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Champion Killer (1994) (V)
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What can you expect for 99p?, 1 October 2007

Well, for 99p I could have made a better film than this. Cut a square out of the side of a cardboard box, place a small child inside the box, sit back and watch for an hour and a half. There will be more drama, excitement, satisfaction and better acting watching that child in the box than ever watching "Champion Killer." I saw it in the 99p shop once when I was looking for wrapping paper and on a whim I purchased it. Nothing could prepare you for such a dull experience. Made on what looks like the worst/cheapest camera available in the shop, with actors the director seemingly chose because they live next door/didn't demand payment, "Champion Killer" fails to deliver on any meaningful level. It's difficult just to recall how bleak an experience this was. I could waffle on about plot, setting, cast, camera work, lighting, sound and a whole host of other production values but there really is no point. They were all lost on this "film."

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Ridiculous, 3 October 2006

I'm not one to come onto IMDb to stir things up and I know a lot of people get very angry on these boards when someone comes on and slates a favourite movie of theirs but my opinion's as valid as anyone else's and I thought this was a ridiculous film.

Argue all you will but I saw nothing original in this and nothing particularly entertaining. For the most part, I thought the actors were poor quality and the story so formulaic in delivery that I can't believe how high this is rated.

I found this to be deeply flawed and desperately uninspiring. I had no idea the Wachowski brothers were involved until I saw the end credits roll, which added further to my disappointment. It could've all been so much better.