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James blew me away!, 21 September 2003

The recent adaptation of The Canterbury Tales featured a sly,slick and utterly sexy James Nesbitt.He was compelling as the con artist hellbent on seducing a glamorous Billie Piper.

I was not familar with Chaucer before seeing this adaptation but really enjoyed it.I get the feeling however there will be a moral with each tale and few,if none will end particuarly happily.

The actor James Nesbitt,known previously for his role in popular ITV drama Cold Feet has never ever struck me as sexy before!Yet everything about his performance in the Canterbury Tales was spot on,his delivery ,his admittedly pervy glances(shudder),and even his clothing.I felt his haircut was effective too,would he have managed quite such a slick performance with that curly mop he usually sports?

The arrogant expression on his face whilst smoking a cigarette after his finally obtaining his goal has given me shivers ever since!