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This is my list of actors and actresses I would like to see work with Sean Bean. This actors don't worked previously with Bean.
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Samson is one of the judges. He has supernatural strength by God. The Book of Judges chapters 13:1- 16:31
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Potiphar´s wife is the woman tries to seduce Joseph. But Joseph rejects his desires. Genesis chapter 39:7- 20
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I recommended various actors for same characters. The actors i recommend for the role of Judah Ben-Hur and Messala are recommended for work together respectively.
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A recommendation to make a biblical film about the story of Lot and his familly, to survive in two sinner cities and his destructions. The Bible, Book of Genesis chapters 13:5- 19:29

Note: I recommended various actors and actresses for roles and recommended various directors.
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Jacob (Israel) Book of Genesis, chapters 25-50. Note: Jacob and Esau are twins. I add actors who could play both roles or add first the actor who play Jacob and later who play esau.
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Joseph is the son of Jacob. He could to interpret dreams. He was sell by his brothers and turned into a slave. Later, he was the second in command in Egypt. The Bible (Genesis chapters 37 to 50).
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