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A list of celebrities that I find attractive in their own way whether it's conventionally or unconventionally .

I got my own taste = This list won't be superficial !

So don't judge me if you find some1 or some people on here that aren't 'hot' , 'cute' , 'sexy' etc . in your book lol
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at last my 3rd & most current 'ego' Dallas' favored films
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I got 3 alter-egos(no I'm not mentally disturbed) .
but my original persona is Jalen[Jay-lin] & these his favorite movies!
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just a list of films maybe even shows that I think people who're high on cannabis'll enjoy or get a kick out of .

And it's gonna be all kinds of movies , via indie , big budget , pot head films , horror films and so on .
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the 2.0 version of Jalen : 'Jay' & the films he loves the most !
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here's a list of films that just either disappointed me or simply weren't for my taste.
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Actors , Actresses that aren't from my time necessarily nor have I seen a ton of their work but what I've seen and know of 'em they fascinate me :)