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Human Target (2010–2011)
high octane,adrenaline fuelled fun!!!
19 July 2011
this show kinda crept up on me the syfy channel in the uk run the first season in the run up to to the second season starting and not really being a fan of the action genre i wasn't sure what to expect. boy am i glad i tuned in to watch this! crisp,cool acting from mark valley! its very easy to overplay these action roles but he hits the nail on the head and jackie earle haley is just excellent! chuck in the quick wit of chi mcbrides character and you've got a highly entertaining and surprisingly very funny show! so why the heck American networks keep cancelling these brilliant shows after only a couple of seasons is beyond me!?! i feel given the chance this show could have been very big!
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Paul (2011)
pegg and frost go Hollywood...and it fails massively!!
19 July 2011
well where to begin with this one!....lets start with the fact that this has not been made for their already established audience i.e fans of shaun of the dead and hot fuzz, this was an attempt to break the American market with their very British style of humour and it just didn't work! whereas with shaun of the dead and hot fuzz they were set in Britain with home grown British actors most up and coming,this film they seemed to have sold out and thought we can make an easy buck here and cast so called Hollywood a-listers! lets start with seth rogen (who i feel is massively over-rated,different story for another day though!) even though he only had to do a voice over there was no conviction when he had to cough up a quick one liner! sigourney weaver again there to get the American audiences in the theatre seats! the one saving grace of this film is kristen wiig as always with her roles was on the button with every line she delivered! now I'm not saying that i don't admire pegg and frost for having ago at this, I'm just saying in my opinion it didn't work! get back to the brilliance of hot fuzz lads and leave Hollywood to Hollywood!
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Anuvahood (2011)
hugely disappointing!
19 July 2011
being a fan of this genre of film i was looking forward to watching this...i now wish i hadn't bothered! poor plot line, massively overacted and very little to substance to the so called 'jokes' if you are not from the uk (and even if you are!) it is very difficult to understand the plot to this film. i still think that adam deacon is a talented actor when he is not so much in the lead role (see 4,3,2,1 and adulthood) but his first attempt at film making leaves a lot to be desired! the only saving grace and why i didn't give it a lower score than i did was the soundtrack which contains some up and coming and already established British music acts.
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