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Surprisingly good, 4 July 2004

I sat down to watch Tom & Thomas expecting nothing more than an average kid's movie, the kind of thing that fills the Saturday morning TV schedules here, but how wrong I was, this was a thoroughly enjoyable movie, a good story that kept your interest right through helped along by an excellent cast, Sean Bean was great as the worried parent, Aaron Johnson was terrific as twins Tom & Thomas he managed to give the two boy's their own character with a strong believable performance which endeared the Twins to us, mix in some good old fashioned baddies and that victorian themed institute which is straight from Charles Dickens and you can't go wrong. This is another of those hidden gem's of a movie that didn't get the release attention it deserved by the distributor and yet provides a far better viewing experience than many so called blockbuster offerings, of course being intended for a younger audience the ending was a dead cert, but I only like movies with happy endings and this scores big time in that respect, maybe the U.K will be treated to a DVD release sometime? 9/10 for this one.

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Good family movie, worth a look, 31 May 2004

I happened to catch this movie recently on satellite TV here in the U.k quite by accident,and after watching had to order the DVD as an R1 import,(it's not on release here) after initial thoughts of "oh no not another sentimental Kid bonds with animal & mix in a bit of history" the kind of thing that's usually relegated to Saturday morning kid's TV, I found this to be a throughly enjoyable viewing experience, OK the story is a bit thin at times and there are the usual well used character types and plots but it is well acted. Alex D Linz gave his character Billy a good blend of compassion and emotion with what was obviously a genuine bonding with the chimp. This movies doesn't have quite the same quality edge as The Dish which has entered the list as one of my all time favorite movies (I'm not sad really!!) but Race to Space is easy viewing, sit back, enjoy and escape from the horrors of real life for a couple of hours, give it a look there are far worse movies than this out there.