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KIDS ONLY! (No adults allowed), 27 May 2006

If you're watching this show looking for science fiction, don't bother. This is a story in the grand old Buck Rogers vein. It's for KIDS. i never watched the show as a critical adult trying to find flaws in it or worrying about suspension-of-belief. i watched it as i used to when i was a kid, going to a Saturday afternoon matinée. Excited, thrilled at being in the theater... popcorn and pop in hand. Fidgeting in the seat until the lights dimmed. Then the anticipation... ready to enter into the story. i wasn't disappointed. The movie captured my imagination from start to finish. My advice; this is for kids only. If you're a grown-up, leave your adulthood at the door. If you enter into it as a kid you'll experience the wonder, the suspense, the thrills, the chills.

This movie will stay with me forever.

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Things that make ya' go "hmmmmm...", 4 December 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, casting Willem Dafoe as Jesus... that oughta be a clue as to the level of detail invested in this movie. This is an adaptation VERY loosely based on the life of Christ. Kind of a "What if..." scenario. It seems the director derived great enjoyment out of gleefully tearing down anything even close to an icon. In some ways this is good, as icons need to be closely examined, however, i found the replacement of those icons with such a plain, base and lifeless caricatures depressing.

Basically as i watched this movie it became fairly clear that not much thought was put into it. It's basically taking everything buddy learned in Sunday school and puking all over it, trying to offend as many people as possible in the process. (Good for publicity). The Bible leaves all sorts of room to paint your pictures of these characters with so much colour, however, Scorsese's vision, (and i'm guessing Kazantzakis's as well, having never read the book) is dull and lifeless, instead reducing the characters to the most two dimensional people imaginable. i'm hoping that someone in the near future will actually have the guts to portray these people full of laughter, tears, Joy and suffering. With mischief and fun as well as sorrow. As human and not either "saints" or mental deviants... i found it humorous to note that Judas is the only level headed one in the bunch. Typical hollywood mentality.


Instead of a carpenter raised as a Nazarite and full of charisma, we're faced with a pathetic whining coward who can't tell the difference between Satan's voice and God's voice and who builds crosses for a living. (What a joke!) One HAS to question how someone like this could ever get ONE person to follow him let alone a "movement". John The Baptist is some wacked out crazy who doesn't know who Jesus is (and what's with the naked women dancing at the baptism???), Lazarus is a zombie, Paul is a liar, Judas is a nice guy whom Jesus depends on for his courage and has to PLEAD with to betray him, the women are tatooed (a MAJOR sin in Judaism) the temple in Jerusalem is a charnal house on festival days leaving everyone soaked in blood. Yeesh... it's basically some guy's take on the story of Jesus having given it a VERY cursory pass and understanding next to nothing about it's context OR Jewish tradition or history. Very strange.

But hey! David Bowie as Pilate was a stroke of genius! And the score was breathtaking. All in all, though to a Christian this is totally repulsive, it WAS good to see the story from a different standpoint. Though extreme, it was valid in that it's a likely translation of how a regular Joe sees the Bible and how Christians have failed so miserably in portraying it. i give it 5 outta 10 as a movie. Mostly ho-hum, but Bowie and the score redeem it somewhat.

i give it 10 outta 10 as a gratuitous money grab. (i've never seen it done better.)

i give it 0 outta 10 as a religious statement. (DUDE! grow up and READ before puking out crap like this!) (At LEAST read historical accounts of the time.)

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Style without content, 30 October 2003

Watching this movie was a strange experience. i sat here getting more and more disgusted with the blood. (Yeesh Quentine, what's with the fire-hose-spew effect every time someone gets cut???) Admittedly, there WAS moments of style, but these are altogether smothered under a constant rain of blood and gore and a COMPLETE lack of a story line. My experience of this movie was one of "waiting"... i was waiting for the story to begin. What it ends up being is a mishmash of imagery. Some stylish, but all two dimensional. What ever happened to character developement??? i found myself rooting more for the SWORD buddy made, than for the blonde bimbo weilding it. One question i had for Quentine was this: Hey pal, if you went through all the trouble of making every scene with a wound in it so blatantly bloody, why not go for the hat-trick and have the cow getting killed in the end a fire-hose scene as well? Heck, all i saw was some hair flying and the bimbo dropping to the ground. Lame movie. If i could have given it a zero i might have except for some (VERY little) style.

15 Minutes (2001)
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Not just another crime drama, 17 October 2003

It's very strange to read someone call this movie "Overwrought nonsense." Yeesh... take the ramrod out pal. Relax! This is a crime drama yes, but it has a few things to say that are worth listening to. It's about the media in America today and how it can help or hinder all in the name of ratings, and about a twisted justice system where a killer can get off simply by being found insane. i'm not saying it's the best crime drama out there, but i found it to be a compelling story. i identified with the main character. Avery Brooks does a commendable job as a quiet man torn between doing his job and seeing justice done. i also had empathy for Eddy Flemming (though the role was no big stretch for Robert De Niro.) i thought the two "Soviet block" immigrants were in turns horrifying and hilarious. (i really liked the one with the camera. He was a righteous dude) And hey, didja see Vera Farmiga's eyes? WOW! Those have GOT to be the most beautiful eyes in show biz today! To call this show simply a popcorn cop flick would be to sell it short. There were points in the movie where i was agonizing with the main character in his predicament. YES it's a cop show, but it's not the "run-of-the-mill" cop show. All in all i found it to be an entertaining movie that was serious, but not TOO serious with a bit of fun thrown in. i give it 4 outta 5