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A Modern Day Masterpiece., 3 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After spending the better part of 2 hours watching this glorious film, I have decided to take it upon myself to express my utter delight at the fact that a film like this regardless of the scenario can be such a joy!

It is safe to say to all movie fans that 2012 has been extremely disappointing in terms of quality story lines, scripting and acting in general. We have become so used to the annual 'blockbuster' scenarios that at times we as an audience tend to forget what it is like to actually experience something of great quality.

The two main protagonists in this film are Philippe (François Cluzet) a wealthy quadriplegic and a far removed and initially troubled Parisian - Driss (Omar Sy). The chemistry that each has towards one another and the play on Driss' ignorance to Philippe and his disability makes this feature charm you from the very start - along with the contrast in social standings, education and hobbies their lives become dependent on one another over time. Through the use of the extremely well placed quips, jokes and glorious rhetoric it leaves you always wanting more, and it does just that. To actually say this in a review is genuinely rare for me and I hope that this film gets the genuine recognition it deserves by the audience who watch it in the future, for it is a rare masterpiece of cinematic perfection parading values of friendship and humour that you will want to talk about with your friends for quite some time.

No words can really describe the true delight this film has brought to my life and those who were with me in the cinema. Truly excellent!

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Save Yourself! Another Awful Sequel Has Arrived For Your Displeasure, 15 September 2012

Let's start off by saying that I would have awarded this film a lower rating but in all honesty i have seen much MUCH worse.

The thing about this franchise is that it started off relatively well. The storyline was better structured and the general experience while watching the first two movies was entertaining. I have come to realise however was how very short lived this thought was and that the series has now continued on well over its sell-by-date, and frankly i think the movie-goers are paying the price by having to watch such absolute drivel due to a complete lack of quality scripting and good story-telling.

Note to the readers: I would try and say more on this film but i can't - it is that bad. I can only advise that you do not waste your hard earned cash and see yourself waste the better part of 90 minutes of your life as i have done and see a better film. If you the viewers are interested in seeing a movie that is taken from a comic book or a computer game (and is out in cinemas at the time of writing this), you should go and see Dredd.

In short - AWFUL!

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A Testament To Brilliance!, 3 September 2012

It's not very often that I stump up a maximum for a TV Show or Movie on this site, yet every once in a while, sometimes unexpectedly you can come across something that is engrossing from start to finish.

It's strange to think that a programme as dark and unpredictable as Breaking Bad can bring such joy over the course of an hour, but with the truly excellent storyline and script handed to Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul ET AL by Vince Gilligan has really set the standard as to how shows like this should be done.

Everyone probably knows about the situation from the start of season 01, so i won't bore you with another break down of the goings on. What I personally loved right from the off was the fact that there seemed to be a finality to the series where it sets out a 'POSSIBLE' ending for the lead character; and because of this situation, the metamorphosis of Walter White from genius chemist and family man, to morally ambiguous, and threatening demeanour that he develops throughout the course of the series utterly encapsulates you when watching.

With that said, everyone's eyes should be following Walter's side-kick in Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), in some ways, when Walter does a nasty action, Jesse is always there to question the decisions made and acts as a sort of conscience. The development of their relationship defines the success of this programme and it is amazing to think that Aaron Paul's character was only initially slated for one series. By far and away the best decision the series made was keeping the two of them together.

With that, it must be said that together, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are the two most talented individuals on TV today, and people should really learn from them when dealing with a dark and twisted series such as this.

I for one cannot begin to recommend this programme more highly to anyone looking for a consistently witty, disturbing, tear jerking and visually stunning and relentless series that has maintained the highest possible standards to delight myself and fans over the last 5 seasons. I just hope I get the chance to buy this on Blu-Ray (in the UK - none so far and it's 2012!) so that i can further appreciate the vast array of visual artistry, isolation and spot on settings to enjoy for many years to come! - Thank you Vince Gilligan for making a truly brilliant show, and I for one will be very sad when the show finally comes to an end in 2013!

Prometheus (2012/I)
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Good, But Could Have Been So Much More!, 2 June 2012

I had been looking forward to this movie for quite some time, so when my friend bought me tickets, i duly obliged and went to see the movie on opening night.

Prometheus. A good film that people should rightly go and see, however there are moments where it is lacking the intensity and jumpiness that you would associate with a style of film that Ridley that has the 'DNA' of the Alien movie.

A lot of people are comparing it to his 1979 ground breaker, which, I personally believe people to be wrong, the actors and the directors have got it right in that it is not a direct prequel and Ridley himself said that it isn't the same planet that is used in the Alien movie, and has said that if it performs well at the box office there are up to 2 more movies before it becomes a direct prequel franchise.

Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender are the stars of this film. Noomi is the scientific discoverer with a belief in science as well as religion looking to ask the right questions on the origins of humanity. Michael is genuinely intriguing as the emotionless and 'soulless' creation of Weyland industries, with a hidden agenda.

Overall though, the film is relatively good in 3D, however there are a few moments where the 3D becomes a little budget and blurs its way across the screen. Impressive sets and locations, But ideally for this film to be truly good for the viewer a touch up on the script here and there would have worked wonders. With this said, it is nice to know that originality can still be brought out in cinema rather than all the sequels and remakes that are diluting quality film making. Keep it up Ridley!

In Time (2011)
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What A Pity, 1 November 2011

Looking at this film and its concept I was intrigued. With this said the film does fail to live up to the potential of its concept. One of the few major issues i have with this film is the lack of back-story with regards to the implementation of the 'body clock', along with the lack of true quality acting and a well written script. As a result of this what the viewer will get from this film experience are moments (and i mean moments) where you are enjoying the film, but by the end of it all you can reflect on what you have seen and notice that you could have done a lot more with your money if you had not gone to watch In Time.

...What a pity

Colombiana (2011)
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All Style - No Real Substance, 7 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To me, this film was something that had the looks of a potentially exciting and well written film. Unfortunately for the film itself, I was left with a yawn come the credits. What the film does is gloss over some shoddy characters with high octane action and unfortunately it leaves you a little perplexed as to why the film was made in the first place. Zoe Saldana desperately tries to make a character lacking any real depth have some sort of purpose, but cannot quite make it entice the viewer in to sitting up straight and grabbing the seats in excitement.

Some people may try and compare it to the likes of Leon, but ultimately they are being a little silly. Leon has a completely different feel and storyline to it, and therefore cannot be put in the same category.

If you want an action film with a sub-standard plot and shallow characters then by all means please watch this movie. But in all honesty you are probably better off watching a Bourne movie.

What a pity!

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A Memory As To How Fun Sci-Fi Can Be!, 5 September 2011

Having recently reviewed a number of Sci-Fi Movies, I had become increasingly bored of the senile story lines and lack of fun that is what a film lover such as myself requires on a regular basis. So, off i rummage through my movie catalogue and 'There it is!' - The Fifth Element. at the conclusion, i felt like a kid who had literally been spoilt in a candy store.

For me, the Fifth Element is as crazy as it can be average. But PLEASE! do not let this sway you from a film that was written by Luc Besson when he was in school. The outfits are mad, Bruce Willis is (dare i say it...) lovable and the complete idea is ludicrous; yet it makes me want to watch over and over again. It is a feel good action movie that delights me every time and helps me to forget that recent movies are becoming quick money making marvels without any entertainment value.

Luc Besson! this may not be your greatest work, but you sure know how to please your audience! And to me, thats what matters most. To my readers, understand that it is silly, and just sit back and enjoy this Jean-Paul Gaultier gun slinging sexy Sci-Fi.

Apollo 18 (2011)
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Another Movie To Confirm A Bad Year For Cinema-goers, 5 September 2011

Let's get one thing straight. The trailers sold it for me. The idea of a 'secret mission' to the moon was compelling. The film itself, not so much. There was some great potential for the film yet, it was lacking that little something extra. The characters did lack depth and the film would have probably worked better on a bigger budget, set in the modern day. I am a fan of Sci-Fi, but it is beginning to look like an increasingly flaccid genre lacking true story-telling and enjoyment for the viewers.

Don't get me wrong, I really wanted to give this movie some serious thumbs up for originality, but in the end it is a low budget movie that tried to fit its toddler feet into a bold and well polished studio CEO boot.

My recommendation to all movie fans out there is to probably watch the film out of general interest or boredom, but afterwards let the dust settle and leave it to the history books.