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Movie 43 (2013)
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SO many actors., 8 March 2014

Re: A jumble of big name actors embarrass themselves to add decks to their summer houses.

Outstanding: I actually thought the Chloe Moretz sketch was pretty funny, the reactions of the boys/men to a girl's problem was pretty spot on. I chucked a couple of other times, mostly due to initial surprise or cussing leprechauns. The actors, of which there are many good ones, totally committed to their roles.

Unacceptable: Like every sketch show ever, nearly all of the skits went on too long and relied too much on gross out comedy. And bad writing.

Summary: Not worth watching again in any real way shape or form. Ugh.


Looper (2012)
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Looper is big goofy sci-fi pulp, 8 March 2014

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Re: In the distant future, time travel exists. However, it is a closely guarded secret of the crime syndicate, which uses it exclusively to eliminate bodies. They send the person to be whacked back to the less distant future where men called Loopers kill and dispose of the bodies. When a Looper is to be retired, the crime syndicate sends back the future version of the Looper to be killed by his younger self. He then gets a big payday and retires. Unless the Looper sees that it's his older self and hesitates long enough for the old version to escape and attempt to kill the leader of the syndicate as a child.... Ahh Sci-Fi - where the explanation of the plot is half of the fun.

Outstanding: Really beautifully realized future world with a combination of current and futuristic tech. Some effective music. Great performances from the entire cast.

Unacceptable: The story, when you break down the basics is ludicrous. JGL's prosthetics and the over-sized future anime guns are both a bit goofy.

Summary: Some great sci-fi action here! I really enjoyed virtually every aspect of this flick from the daffy idea held down by great performances to the casual way future tech is allowed to slip in at unexpected times. I'd never noticed how much Joseph Levitt and Bruce Willis sounded alike until the voice-over here. LOOPER is very highly recommended!


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Technically good but emotionally disappointing, 8 March 2014

Reviews Of Unusual Size:

Re: A young boy is recruited to be a young soldier, training to enter the battle against a space menace called The Buggers.

Outstanding: Great special effects. The designers found the right balance between alien and realistic and there were some subtle touches I really liked. Asa Butterfield was really great in this. Intense and smart yet small and vulnerable.

Unacceptable: Technically speaking, there wasn't anything to complain about. The acting was strong and the story followed the book well. Coupled with the special effects it should have been a great flick.

Summary: However, there was never really the sense of overwhelming responsibility I'd always gotten from the novel. It had always had a mix of duty and kids playing games and this movie never quite pulled off either of those. Overall, while watchable, I don't think Ender's Game ever gelled the way it could have.


Blackthorn (2011)
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A Decent Entry In The OLD COWBOY Library, 9 January 2012

Reviews Of Unusual Size

Re: Butch Cassidy never died. He hid out in Bolivia and bred horses. Found himself a little lady and a cabin. Then he decided to head north and visit his Niece. His horse runs off with his money and he ends up with a troublesome varmint that has $50,000 Sterling he's stolen from a group of miners. Cassidy, going by the name Blackthorn decides to help the man.

Outstanding: Filmed beautifully and directed with a solid hand that really shows the vivid beauty of the locations. Sam Shepard is a great actor and looks so excellent in this. He also has surprisingly pitch perfect comedic chops.

Unacceptable: The story is pretty far-fetched and Blackthorn gets hornswaggled too easily, even for an old feller.

Summary: I'm a total sucker for westerns and this is a good one. A classic "Old Cowboy Takes One Last Ride" movie. Strong script and great acting. I recommend it highly. A note - The screener copy I watched did not have subtitles for the Spanish language portions of the film, which is probably around 1/3 of the dialogue. I assume the final release has them, but it did make certain scenes hard to follow.


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Finally back on track, 29 November 2011

From Reviews Of Unusual Size

Re: Glen finally tells the group his big secret and Laurie does the same. Shane gets pretty fed up with pretty much everyone.

Outstanding: Now this is more like it! Some little jabs of humor, plenty of zombies, good effects, some excellent evocative performances and the story finally progresses past pathos and bitchy whining.

Unacceptable: I'm still not entirely sure what Dale was doing in the swamp or why the rest of Hershel's crew seems to have absolutely no personality at all. (The adorable Maggie excepted, of course)

Summary: This is what I had expected the entire series to be like. Shocks, twisty characters and some genuine horror. The music was pretty powerful this episode too.

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Decent Second Season Opener, 18 October 2011

Originally posted on Reviews Of Unusual Size

Re: The shell-shocked crew head... somewhere. The don't get far, running into a huge accident blocking the highway. Then they lose a member during a zombie attack.

Outstanding: Some great, tense horror moments in this episode, especially in the tense early moments of the attack. The actors here run the gamut from over the top and up, but I really like Andrew Lincoln in this.

Unacceptable: Unfortunately, a few little things let this episode down, mostly the ludicrously sloppy autopsy, the constant gun argument and the director's tendency to cut away to the reaction shots during action scenes. I know this is a TV show, but the first season had no qualms. But they had a budget, too.

Summary: Overall a decent second season opener, and a huge improvement over the last season's big CDC-CGI extravaganza.

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Ugh, 27 September 2011

Reviews Of Unusual Size! Re: A big client threatens to leave the agency Hank Azaria works for. So he takes the guy out on the town and tries to find him some ladylike company.

Outstanding: Hank Azaria somehow manages to be hilarious, just standing around. So does Anthony Stewart Head, as Azaria's shameless boss.

Unacceptable: Predictable, boring, obvious and silly.

Summary: I inadvertently watched this episode, thinking it was the premiere, but it didn't make a difference. It was still boring and pretty bad TV. I'll watch the (correct) pilot and maybe another episode, but only because I like Azaria a lot and because it takes place in Portland, Oregon.

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Not 2 Bad, 27 September 2011

Reviews Of Unusual Size! Re: When an ousted New York socialite is hired at a diner, the spoiled blond forms an unlikely friendship with the streetwise waitress that works there.

Outstanding: Kat Dennings has some pretty great deadpan humor.

Unacceptable: The setup for this TV show is horrible. The cute old black guy that mans the register at the diner should be hilarious, instead he's just mildly amusing. There's more blatant sexual humor than I'd expected.

Summary: I was kind of surprised. I should have disliked this show, but I actually laughed out loud a couple of times and I'm looking forward to the next episode. There's nothing I can pin down as excellent, but it's an amusing little sitcom. Why do they always title the first episode "Pilot"? I know it's because it's a pilot, produced to get the other episodes, but it seems like you'd be optimistic and give your first episode a legit title.

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Not as good., 27 September 2011

Reviews Of Unusual Size! Re: The girls get in a fight about breaking up with Max's boyfriend, eat cupcakes and fall in horse poo.

Outstanding: Still somewhat amusing. The cute old black guy was cuter and blacker than before.

Unacceptable: The horse poo looked nothing like actual horse poo, the Bacon and Cool Ranch chips they were eating only said "Ranch" on the package. A drop in quality from the last episode.

Summary: A pretty severe drop. Either that, or I was in an easier to please mood for that last episode. The jokes were worse and came less often than the last episode. I'll still watch a couple, but this was disappointing.

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I love Zooey, this show... Not so much., 25 September 2011

Reviews Of Unusual Size!

Re: A newly single girl in the city moves in with three young men. There, she sings her own theme song, watches Dirty Dancing and other quirky things people do on TV shows.

Outstanding: Zooey is so darn cute!

Unacceptable: The rules for the house's Douchebag Jar are completely arbitrary - that jar should be overflowing by now.

Summary: I watched this show, and I'll probably watch the next episode, but not because I laughed once or found any of the supporting characters appealing, it's just that, even when she's doing stupid, silly, unrealistic things, I can't resist Zooey's charm.

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