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"Firefly" (2002)
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One of the best series ever made, in any genre, 7 October 2011

This is simply the best TV-show ever made, from the concept, writing, casting, directing, cinematography, editing, music, acting... you name it. A space western only on surface, and deep inside a beautiful "study" of human behavior and perspective. It's funny, intelligent, wise, exciting, imaginative... anything but dull, even for a fraction of a second. Also it is probably the most realistic vision of our future, when you look at the big picture. One of the rare shows worth not only watching many times, but archive it at home for future generations. Don't forget to include the movie Serenity (2005) in the collection. It has some important parts of the story. Joss Whedon did it once more. The man is a true genius. If there were 100 stars to give, I'd do it. Can not recommend it enough. So, this is truly a gem. The people who decided to cancel it are simply idiots. Period. Bring this show back before actors are too old! Despite the obvious opinion in Fox, there are some actually very intelligent people watching TV. This is for them.

Flypaper (2011)
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Watchable exactly one time, 5 October 2011

It is really a tough task to review a movie that actually should be a classic theater performance. Not a movie. Ever. It has all the elements of a classic "who dunnit?" crime/comedy plot, perfect for theater stages. It's really funny, too, but not movie-sort-of-funny (like, for instance, "Hangover"). These are classic theater dialogue/situation comedy and should be treated as such. Therefore, making a movie out of it was a total miss. Give it to a good theater director and you'll have a hit. Nobody there will wonder how come no police is involved (or alarmed, for that matter), everybody is suspicious and has something to hide, and it should all end as a classic Poirot: everybody gathered in a room where a good detective deducts who's the "criminal mastermind". Five stars for trying to transfer this into a movie. Next time leave theater shows where they belong.

"V" (2009)
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A slimy soap-opera masked as SF, 3 October 2011

I've learned that the best way to write a reasonable review of the TV- series is to wait (and record) until they air all the episodes and then watch all of them one after another (no week delay). This way the picture looks radically different. So, V is nothing but Dallas, Denver Clan or some Mexican (or Turkish) soap-opera with artificially fabricated plot full of holes, illogical happenings and "twists" (all very predictable, as a matter of fact), unexplained events brought up in some episodes, bad acting and casual (I-really-don't-care) production manner. Of course, most of the people craving for SF are willing to swallow up almost anything that even remotely reassembles something like that. This is not it. It's simply a cheap placebo for masses, full of clichés seen so many times before in other forms. They should not have canceled the show. They should not have made it in the first place.

However, three stars for casting Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk (only as guest, unfortunately) of the Firefly, but even they can not save such a badly conceived and produced project.

Bunraku (2010)
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Moving pictures. Literally., 27 September 2011

What a pleasant surprise! So many symbols, details and colors. This movie is, like it says in the summary - moving pictures. Of course, the comparison with Sin City is inevitable, but this is different. Original. Poetry of composing colorful images. And yet, it still looks like a comic book brought to life. Or a theater of shadows. Or puppets (which is what Bunraku is all about, as a traditional Japanese theater). Everything made of drawings, cardboard and wood, except for some vehicles (Europeans will feel some nostalgia seeing old Fiat 600 and Reanault R8 Gordini) and swords. Surreal and yet very much close to what we imagine as real. Cast is excellent, as well as direction, editing, music and camera. Why not 10 stars then? There are some theatrical element I thing are not adequate for the whole composition. But you don't have to be so picky. Watch it and enjoy the art of making movies as moving pictures.

Ridicuously funny, 25 September 2011

Take a goofy script, put in Owen, Belucci and (especially) Giamatti, add Mr. Davis as wild imaginative and a pretty good director, some carrots and jokes, and you'll get the idea. There are about two introducing minutes of "silence before the storm" and everything else is running, shooting, outwitting and simply fun. This movie is not meant to be a high budget spectacle or deliver morality messages. The basic intention was obviously a (positively) crazy intelligent fun and it delivers. From beginning to the end. Something happens all the time and that's entertainment. I've watched it three times already and never got bored for a second. No, it is not an Oscar winning "masterpiece", but has all it takes to become a cult movie. Highly recommended.

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Stupid beyond belief, 25 September 2011

I guess when you're seven (or less) years young, you might even consider this movie fantastic. But from a (so to say) grownup point of view, this is as stupid as it gets. Of course, all "superheroes" are American and white (except for maybe Hulk being greenish, Hellboy, being reddish and Thor being "who knows where from") and again English is widely in use throughout the Universe. On the other hand, the movie itself is correctly produced, trying so hard to pull some sense out of totally stupid script (and the whole idea) behind it. Therefore three stars (for trying). If you want fun, watch Thor or Iron Man or even Captain America (or previously mentioned characters). If you want something fun and intelligent and witty, watch X-Men (First Class). But whatever you choose it would be wise to skip this movie. Green Lantern is not worth your time and nerves, assuming you're older than primary scholar.

Apocalypto (2006)
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Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!, 25 September 2011

For starters, reading some previous reviews, it' so funny that there are still Americans that think the whole universe speaks English (the famous Star Trek syndrome), and if they see a subtitle of a foreign language, they feel almost like the characters in this movie did spotting Spanish ships. The movie is simultaneously unusual and usual: The story about man's will to survive despite the odds (watch "Crank", made the same year, and you'll see the other extreme example; or "Avatar", for that matter), but placed in Mayan time. Gibson tries to be "realistic" with costumes, language and scenery, but since no one from that time lived to tell, it really doesn't matter. The movie is visually attractive and the actors performed almost perfectly (considering the circumstances; thus five stars). Mr. Gibson is also far better director than actor (none of which stands out by any standards). But that's it. A postcard from "ancient" Mexico. The verdict: Worth a look if you don't expect anything (and certainly not the Spanish Inquisition, which nobody expects) and do not take this seriously (as a "document from Mayan era").

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Another work of genius, 20 September 2011

Almost anything that Joss Whedon creates bursts with imagination, intelligence and spirit. He has that Mida's touch. Also, most of his work unfortunately gets canceled. But that's probably the destiny of genius. Since I've watched Firefly & Serenity, I've became "fan" ("browncoat", so to say) of Whedon's work. Now, it is obvious that his work is not for the "general population", people with average (or below) IQ, which "businessmen" at Fox recognized canceling this one also. The "light" (or shall I put it - stupid) stuff brings commercials and money (which is what this "show business" is all about anyway), aiming at general population. Dollhouse is not for them (as it was not Firefly, for example). Anyway it's comforting to know that there are people out there (like Mr. Whedon and the crew he's been working with all these years) that "take care" of the needs of "more demanding" the viewers (although being a minority). Mr. Whedon gives us some sort of Dolls from his Dollhouse, and I'll never be able to thank him properly for that. Don't give up, Mr. Whedon.

What a good movie!, 17 September 2011

This movie tells a story about something that everyone should think about: morality. It says that there isn't a de facto difference between illegal and immoral but law sanctions the first and life itself the second. That's not comfort, of course, but leaves a certain amount of hope.

Cage , Moynahan and Leto are excellent. Hawke's part is not that big but matches the others. Directing, editing and camera also. Everything about this movie is in place and it was a pleasant and fulfilling experience to watch it. No, it is not an action movie and not meant to be "entertaining", and it keeps you involved from the first scene to the last. Highly recommended.

Dead Alive (1992)
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It's so awful that it might be considered good, 9 September 2011

The first thing that came to mind after watching this movie is Sam Raimi (Evil Dead series). Peter Jackson obviously tried to pay a homage to the master, copying his directing technique. Later on someone gave Mr. Jackson the money, and then came King Kong (which was actually good) and epic Lord of the Rings (which could be far better in someone else's hands). This movie also reminded me of Ed Wood and his enthusiasm for trash. By all means (especially acting and directing), this movie is awful. It's also occasionally funny, has a plot and screams for a remake (with a considerably larger budget, but probably the same director), meaning second chance. That way it probably won't look as an exam project on the movie academy, made by some almost-dropout students. It's worth a look, though. But just once.

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