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Chronicle (2012)
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Very clever movie and fun to watch, 26 May 2012

This is an example of a movie fine balanced between banality and pretentiousness, which takes extreme skill. Excellent direction, very good acting (that's how you cast actors!), truly perfect editing and unbelievable sfx (considering their purpose in this movie). There's only one thing that I don't like here and it's the cliffhanger at the end, leaving some space for sequel(s). I guess that's what producers dictate, blackmailing artists. Otherwise, this could be perfectly rounded movie with "a head and a tail".

Although it my appear so, this is not a sci-fi, but a story of relationships and circumstances. It stars rather slow but when it starts to run it does not stop until the very end, keeping your attention with abundance of details carefully put together.

Highly recommended not only to people who just want to see a good movie (at last) but also to think about "what would happen if...". Have fun and go for this one.

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could and should be better, although it's not bad, 25 May 2012

Gibson is a mystery to me (as a writer, director, actor or producer - not as a person). He is NOT a good actor, since all his roles are pretty much the same. He's a bit better as a director, and as a writer still has a lot to learn. Here he tries all the time not to produce those neurotic faces, so common after Mad Max. The story is interesting but predictable. The point, however, is still mystery like Gibson: pointing out that neighboring Mexico is another planet compared to US? US try to bring civilization (lol!) to Mexico? Gibson protects women instead of beating them? Everybody is bad & mad except Gibson the Saint? Whatever. Jason Statham would do it better (and more convincing).

Direction is good (although the end is a bit "mayonnaise"), actors OK (even Gibson, for that matter). This movie could be categorized as a "light entertainment", if you're not in the mood for some debate about "cultural differences". No, not for theater. Rent it, watch it, forget it.

50/50 (2011)
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What a nice movie!, 28 March 2012

Another fine example how to make a beautiful movie on a low budget but with a good story, skillful direction and and excellent performance by Mr. Levitt (and other cast, even Mr. Rogen). Despite the rather dark theme, the movie is funny and as close to real life as it can be. Probably the most important of it all - it's optimistic. Why such almost perfect movies never even get a nomination for the Academy award? Still a mystery to me.

Highly recommended to everybody, especially to those who lose hope easily. There's something funny and good in everything. Give this movie 100 minutes of your life and you'll consider it well spent.

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Not even fun any more, 28 March 2012

America's another futile attempt to have its own James Bond. While Bond gets better and better (with Mr. Craig), MI gets worse and worse. Just another ego-trip of Mr. Cruise. The panegyrics below seem even more insulting to the intelligence of an average viewer (not to mention more demanding ones). This serial is nothing but SFX, bad acting (although the cast is good), routine directing and childish plot desperately seeking "missions" that are "more impossible" than previous ones. The firs movie in the series was quite OK, but this one... Jesus! I mean, even The Saint (with Mr. Kilmer) was more watchable, and it was awfully stupid.

I'm recommending this movie only if you really have nothing better to do (which I seriously doubt) and even then think twice. It is not "light entertainment", but with absolutely no mass at all.

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An exquisite movie, 19 March 2012

One more masterpiece outside Hollywood. A story told like in a dream. Perfect cast (all of them, actors, as well as the technical crew). Direction from which many western "directors" can learn (and still only dream about). However, the plot has a few minor flaws and/or omissions which get almost dissolved in the big picture. Nothing to write home about. Just remember that behind all of this are historical facts. Only man, among all the animals, can be the wildest beast and the most merciful angel. Let us be the latter.

Highly recommended to everyone who appreciates exquisite film. This is the art of making movies. Enjoy it as I did.

Hugo (2011)
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Unfortunately, another Scorsese's failure, 16 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Being and admirer of Mr. Scorcese's work, I still can not explain how can he sometimes fail so badly. Among all his legendary movies, from time to time he delivers something not worth his reputation. I guess he is a better producer than a director.

Hugo is a fiction tale with so many elements seen so many times before (and done better) - a "boy-wonder", an automaton, French Policeman (Allo, Allo) and so on. Yawn. I've watched this movie until the end purely out of a courtesy for Mr. Scorcese, but this is light years away from any award (especially Academy). There is definitely something rotten in the Academy lately (probably old and nostalgic, possibly demented, people, covered with mold).

Recommended for children and people who are not into movies so much to recognize all "borrowed" elements. Light entertainment, so to say.

The Artist (2011/I)
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Above average but still not for Oscar, 16 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a good movie. The idea is not original but performance is. I must mention very skillful direction and excellent French cast (Americans here were only for marketing purposes, I presume). The story is a cliché but carried out in a perfect and original manner. Also, the movie is not completely silent (given the longest musical score ever, except for musicals, an two spoken lines at the end).

I guess that this movie won an Academy award because the Academy itself is filled with old and nostalgic people (that would also explain an Oscar for "Hugo", movie far below average, but with same nostalgic elements) who wanted to give something away before they die.

Don't get me wrong here. "The Artist" is a very good movie, and it is an European flick (a very important remark here). Hollywood has no such skill to produce it. Highly recommended.

Carnage (2011)
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How to translate a stage play into a movie, 10 March 2012

Let's see what's good in this movie: everything. Especially the cast (just perfect) and direction. It is basically a stage play but as a movie it has certain advantages. You concentrate better on the acting, closeups help you live through emotions, and you have many angles of view. I can't say that I would recognize this movie as a "typical Roman Polanski work", although it takes a special talent to make such an entertaining movie practically out of a nothing (reminds me of Seinfeld). A lot of parents could recognize themselves in the behavior of the protagonists and find it funny or insulting or both, but no one will be indifferent. You'll take (and shift) sides :) What made it really funny is the end of the movie. Plain excellence.

It is a short movie but it' worth your time and I recommend it to everyone that either already is or plans to be a parent. Or just wants to see some excellent acting and direction. Or both.

J. Edgar (2011)
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Another one of "how-a-movie-should-be-made" by Mr. Eastwood, 24 February 2012

I'm one of those viewers who can not comprehend bad reviews from below. This is an almost perfect movie: excellent performances by the cast, traditional discrete direction by Mr. Eastwood (also his ever fantastic music score), emotions, well written script... You name it. Let's clear out one thing: This is NOT primarily a biographic movie but a story of love and devotion. And that's why Mr. Eastwood excels again. If you want a biopic, you can give it to anyone, but if you want an emotional story perfectly told, you give it to Mr. Eastwood. He is an artist par excellence.

Highly recommended to anyone who, after the abundance of Hollywood movie junk, wants to see finally a very very good movie.

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Very good, 22 February 2012

How can a movie be entertaining, emotional, fun and well paced without hundreds of millions budget and all big blockbuster stars cast? This is how. You use a good director, a well written clever script, some very good but underrated actors and put it all together as in this movie. I know that comparison with Ocean's 11 is inevitable for most of the viewers but this movie is not so pretentious. This is about how ordinary people would do it. Not hilarious but intelligent and optimistic. And simple. Has a message, too: Never give up, no matter how hopeless it may seem. And it's really fun and well done. As usual, don't expect too much and you'll get more than you'd expect :) Recommended even to the spoiled viewers.

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