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13 Seconds (2003) (V)
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the film horror fans have been waiting for, 24 September 2003

Horror fans usually get the short end of the stick. Often we wait for films with boring or recycled plots that interject nothing worthwhile into an under appreciated genre. Not so with "13 Seconds." This is one film that treats horror fans and the genre with respect. You can tell the filmmakers know the genre inside and out. Lame cliches and camp humor are traded in for an intelligent script that will leave you on the floor asking yourself what just hit you. The special effects are simply awesome. Taken together, both story and special effects, are two elements that you would expect to see in a much higher budgeted Hollywood film. The ending itself was something I had never seen in any other independent film, much less in higher budgeted horror features. I just saw this film at an LA indie fest and throughout the running time audience members were jumping in their seats. All in all this is one film that every horror fan must see and it is in my opinion that "13 Seconds" will be around for a long time as it is destined to become a cult favorite. Trust me.