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Unfunny attempt, 2 May 2015

One would expects this "feel good" type of movies to be without much originality but still to be at least mildly entertaining.

Sadly it is not. It is barely watchable, unsure in its direction between an insipid melancholy and a mirthless humor. It only achieves to be tasteless and in most places downright boring. The actors have a mild attempt but clearly the direction is missing. Not quite a waste of time but napping would be a better use of it. The idea is trite but could have been exploited by a more competent hand into a number of gags and quirky moments. As it is one can predict everything and find oneself totally disengaged.

Here (2011/I)
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Testless, pretentious and over-boring experience, 22 July 2012

This is one of those movies that let one wander ones own masochistic tendencies. There are some interesting premises, the exotic allure of the Armenian location, known and usually decent actors, a background of a complex and modern conflict and the human interest of a different culture. All is wasted. From the first moment of the movies one realizes that it is an exercise in narcissism. All unveils on incredible slow pace, with the long shots of landscapes, glances and a mostly discontinued episodic narrative. The type of film you can leave for coffee and return to without missing much. At the end it boils down to the story of a rather uninteresting romance interspersed with insufferable dullard voice-overs and tedious pretentious imagery. Avoid.

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Disappointing, 6 May 2012

Usually the IMDb ratings are a fair assessment of the quality of a movie, at least when a seizable amount of viewers have taken part. Of course there is a lot of pressure from the movies producers to bias the results. When films have a small samples this is sometimes the case. You get the impression here that somehow, someone has managed to do this here in spite of the largish amount of people that have somehow taken part. The movie itself is trash, unoriginal and in spite of the cameo appearances decisively unfunny. It is unlikely that anyone that has a modicum of common sense can see this production and think that is anything but a larger budget run of the mill B movie. Do not waste your time and money after it. What you see in the trailer is just about it.

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Nice little movie, 17 April 2012

I have to say I was impressed, pleasantly by this indie production. I did chance upon the movie and I did not expect much from the story line. I thought it would be some kind of children offering and I was prepared to sample and leave it. However I found a little gem of a film. It is funny, well acted and briskly paced. The story of the little genius is more incidental than central to the theme. I particularly like the black humour that one wouldn't expect associated with with child actors. All in all it shows that mega budget are not needed to produce an intelligent, humorous and entertaining production. Well done Dennis Lee. I will watch out for this director/writer.

The Fields (2011)
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Avoid, 14 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is advertised as an horror movie but is not. I look back in horror as my own perseverance in looking at this drivel. "The fields"as the pretencion of a film but is not. I should have seen immediately that is was a cheap collection of filling scenes and no substance. One is supposed to be scared by the sight of a cornfield because is there. A child find a dead body there and nobody cares. Entire families seem to live in squalor, affected by some form of genetic mental retardation and nobody cares. When an elderly couple is harassed by mysterious nightly break-ins, nobody cares. The scriptwriter, the director and the actors play a string of unexplained and discontented episodes and nobody cares. There is over all this mess the horror of the tedium that still await, endlessly. One remains with the impression that after watching it we have not cared for ourselves either.

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Simply did not work, 5 January 2012

The movie could have been something funny for family and kids to watch. it has been instead a lost opportunity. There are some wasted actors but the film do not really give them the chance to make it work. To say that is boring is an understatement. The film is dull. Even for a kid it must be uninteresting. The material and the ideas are utterly wasted and I had to skip it now and then to be able to watch till the credits. Do not waste time to watch it or to take your kids to watch. There are much better and funnier (even for adults)family films. Comedy ghost films have a long and well established tradition and new uptakes shouldn't be difficult to add. Instead we have a rehash of previous uptakes on the subject from "Ghost Busters" to Casper minus the humour. Do not encourage this kind of waste.

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Decent entertainment, 22 July 2011

Decent entertainment

This is more than a decent movie. It seems that some reviewers expected some kind of "B" horror but it is obvious that it was intended as entertaining. In fact it is quite humorous but it is a type of "shaggy dog tale" type of humour so not everybody will get it. Some of the overall propositions, for instance the trolls smelling Christian blood (Muslim one is untested!!) are obviously over the top and quite funny and certainly not in line with a "mockumentary". I think some of the reviewers should lighten up a little. The characters are reasonably well played and the hunter is really cool. There is some jocular references to other films but not a spoof as such. The special effects are reasonable for a fun picture and generally well done. Some other review put scorn on them but I think they missed out the overall joke. After all if one tries to understand something humorous as a serious concern one may find a load of contradictions and nonsense!! Well maybe it is not a masterpiece but all in all but one can do worse for sure. Recommended.