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This list may have some chick-flicks, heartwarming moments, or tragic moments
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The title is self-explanatory
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Lately I've been watching classic movies on Netflix and Turner Classic movies, and I've come to appreciate classic cinema, so here's a list of my favorites
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No order, just actors that popped into my head
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Pls comment below to say your opinion
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My list of my favorite Oscar Worthy Movies. And it doesn't have to be Best Picture. It could be Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Role, Best Director, or just Nomintaed.
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So I'm 17, turning 18 in May and I have those moments where I miss being a kid. The shows and movies I'm posting are the times I watched from age 2 to about age 13. Some of these shows that are still on the air, I do watch to this day. But the ones that are canceled, I'm really bummed :(. So these are my favorite shows and movies growing up. Comment below to write your opinion =)
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