much Fun???, 5 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My review of TRILOGY OF BLOOD is gonna be biased because I play guitar for THE DEADNEKS-but I'll be as honest in my review as I can. 

The idea for the film was originally conceived by DEADNEKS founder/singer Joey "Fangface" Broy several years ago. The concept was to showcase three of our songs in music-video form (as well as other songs of ours used as background-music) and tie them together into a short, exploit/horror type film.  We always had interest in doing it-but it never really went anywhere until we met Charlie Ruckus and the other guys who at the time made up Ruckus Productions (Rick Kelley, Brian Archambault, and Larry Smith) at a show and started kicking the idea around. They took a serious interest in it, understood our financial limitations-and signed on to film it. We had a few pre-production meetings, some casting calls, etc...and within a few months we started filming.

The plot revolves around three young ladies (Elyse Carr, Tisha Gardner, and B-movie 'starlet' Brenna Lee Roth)-who pick up a redneck hitch- hiker (Joey) in the backwoods of Virginia. The hitch-hiker offers for the girls to come to a barn-dance/BBQ and the girls accept-not realizing that this isn't your typical backyard BBQ...

The film was shot over a three-day weekend with virtually no budget. The entire cast worked for free with the exception of Brenna who was coming from Ohio and obviously needed travel expenses covered. Other than Brenna, the Ruckus guys, and a few of our FX people-no one had ever 'acted' or worked on a film before.  Everyone involved put in long hours for no pay and hopefully are all happy with the final results. 

Since Joey and I are big fans of old-school exploit/horror cinema-we definitely wanted a 'gritty' look to the film which we feel Ruckus captured very well. There are obvious nods to the films of H.G. Lewis (one of our favorite directors) as well as several other grindhouse-style horror films. We also caught a lot of good 'improv' scenes-mostly courtesy of our boys Tat and Cyrus that added a bit of comic-relief to the mix.  

As to the technical aspects of the film:  personally I think that the 'grainy' look of the film is exactly what we wanted and helps to keep it from looking like the average SOV no- budget film-another aspect that Ruckus captured well.  If I had any gripes about the technical end of things-it would be that some of the audio is a little obscured because we had to run a generator since we were shooting outside most of the time-so you get some generator noise. In most of the scenes it actually adds another weird 'layer' to the film- but there's a spot or two that it's a little overpowering. I also wish we would have had time/money to refine a couple of the gore FX-but overall I think they're really solid and funny and definitely stay in the vein of what we were looking to do. Part of the post- production issue is that we had to have it out in time for the premier of the film which put a lot of pressure on Charlie to get everything knocked out in time-a tough job that he single-handedly tackled and did a great job with-especially given the time constraints.  

TRILOGY OF BLOOD got it's big-screen premier at the Alamo Cinema Drafthouse in Winchester VA on April 3rd 2010 to a sold-out crowd and got a very good response. We're hoping to have it screened in some other areas soon-so keep your eyes peeled :)

If I were objectively rating TRILOGY OF BLOOD-given my tastes I'd probably give it a 7.5 or 8/10-but since we all put a lot of effort into it-I think everyone that had anything to do with it deserves a 10. 

Joey and I are currently working on the script for our next DEADNEKS film- DEMONIACAL-which will be longer, gorier, and overall 'bigger' in every way-so stay tuned...     

Whiteout (2009)
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Ridiculous And Un-Entertaining 'Thriller'..., 14 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had no previous interest in seeing WHITEOUT-the only reason I bothered at all was because it's about the only thing at Redbox I haven't seen yet. Shoulda waited for some new-releases. 

Kate Beckinsale plays a U.S. Marshall in Antarctica who gets caught up in some convoluted plot involving Russians and a mysterious plane crash from the '50s. The rest is downhill from there. 

There's plenty of things that are completely ridiculous in this film. So many in fact, that it's pointless to try to list them-others have done it on the board for this one. As for any 'positives'-the acting is passable and the Antarctic location makes a good, desolate setting for a thriller. And we get to see Beckinsale briefly in her underwear-but this is tempered by the fact that any actual nudity that we get to see is from a bunch of idiots who decide to go streaking in sub-zero temperatures with their dongs flappin' out. In all fairness, WHITEOUT isn't a horrible film per se, but it's completely unremarkable in every way, is pretty predictable, and takes itself far too seriously for all the holes in the details that it contains. Not the worst thing I've ever seen (by far...), but I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone. 3.5/10   

The Graves (2009)
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Wow-This Film Reached New Levels Of Suckdom..., 14 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I got this one from Redbox the other nite cuz i'd seen pretty much everything else from there that I had any real interest in. I really should have saved my dollar. 

Two sisters take a road-trip to Arizona to see the world's biggest thermometer (?) because one of the sisters is moving to NY. They end up in some hick village and are stalked by the locals. Then what started as a sub-par 'deranged rednecks' film abruptly turned into a sub-par supernatural-horror film. I really have nothing else to say about the content of this mess...

Everything sucks about THE GRAVES. The storyline is stupid, the acting (while not the worst I've ever seen...) is pretty bad, and the FX (both the gore and 'supernatural' scenes) are atrocious. Bill Moseley does an OK job with the crap he's given, and Tony Todd is unmemorable in his role. Honestly, I can't think of anything I've ever seen Todd in since the original Candyman where his role stood out. A complete lack of nudity from the attractive female leads rounds out my overall disappointment with this dull, un-scary, poorly made garbage. The only thing I slightly enjoyed was the 10-seconds or so in the beginning that featured an over-dubbed 'live' performance from the band CALABRESE. I like them a lot so I'll give the film a pretty generous 2 points for their involvement, and for the passable performance by Moseley. If it weren't for the heavy narcotics that rendered me unable to take the disc out, I would've turned this off after the first 15 minutes...2/10  

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Unnecessary But Entertaining Sequel..., 13 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

THE DESCENT is the type of film that really didn't need a sequel. But with it's relative popularity-I wasn't the least bit surprised when one was announced. I really didn't know what to expect with THE DESCENT 2, and was honestly expecting the worst-but I'll admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this entertaining if not ground-breaking sequel. 

The film begins right after the first film ends. Sarah escapes the cave, is discovered by an old man on the road, and the taken to the hospital. Of course the local sheriff wants answers as to why she's the only one to return from the group of cavers, and what happened to the others. The sheriff puts together a small team to investigate the caves with an amnesiac Sarah in tow. The rest of the film plays out much like the first with very little difference in style or approach...

If you enjoyed the first one and don't mind a heavy dose of 're-tread'-then it's surprising to me if you don't like this one. There really isn't much to be brought in terms of originality to a storyline like this (unless you start getting into really retarded territory-like as one reviewer stated, 'flying crawlers' or some sh!t like that...)-so if they're going to force a sequel on the populace-then it may as well try to be as entertaining as the first, if not wholly original. And i believe this film succeeded. The action is still pretty hot and heavy, it's just as, if not more gory than the first, there's a few good jump-scares, and although not quite as claustrophobic as the first-still some of that as well. The acting, cinematography, gore FX, and score/sound-design are all up to par and in some cases quite good-so I don't have much to bitch about. There are some inconsistencies, like: if these creatures are supposed to hear/smell so well, why can't they sense someone that's RIGHT in front of them?!?!-but for a film like this I prefer to just turn my brain of and go along for the ride. Again-very derivative of the first (the only real reason I'm rating it a point lower than the original...), but I feel it could have been a WHOLE lot worse. An interesting twist or two, and an obvious set-up for a third film round out what I consider to be a solid pop-corn horror film and a better-than- average sequel. 8/10

Sick Girl (2007)
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Decent Low-Budget 'Shocker'..., 13 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Heard all the yap about how 'sick' and 'disturbing' this film is, so of course I had to see for myself. Oftentimes I'm utterly disappointed when I finally get around to watching these 'extreme' films-and every now and then I'm impressed. Though not a great film-SICK GIRL is definitely closer to the latter with me. 

The story revolves around a young woman named Izzy, and her little brother. Their parents died (no mention in the film as to how...), and their older brother (who Izzy has an unhealthy fixation on...) is serving overseas in the Marines, leaving Izzy alone to raise the pre-teen brother, with a little help from a friendly neighbor. Izzy is obviously a bit (understatement) off mentally, and it's made very apparent that she has some major anger-issues, especially towards a guy that tried to pick her up hitch-hiking, a nun, a catholic school-girl, her older brother's girlfriend, and a group of kids who bully the younger brother. The 'action' of the film revolves mainly around Izzy's revenge on those that f! cked with her and her family...

First off, from a technical standpoint-SICK GIRL is not a great film. It's obviously low- budget, the acting is hit or miss at times, the actress who plays Izzy has an annoying voice (though despite this I still liked her in the role...), and there's some audio issues at times where I couldn't  make out the dialog real well. That said-I feel that the film succeeds as a low-budget indie 'shock'-film. The storyline is decent and the characters are developed enough that you have some sympathy for them. I usually can't stand child actors but I think the younger brother did a decent job. The friendly biker/neighbor did a decent job as well. And voice issue aside, I liked the lead actress. She did a solid enough job throughout most of the film as being a believable sociopath. I also found that the semi-twist end-scene made the case for Izzy being a psycho a bit stronger. The often mentioned 'disturbing' scenes are decent enough. The FX are obviously cheap, but the gags are effective enough if not anything ground-breaking. I doubt anyone who has watched a lot of 'extreme' cinema will find anything in this film all that 'shocking'-but I will admit that there's one particular scene that I can't say I've seen in a film before. Overall, a solid film if you aren't terribly hung-up on film-making technicalities-and I'm pretty sure that most fans of low-budget 'shockers' will be entertained. It's probably too 'rough' (both in terms of content and from a technical standpoint) for the casual horror-viewer. 7.5/10 (loses half a point for lack of nudity-a film like this needs some...)      

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Wow-This Film Sucks Giant Horse Balls..., 12 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm going to waste very little time on this particular take on the Henry Lee Lucas story.

The film is based on the life and of some of the supposed killings of disputably proficient serial-killer Henry Lee Lucas.

Virtually everything is wrong with this film. The casting is f!cking horrible. Sabato is neither creepy or in any way believable as a serial killer. The guy that plays Otis sucks too. And the woman who plays Otis' niece and Lucas' teenage female lover is ridiculously unbelievable and looks like exactly what she is-a 30ish year-old woman playing a 14 year-old. Even the soundtrack/score blew. I honestly couldn't tell if this film was supposed to be a comedy half the time. Avoid by all means, and watch either of the far superior HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER or CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL KILLER for far more interesting and competent takes on the story. 2/10

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Silly '70s Sex-Comedy..., 25 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm gonna jump right into this one because there's not much going on in REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS to waste much breath on.

This one involves a group of slutty  cheerleaders getting nekkid a decent amount and a barely-there plot about a developer that's trying to get the school shut-down in order to develop the land for a money-making project. There's also the requisite 'rivalry' between the main cheerleaders and those from another school, etc...

There's a decent amount of nudity in this one and pretty much all of the female leads are more than f!ckable. There are a few semi-humorous scenes but nothing that I found to be hilarious by a long shot. I must applaud the casting agent for being very 'PC' for this era of film-as most ethnic groups are represented in our heroine's cheer-leading squad: black, white, Hispanic, Asian-even a pregnant one. Very forward-thinking I must say. David Hasselhoff in a supporting role as a gangly basketball player aptly named 'Boner' is another high-point. A bunch of goofy dance sequences round this one out. I see some people hold CHEERLEADERS in high-regard as a sexploit classic-I found it semi- amusing but mostly dull and uninspired. Might have been a lot better if I was really drunk...5/10

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Decent Giallo From Umberto Lenzi..., 24 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Despite the fact that KNIFE OF ICE was very tame in the sex and sleaze departments (virtually no bloodshed and no nudity whatsoever...) I found this one to be a decent enough entry in the genre. 

Martha is a mute who became that way after a train accident killed her parents 15 years earlier. Her cousin comes to stay with her and her father, and ends up murdered. This of course leads to all the typical giallo-style investigations and 'red herrings' that most fans crave...

I will say that I was disappointed in the lack of gore and nudity in this entry (especially coming from Lenzi who helmed such sleaze 'classics' as CANNIBAL FEROX and EATEN ALIVE) -but of the several giallo-films that I've seen lately-I was thankful that the pace was relatively quick, and the storyline pretty straight-forward. I tend to like gialli overall, but I find that many get caught up in such convoluted plots that they tend to weigh the film down. I will say that for me at least, I guessed the killer pretty much right off the bat- but that's not to say that the film is exactly 'predictable'. Overall a decent entry that I'd recommend to fans of the genre. 7/10   

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Misleading Title-Disappointing Film..., 23 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

By the title-I was hoping for a sex-and-violence extravaganza. Needless to say, I was sorely mistaken. My copy of LE PORNO KILLERS has no subs/dubs-so I have no idea about most of the finer-points of the film. 

From what I could gather-two female hit-women are sent from NY to I guess Italy to kill somebody. As the story plays out, the girls get nekkid and have a fair amount of (un- graphic) sex with some men and each other...

The two female leads are hot and do show a good bit of skin-which is the only saving- grace at all in this one. Maybe if I'd have been able to follow the storyline I would have enjoyed it more-but I doubt it. And unfortunately-some decent nudity wasn't enough to save this one for me. Worth a look to rare sexploit completists-otherwise not worth the effort in my book. 4/10

The Beasts (1980)
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Noteworthy Pre-CAT III HK Rape/Revenge Film..., 22 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

THE BEASTS is an entertaining (depending on your idea of 'entertainment') rape/revenge entry from Hong Kong that draws definite parallels from all the other 'rednecks vs. city- folk' films that came before it. 

A group of young-adults takes a camping trip into some backwater hell-hole, and is harassed by the local inbreds. One of the female vacationers is raped and her brother killed. When the hicks are let off the hook because the daughter is too traumatized to testify-her dad goes batsh!t and hunts down the clan of scumbags one-by-one...

Although completely derivative in almost every sense-I still quite enjoyed THE BEASTS. The storyline may not be original, but is pretty fast-paced and throws an Asian styling onto what could otherwise be considered a pretty tired concept. The group of rapists are suitably odd-looking, and are cast well for the subject matter. While by no means 'graphic' by today's standards-the sleaze is sleazy and the gore is gory-especially for a film that pre-dates the CAT III movement where ultra-sleaze became the norm in Hong Kong by a full 7 or 8 years. Although I can't rate this one too highly (mainly because I've just seen too much of this sorta thing...), I would say that THE BEASTS is as good or better than many of it's CAT III spawn-and though not technically a CAT III film itself-I would definitely suggest it to those that enjoy those types of films. Oh-and the (assumingly) lifted soundtrack featuring The Police, Genesis, and many others-along with the absolutely comical subtitling and some other oddly comedic moments, round this one out quite nicely...7.5/10     

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