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Gori tere pyaar mein is awesome, 26 November 2013

Gori tere pyaar mein is an awesome movie. Most of the people having problem with this movie either don't know what bollywood is all about or are plain biased and are here to bring down the movie as there were multiple releases on the date of gori tere pyaar mein's release and this movie going down will only benefit their favourite stars . Agreed both the main leads of this movie are at the low point of their careers and hence such negativity is unavoidable but gori tre pyaar is an awesome movie with some really amazing moments and good performances and the best part is that it gives the audience a jab we met feeling. Ask this to somebody who has really seen the movie and isn't biased towards a particular actor and he/she will share the same opinion. All i am saying is that you give the movie a try on it's merits and not give in to all the negativity. Kareena kapoor has always been an amazing actress and imran khan has transformed into a much better actor in his last few movies. The songs are great and peppy too, you would have a hell of a time and enjoy a lot, trust me.

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Great movie, really worth it, 28 January 2012

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Movie is really good, i am really upset on seeing people complaining about scientology and other crap about tom cruise as a reason to not see mission impossible ghost protocol. I really wish they empathise with that man who said whatever he thought not out of malice but thinking that ritalin is indeed a street drug and many other psychiatric abuses are prevalent in our society. He is not going to make you do anything you don't want ,you people should decide what is best for you. As for the movie,it was a top notch action thriller with great direction, cinematography, cool stunts and overall a complete package . The 30 minutes of IMAX shot in this movie was surreal and something to behold, that itself justifies the extra imax price, Go see the movie because it's really worth it (IMAX recommended for complete experience)

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Be's bad, 2 August 2011

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I didn't get what the fuss is all about until i saw the movie and realised it's a feel good movie for Americans then why bother releasing it in other countries . If ever there was a comic book movie not supposed to release outside u.s. it's this movie , a man covered in stripes branded with stars looking like an American clown fighting with dozens of Nazis,oh sorry hydra-what?,exactly . Overall this movie had no good action sequences to speak of , an almost forgettable climax , all our hero does is throw an olympic discus provided by howard stark and almost always looks like an average superhero with nothing special,either in charisma(contrary to batman) or powers(contrary to almost every other superhero). I left the movie halfway through , intolerable to say the least .

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HARRY POTTER IS FOR EVERYONE, not just potter fans, 1 August 2011

Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 is a great movie as such..........high on action and great acting performances , everybody should give it a try and not discard it by saying "who cares , i'm not a harry potter fan" or "it's kids stuff" ...........don't miss something for such lame reasons.........give the movie a try and there is a good chance of yours falling in love with the movie . i might also suggest , the movie is good as a solo movie as well.......the story is apparent once you are 10 minutes in the movie , so no need to care a lot about it's being a part 2 movie ,although if u catch up with the story so far ,it will only help you enjoy the movie more . Do see it in 3d for full experience , it had nicer effect on me than when i saw it in 2d the first time around .