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THIS is why they shouldn't cancel OTH, 1 March 2006

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Episodes like this are the reason why the network shouldn't cancel this show. "One Tree Hill" has built a very good reputation for themselves by producing episodes like this one that deal with issues that many teens of today are going through. When Jimmy Edwards comes into school one day with a gun, he shoots it and unknowingly hits another student (a main character of the show). Ducking into a room with some other students, he pretends to be a victim just as one of them, but snaps at a point, pulls out his gun, and turns it into a hostage situation. The show features basically that one room and the students in it, questioning why this is happening. The ending somewhat cliffhanger of the show is what really makes OTH shine. I'm not going to completely ruin it, but two characters end up dead and it's really not pretty.

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Four Brothers = EXCELLENT, 13 August 2005

OK, I'm a girl who normally loves "chick flicks" and comedies, so when I had nothing to do this evening and decided to go see a movie with my parents, (I thought they were seeing "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo"...but alas I was incorrect.) and discovered we were going to see "Four Brothers", I was a little upset. I'm normally not one for movies that are seemingly all about people getting revenge and lots of killing and fighting. I dunno..I'm not one for the action/drama type...unless it's a horror movie, and then I'm definitely there. Anyways, I was genuinely surprised at how good this movie ended up being. Each of the four brothers gave an amazing performance. Andre Benjamin showed that he's not only a talented singer, but a talented actor as well.

The movie was much better than I had expected. I laughed, and I (almost) cried. It went through a range of so many different emotions and events in the lives of the four troubled men, all adopted when they were children by one amazing woman who became their world. I don't really know what else to say without spoiling the movie, so I'm going to just leave you with all of what I've said, and the fact that I would most definitely recommend this movie to anyone and everyone.

Your average love story..., 14 June 2004

I saw this movie last night at a sneak preview in Georgia with my friend who was obsessed with the book. I had seen the previews and had wanted to see the movie, so we got advanced tickets and then went to see the show. "The Notebook" was a great movie and I really enjoyed it. It was basically an average love story movie, but it was so good that it feels like you are being told a different story than you hear in every romantic movie. this movie was funny at parts, very romantic, and a tear-jerker. the ending was happy in a sad way (if you've read the book you'll understand). anyways, i really enjoyed it. plus we got free mini-posters so how could that be wrong? haha.

A feel-good comedy, 18 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I viewed this movie last night at a sneak preview. I thought that it would be good, and it very much met my expectations. It was hilarious and reallllyyy good! *POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!* I dunno what's spoilers and what isn't! lol. The movie is about a 13 year old girl named Jenna Rink (which u probably know). She invites the popular girls of the school (The "Six Chicks") to her birthday party, along with her best friend Matt (who obviously is in love with her). Matt gives her a handmade dollhouse (made by none other than him) and a packet of wishing dust. Then he goes back to his house to get his casio (or somethin like that..) and the 6 chicks trick jenna into playing "7 minutes in heaven" but then leave as she waits in the closet. Then Matt returns and disappoints her, so she shuts herself in the closet and the wishing dust falls on her from the dreamhouse she put on a shelf above her. She wishes she was 30 years old and wakes up the next morning to find herself 30 years old. As she goes through her life, she finds out what a horrible person she is to everyone around her and what some of her bad choices left her with and she decides to try and change that. **SPOILER ALERT, EXTREME SPOILER, LIKE, END OF MOVIE!!** so she gets some of the wishing dust off of the house and becomes 13 again. then instead of shutting herself in the closet, she jumps out, kisses matt, and then fast forwards to their wedding some 17 years or so later. the end. was sooo good! go see it! plus, mark ruffalo is HOT! hehe..

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cute, 29 December 2003

this was a cute movie, and it wasn't bad. i think it is for more of a younger child crowd (as i am 16) but it was still not bad. my sister is actually friends with devon werkheiser who plays the younger boy Max, and i always hear about how hard he works to get roles like this. that's actually the only reason i watched the movie, because devon was in it and i wanted 2 know who this kid my sister kept talkin about was! lol. but it was pretty good and really cute, especially for young children.

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*loved it*, 20 September 2003

I LOVED "from J2K". i saw it and automatically fell in love with justin guarini. i admit that the other actors aside from justin and kelly weren't exactly great, (alexa was ANNOYIN!) but j and k rocked the screen with their amazing voices. i loved the music and the dancing, tho the acting wasnt amazing. i hated how they made kelly wear all those big pants. shes an average sized girl! not a stick! geez! it's a shame there's no soundtrack..i signed the petition and you should too! ~*~Rinn~*~