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a list of 127 titles
a list of 42 titles
this list is a combination of 5 lists
1. Rotten Tomatoes top 100 movies of all time
2. AMC top 100 movies of all time
3. AFI's 100 greatest movies of all time
4. IMDB top 250
5. empire magazine top 500
a list of 118 titles
a list of 97 titles
a list of 44 characters
a list of 38 people
they are or will be big stars and will win oscar
a list of 60 titles
i have chosen 5 best pictures between 1990 to now
the ranking is based on:
1-best picture winner of academy award
2-famous critics choices ( I have chose Roger Ebert)
3-imdb users choice
4-number of oscar