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"GMTV" (1993)
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The programme everybody wakes up to!, 6 December 2003

People across the UK have been waking up to GMTV for over 10 years. Eamonn Holmes and Fiona Phillips are the best TV duo since Richard and Judy. Segments include: GMTV Newshour GMTV Today LK Today GMTV Kids: -Diggin'it (formely known a Diggit) -Up on the roof Tune in from 6:00 to 9:25 everyday!

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The story of JKR and her books summed up in one programme!, 20 November 2003

Joanne Kathleen Rowling. World famous author of the Harry Potter series. This one-off is filled with info and illustrations by Rowling of what her creations look like. If you have not read all of the series, try and avoid. Otherwise...A MUST FOR POTTER FANS!