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The other side of the coin, 1 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

****SPOILERS*** Incredibly complected and utterly ridicules Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, episode about this coin that can prove which of the Faraday brother Tom or John rescued a Malayan Prince in 1871 from drowning when he fell off his royal yacht during a combination typhoon and volcanic explosion. During all these years after this historic event it was John's descendants who reaped the rewards from the Malayan Royal Family in being credited in saving the Prince's life. That's until writer Philip Andrews, Jeremy Slate,found evidence that it was in fact Tom not John who saved the prince's life but didn't get credit for it because he Tom died of his trip back to the states in 1871!

You have to be an Einstein to figure out what's going on here with the link to proving who in fact saved the prince's life being a commemorative coin with the engraving of the person who did save him on it. Which happens to be Tom not John who got the credit as well as fame and money for doing it. For this to be a Perry Mason episode the person designated to be murdered was old Uncle Ben Farady,Herbert Rudley, who was the president of the highly successful Farady Shipping Company and grandson of John Farady. And it was Philip Andrews who was seen leaving Uncle Ben's house just moments before he was discovered murdered who was charged with the crime! With Perry defending Andrews the main piece of evidence to clear him is the what's now missing coin with Tom Farady's image engraved on it. Even though if you think about it what the heck would that have to do in proving Andrews innocence anyway?

****SPOILERS**** In the end we get some comfort in knowing that the commemorative coin have nothing at all to do with Uncle Ben Farady's murder. It was just a red herring planted in the story to keep our minds off to who really murdered Unce Ban and the reasons why he or she did it. You see while all this coin business was going on Uncle Ben was being robbed blind behind the scenes of his shipping company stock and the person doing it was using all this confusion in who save the Malayan's prince's life, Tom or John, as cover for his actions. That's until Uncle Ben found out about it and ended up getting murdered by him!

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Buy yourself a key to a second hand truck!, 29 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** The total arrogance of these two double crossing swines has no bounds in this Alfred Hitchock episode. The two Madge and her boyfriend Maxie, Jean Hagen & Steve Brodie, had set up their partner in crime Joe Kedzie, Steven Hill, to take the rap for a $100,000.00 bank robbery they participated in. It was Joe who was left holding the bag and getting caught and convicted for the crime that he spent 10 years and four days behind bars in the joint San Quentin Prison. The drawback in all that for the two was that Joe hid the cash where they couldn't find it in the middle of the Mojave Desert. With Joe now released from prison both Madge & Maxie expect him to lead them to the money and better yet murder him after they get their greedy hands on it. But unknown to them Joe has other plans and those plans are to get even with what they did to him in setting him up and now wanting to double cross him for a second time. This time around Joe will be the one doing the double crossing.

A bit tricky as well as surprise ending in that Joe in fact trusted his partners in knowing what their up to and capable of doing. Still playing along with them in finding the stolen cash and splitting it with them the two-Madge & Maxie-dding't seem to realize what he had planned for them. Thinking that they had the winning cards both Madge & Maxie let Joe live long enough to show them where he hid the money but Joe turned the tables on them just when they though their plan was to succeed.

***SPOILERS*** It was Madge who got the worst of it when Joe, after dispatching Maxie, allowed himself to get trapped in the bottom of the mine shaft in the middle of the desert where he hid the cash by Madge cutting the rope where he lead her to it. With Madge now having all the $100,000.00 to spend on herself what she dding't have was the key to the jeep to drive her out of the desert that Joe secretly kept on him where she's now facing a certain and agonizing death. And the only way she can get the car key is to join Joe at the bottom of the mind shaft where she left him to die!

The Unforgiven, 27 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** Like its title "No Way to Treat a Lady" it's a film about how not to treat a lady. That with its star Rod Steiger as theater owner and half a** art food & wine connoisseur Christopher Gill going around New York City in a number of disguises murdering single elderly ladies by getting access to their apartments. What are the reason for Gill's strange and murderous behavior is soon discovered by NYPD Jewish cop Morris "Moe" Brummel, George Seagel, almost by accident. It's Moe's annoying and overly pesky Jewish mother Mrs. Brummel, Eileen Hacket, who's always on his case in Moe not making something of himself like his big brother, or my son the doctor as Moma calls him, who's making more money in one day that he's making in two months. Despite the film being about a serial killer on the loose the interaction between, which at times is hilarious, Moe & Moma is by far the most interesting and entertaining scenes in the entire movie.

Moe for his part gets involved with the neighbor of Gill's first victim Mrs. Mulley,Martine Bartlett, the pretty Kate Plamer, Lee Remick, who was the only witness to her murder. It the publicity hungry Gill who was greatly impressed with Det. Moe's description of him as being a master criminal who soon began contacting him about his latest or soon to be latest murder. With Gill's string of murders going up to five or possibly six, I'm not quite sure, victims he decides to change his MO, mode of operation,in targeting Kate . It's Kate who's now having a serious romance with lucky Moe who now became his #1 rival for Moe's attention. It's here where Gill screws himself up by coming out in the open and getting very personal with Det. Moe in trying to make his girlfriend Kate victim # 6 or #7.

****SPOILERS**** You an soon spot a very strange connection between both Det. Moe Brummel and serial murderer Christopher Gill and it has to do with their mom's who for the most part dominated and controlled their lives. And it was abused son Moe who didn't take his Moma's words, in what a failure he was, all that seriously who was able to lead a more or less normal life. But in Gill's case in not living up to his mother, who was a famous stage actress, high expectations of himself he completely freaked out. Not being able to take out his rage and frustration on his long deceased mom Gill took them out against the next best thing or persons. Those helpless and elderly ladies who reminded him of her whom he ended up murdering.

Slander (1957)
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What comes around goes around, 24 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

****SPOILERS**** On target and at the same time shocking movie about how scandal sheets can destroy those whom they feed on and how a brave father Scott Martin, Van Johnson, who together with his wife Connie, Ann Blyth, refused to give into their blackmail were the victims of one of them. Just when puppeteer Scott Martin got a big brake in getting top billing on a nationally syndicated children's TV show the publisher of the popular yellow rag "Real Truth" Magazine H.R Manley, Steve Cochran, got hold of a ten year old police report that documenting that he served time behind bars for an armed robbery, with a switchblade, the put his victim into the hospital in critical condition. Given a choice by Manley to expose actress Mary Sawyer "America's Sweetheart" whom Scott grew up with on the mean streets of Brooklyn of getting an abortion with his mother preforming the operation Scott decided to take the hit and not reveal what he knew about her to Manley. What happened next was far worse then even Scott and his wife Connie could have ever imagined.

It was the Martin's 10 year old son Joey, Richard Eyer, who ended up getting taunted by his school mates, in calling his dad a jailbird, so badly and unmercifully that in trying to run away from them ran into the street and got hit by a car killing him. Despite the damage that Manley and his magazine caused he took that tragic event as a gift from heaven,it should have been a gift from hell, to capitalize on the Martin's family tragedy and make big bucks out of it. As it turned out it was Manley's sweet kind and elderly mom, Marjorie Ramboau, who ended up doing the right thing even though it didn't bring Joey back. But in the end it ended up putting an end to H.R Manley and his magazine for good. And also educated the public in how by them supporting Manley's rag by plunking down .25 for it every week they were as guilty as Manley was in Joey's death.

Van Johnson was never better as Scott Martin the grieved father of his son Joey who in trying to protect Mary Sawyer's career ended up exposing himself as an ex-convict and destroying his career instead. It was that noble action on Scott's part that did far worse to him and his wife Connie then what would have happened to Mary Sawyer. And it was Scott's appearance on a national TV news discussion show that exposed that greedy and unscrupulous low life H.R Manley for what he really was. But with Manley more then willing to go the extra yard or dollar in making more blood money out of Joey Martin's tragic death instead of putting it behind him was more then his mom Mrs. Manley could take. Who ended up doing the right thing even though it would end up costing Mrs. Manley her freedom.

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I don't dig slick chicks trying to goof me off Daddy-O, 22 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** Thre are two major things that happen in this hip Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, episode. One with Perry's personal secretary Della Street, Barbara Hale, almost out of thin air asking Perry to explain to her what the word Snook, a helpless dope in Yiddish, means? And last but not least the straight laced Lt. Tragg, Ray Collins, going native or hipster as he lets his hair down in telling off Della that he won't let a slick chick like her goof him off in that despite he's now pushing 70 has become one of the "Cool Ones" of the hip 1950's Beat Generation.

Ther's nothing cool about what happened in promoter Charles Goff, Harry Jackson , being found murdered in his office by his secretary Isa Hiller,Mary LaRoche, with his skull fractured and shot for good measures. Goff had screwed comedian Danny Ross played by country & western singer Frankie Laine out of staring in his upcoming TV show that Danny broke his back in promoting for him. As it turned out it wasn't Danny who was arrested in Goff's murder but his good friend the jockey size, 4 foot 10 inch and 95 pound, Freddie Green played by Walter Blake who's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon. In him being a big fan of Danny Ross Perry commits himself to defend his friend Freddie even though he admits to him, with a jail guard listening in, that he in fact did murdered Goff. Perry seeing right through Green's fake confession finds out that Goff wasn't killed by the bullet that came from Freddie's gun he was already dead. But was murdered some time earlier with a tire iron that split him skull open!

****SPOILERS**** There was no courtroom scene here with the killer breaking down under Perry's cross-examination and admitting his guilt. That took place in the hip and with it beatnik espresso bar the "Purple Wall" where Groff's murderer in beatnik lingo laid out the reasons why he offed Goff in him being too square to be fit in a round world! The only way his murdered explained to Perry how he could be able to fit in is by being whacked and then reborn gain. It took some time with Perry later explaining what all this hipster talk was all about for anyone to figure out just what Goff's killer in plain English meant!

His wife did it! That's what the papers say., 21 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS**** War hero family man and pillar of the community Paul James, Adrian Hough, seems to have everything going for him until one evening while starting his car he's shot and burned, with the car set on fire, to a crisp by an unidentified assailant dressed all in black and wearing what looked like a black fisherman's cowboy hat. As the police start looking for who would murder such a great fine and wonderful individual who didn't have an enemy in the world it turns out that his wife and now grieving widow Beth James, Jamie Luner, is the prime suspect in her husband's murder. It's the cop in charge in the case of James' murder Det. Rhodes, Belinda Metz, who soon uncovers a whole load of evidence pointing straight to Beth as her husband's killer.

Arrested and sent to the the Fenton court womens lock-up Beth later makes her escape when no one was looking during an electoral fire at the courthouse. Beth going undercover and in disguise is now more then determined to find her husband's murderer. Not just to clear herself but get her step-daughter Robin, Taylor-Anne-Reid, to see that she in fact didn't murder her beloved daddy Paul James. There's also insurance investigator Jerry Callhone, Chrisian Bocher, who also smells in that there's something very fishy in how conveniently Beth was connected or framed in her husband's murder and that smell eventually leads to this cabin outside of far off Indian Lake.

***SPOILERS*** As we and Beth soon find out her husband was deep into debt to this mob loan shark Pete Bronski, L. Harvey Gold, who fronted as a used car dealer who owed him some 800 G's that he couldn't pay him back. Bronski and his assistant and #1 underling Doug Zwick, John Tench, were putting the squeeze on John and possibly had him murdered when he couldn't come up with the cash. It was at Indian Lake that Beth got the surprise of her life when she finally confronted her husband's supposed murderer. Now with his cover blown he ends up trying to murder Beth to keep her from revealing his identity to the police. It was Jerry Calhoun who suspected him as being the killer right from the start who finally put an end to his both disappearing as well as reappearing act.

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I've got some bad habits. But shooting strangers isn't one of them, 18 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

****SPOILERS**** Over the top in the number of red white & blue as well as purple & green herrings in it as well as below the radar in how little sense it makes Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, episode in it having to do with the soon to be crowned 1961 Miss Débutant Grace Halley, Myrna Fahey. It's Grace who ends up getting indited in her biggest supporter and big wig in the Miss Débutant contest love sick old man Herman Albright's, Eric Rhodes, murder. Herman has been on the outs with his old lady Ida, Borothy Green, in how she's gambling away his money in the casinos all around town. Herman is planning to dump Ida Herman in order to have her replaced with the much younger and very lovely Grace. But the trouble is that she's not at all interested in him. Never letting up for a moment Herman gets Grace to meet him at the Trinidad Bar to make plans to elope to Mexico and get hitched there. Even though Grace is secretly married to photographer Buddy Frye, Joe Cronin, which if found out would have her disqualified from the Miss Débutante contest.

Instead of meeting Grace at the Trinidad Bar old & conservative Herman, all decked out in a 1960's swinger outfit, is approached by this young chick young enough to be his granddaughter Vicky Dolan, Rosmary Eliot. Vicky who after striking up a conversation with Herman who buys her a drink disappears with the silly old fool, who should have known better, into the night. The next day Herman is found shot to death as Vicky evaporated into thin air! As for Grace who showed at the Trinidad Bar and was secretly photographed there she's now in hot water in being arrested in Herman's murder. It soon comes out that Herman's boss in the Miss Débutant contest the squeaky clean Walter Lebaron, Hyder Rorke, had given Herman a bank check for a cool $5,0000.00 for what seemed like to pay for his honeymoon in Mexico with Grace Halley! The honeymoon was over before it started with the groom Herman Albrght murdered and the bride Grace Halley charged with the crime. But with Perry Mason coming to Grace's defense you just knew that the sparks will soon be flying hot & heavy but as for the story it will continue to keep on going downhill.

***SPOILERS*** As Perry soon brings out Herman's murder was a simple case of mistaken identity on his murderers part. It was in fact innocent bystander Walter Lebaron who was supposed to be targeted. It also turned out that the innocent Lebaron wasn't that innocent at all. He not only knew that he was targeted for a hit job but used Herman as a human shield in order to protect himself. That's by letting Herman wear his swinging cloths, including his jazzy spotted vest, for his date with Grace Halley which in fact sadly turned out to be a date with death for him!

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You'd better see a man named Perry Mason, 17 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** Poor confused and totally clueless Millie Crest, Ruta Lee, had better see Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, in order to get her head straighten out in just what kind of trouble that she now finds herself in. It's bad enough that Millie's faïence Bob Wallace, John Bryant, has framed her with him embezzling $9,000.00 from the company that they work for and also checked out on her, to possibly South America, on her wedding day. She also gets involved with a US senator the honorable Harriman Baylor's, Barton Maclane,son the Alaskan bound Johnny, James Kirkwood Jr, who's reportedly to have gotten her pregnant out of wedlock. But Millie is now also then prime suspect in insurance agent Carl Davis' murder. Not bad for a small town girl from Marshall City visiting the big swinging and glittering town of of L.A.

It was Millie's big mistake of taken on the identity of the killed in a car accident Fran Driscoll, Helene Stanley, that started the ball rolling against her. It was in fact Driscoll who carjacked Millie at gun point which lead to her losing control of the car in her struggling with Millie for the gun and falling down an embankment killing her. How Senator Baylor got involved in this royal mess was his son Johnny that Driscoll was having an affair with whose love letters to her telling Dirscoll what an unfeeling rat his father is that can sink his campaign for re-election before it even starts. And it's those letters, eight of them, that are suspected to be in Millie's possession which their not. It's here where insurance agent Davis comes in trying to shake down Millie whom he like everyone else mistakes from Fran Driscoll. That at first ended with him getting stabbed by an ice pick by Millie Crest and later murdered by what the police suspect is the same person.

****SPOILERS*** It's Millie's .38 cent, that's all she could afford to pay him, lawyer Perry Mason who soon realizes that she's not Fran Driscoll and that the late Fran Driscoll who carjacked Millie isn't her either. Then who exactly is Fran Driscoll and if in fact if she's alive or not? By checking hospital records corresponding with the day Fran Driscoll was supposedly killed Perry comes up with the real live Fran Driscoll which cooks Sen. Baylor chances for re-election. It's also proved in court by Perry that it was the murdered Carl Davis who took the hit, or stab wound, to cover the senator's tracks and his involvement in the murder case. But by far the biggest shock of all was who in fact murdered Agent Davis! And as it turned out Davis' murder had nothing a all to do with any of the many goings on in this very strange and confusing Perry Mason episode.

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Adolph has been gun shy ever since, 16 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, episode that has some three persons confess to a murder in less then three minutes showing just how hated the murdered diamond dealer and cutter as well as wife deserted Hans Breel, Kurt Kreuger, was. It was Breel who was into some $15,000.00 in gambling losses to Las Vages mob boss Wee Willie Walker, Ted Marcuse, who together his #1 goon Jerry Marlow, Chris Alcaide, gave him just 48 hours to come up with the cash. In trying to come up with the money Breel comes up with this plan to cleve or cut the unmarketable piece of ice "the Pundit Dream" and have it re-cut into dozens of small diamonds made into valuable jewelry that would be worth as much as $100,000.00.

Of course the cagey as well as desperate Breel had other plans for the "Pundit Dream" by switching it with a worthless piece of rock that he shattered in trying to cleve it which later lead to him being murdered. But the strange thing about all this was it wasn't Wee Willie Walker, known to his friends as triple "W", who was charged in having Breel done it. It was in fact his estranged wife that he deserted back in Holland Sarah Warner, Osa Massen, who was as you would expect being at the scene of the crime who was indited in her heel of an husband's murder. Perry Mason coming to Sarah's defense was in fact the person together with his friend private investigator Paul Drake, William Hooper, who discovered Breel's body. That after getting a strange phone call from Breel's next door neighbor and fellow diamond cutter Adolph Beers, Ludwig Stossel, to come over and check out the place!

***SPOILERS*** What soon turned out to be a three ring circus not a trial had what looked like a confused Perry Mason trying to hold things together not just for his client Mrs. Werner but for the prosecuting D.A Hamilton "Ham" Burger , William Talman, who at times looked more confused then anyone else, including Perry, in what was going on in the courtroom. After a number of false alarms or confessions we finally get the picture to who was responsible for Hans Breel's murder. It was in Breel's partner in crime whom he double crossed in the switching of the "Pundit Dream" who in fact did him in. And it wasn't over money at all it was over love!

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Lawyers like you get me sick!, 14 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** What could be called the case of the mysterious garbage can this Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, episode has to do with the murder of Marvin Slater, John De Santis, the man who hired both Eve Martell, Margaret Fields, and her Aunt Agnes Nutly, Shelia Bromley, to impersonate the Lovely Helen Reynolds, Paula Raymond, and live in chaperon. It was the drop dead gorgeous Helen who came up with this bizarre plan to counterbalance her extremely jealous husband Grant, John Stephenson, who was having her followed and checked on by members of the Interstate Detective Agency to see if she was cheating on him. It turned out that the middle man in all this Marvin Slater ended up getting the worst of it in being shot dead and poor Aunt Nutly who's gun was found in a nearby garbage can not far from the murder scene arrested for Slater's murder.

Perry Mason who's defending Mrs. Nulty has to shift through all the garbage in this very puzzling case to get to the bottom or bottom of the garbage can to prove his client's innocent. Whoever murdered Slater dumped the murder weapon, that was later recovered by the police, in the garbage not to really hide it but have it recovered and, with her fingerprints on it, convict Aunt Nutly for Slater's murder. All this garbage comes to a head at trial with Perry Proving that there was no way Aunt Nutly could have planted the murder weapon in the garbage can where it was found! In that it was put there before not after Slater's murder. In fact by leaving it on top of the garbage not bottom where it disrupted the garbage in the can it showed that it was tampered with.

****SPOILERS**** With all the garbage in the case spelled out by Perry it didn't take long for him to reveal who Slater's killer was. He was the person who left a trail of garbage after having murdered Slater that unknowingly lead straight to his front door. And it was Perry Mason who's keen sense of smell lead him to expose Slater's murderer on the witness stand. Getting away from all this garbage the thing that we, the guys watching, were expecting was to find out in this garbage strewn Perry Mason episode just who the lovely and classy Helen was having an affair with. Were told over and over by Helen just what a dreamboat he was and hoped by seeing him we can learn something from the gentleman in how he does it by getting beautiful and and at the same time ice cold, towards us, women like Hellen the wet their panties over him. But sadly enough due to time restrains we were never given a chance to either see or hear from him.

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