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Very good, 22 February 2012

How can a movie be entertaining, emotional, fun and well paced without hundreds of millions budget and all big blockbuster stars cast? This is how. You use a good director, a well written clever script, some very good but underrated actors and put it all together as in this movie. I know that comparison with Ocean's 11 is inevitable for most of the viewers but this movie is not so pretentious. This is about how ordinary people would do it. Not hilarious but intelligent and optimistic. And simple. Has a message, too: Never give up, no matter how hopeless it may seem. And it's really fun and well done. As usual, don't expect too much and you'll get more than you'd expect :) Recommended even to the spoiled viewers.

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I like this one very much, 19 February 2012

For starters, I must mention almost perfect direction and camera work. Then comes the acting and all other technical aspects of the movie (especially the choice of colors and light). Very, very good. It sort of sucks you in the story and the atmosphere with a perfect sense of measure. Yes, it is a horror (a lot of blood and slashing, actually, but not scary) and also a fantasy and a psychological drama. The story is very well balanced and if you don't know what's going to happen, you'll be surprised by the twist. This is one of those movies that pass almost unnoticed by the larger audience and achieves almost cult status among not only people who know the genre, but also among those who have seen many movies and know how to appreciate a good work. Both by Mr. Barker (story) and Mr. Kitamura (director).

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Too demanding movie (for an average viewer), 1 February 2012

Through the period of the cold war I was a kid but I do remember it and everybody knew there's something going on "behind the curtains". But what? This movie does not explain anything. On the contrary - it shows how entirely absurd the whole thing was. Idelogy? What ideology? They were all the same. People were spying each other, betraying, killing and so on for no real reason (maybe money, but even that is doubtful). All "affairs" were just construction, one over the other, and all of them somewhere in the clouds. That's how I perceive this movie and the period described. Requires too much attention and background knowledge. Too much happening in too little time. One barely (if at all) distinguishes who is who in one scene, and here is already another with something totally different. Confusing and boring, yet beautifully photographed. The cast is full of "stars" but why? None of them really has a chance to show anything impressive. There are more characters than in local phone book. Everything is sacrificed for the plot, which probably 100 people in the world understand. I'm not amongst them. The only reason I could recommend this film is testing your patience. Sorry, but nothing more than that.

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Left me confused in many ways, 31 January 2012

For starters, it seems that Boardwalk Empire's "dynamic duo" (Shannon & Wingham) are quite a pair stuck in their typical roles, never seem to leave them for anything else. Well, if that's OK with them...

The movie itself is slow but it should be, considering the...hmmm...plot. The problem is I didn't find the plot here. No beginning and no end, with something vague in the middle. For such a confusing and understated "story" it's pretty well directed. One should find his way through this maze of "what-did-I-really-want-to-say-with-this-movie?". The movie is presumably (not sure yet) about mental illness and the doctors say that every madness has its coherent inner logical structure. Well, this movie does not, but the attempt is notable. So many questions, no answers at all. Don't get me wrong here: the movie is bearable to watch but don't expect any action, emotions, horror elements, spectacular sfx or... don't expect anything. Maybe then you'll like it. I didn't.

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An extraordinary movie, 15 January 2012

I've read the reviews below and could not stop wondering what do people expect from a movie. Reality? Watch documentaries. Or whatever. This movie is really exceptional in many ways. Excellent acting, beautifully directed and shot, fantastic music choice and fine writing. It shows only an excerpt from a soldiers life on the job (as a contrast to life at home). It also shows how cheap and relative life can be outside our cozy little shells we build around us, and we should grab every moment given to enjoy it and do good, while we can. This is not a movie about war in Iraq or wherever. Don't be so superficial. It's only a (perfectly told, btw.) story about human adjustment to whatever life faces us with. This is a world we live in, like it or not. And this movie is just extraordinary in every aspect. Don't know (or care, for that matter) about Oscars, but this is one of the examples how movies should me made. Simple, yet with complex, with so many layers. I've watched it three times so far and each time it gets better. Highly recommended.

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Stupid beyond belief, 25 December 2011

This sad excuse for a movie is insulting viewers' intelligence. Truly stupid beyond belief and not funny whatsoever, deserves two stars only because technical aspects are rather well carried out. It is hard to believe that out here exist such a low life that can enjoy this. Recently I've watched "Idiocracy" ( and "Your Highness" perfectly fits in there presented "future" society. Maybe this movie announces the "new era" already. I've watched it with more than a few FWDs and still could not bear it. It's the bottom of the Hollywood junk pile. Anyway, I do not recommend it to the people with IQ over 60. Consider yourself warned.

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Nice foist on TV-Network, 23 December 2011

This show reminds me of Star Trek - how Mr. Roddenberry introduced communism (no money, no exploitation, except for Ferengi, of course, but only as a joke and warning) to the mass audience as the only rightful form of society, and not (mis)interpreted as in China, North Korea or Cuba. Buffy is similar. Under hollow surface ("bad" writing, stupid plots and so on) there's powerful satire poking society and it's values where it hurts the most (the fact that most people - so called average - are actually stupid, and the democracy enables them to rule). So much I've expected from Mr. Whedon (only in Dollhouse and Firefly his approach was more direct) and he excels again. Sometimes he gets busted (and show canceled) and sometimes not (Buffy). The point is that he always delivers a subtle message to the ones able to read, understand and act accordingly. Good show but could be better (sometimes it dissolves into mediocrity, when Mr. Whedon is not directly involved).

Drive (2011/I)
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A foofaraw movie, 20 December 2011

Let's be a kind of brief on this one:

The goods - director, photography, music. The bads - everything else but mostly script.

It's a boring movie, trying to be art where there's no place for it, and mixed with so called ultra-violence (an expression from Clockwork Organge?). Good cast in the wrong movie (what is Ms. Hendricks doing here anyway?). No emotions or reason. Too slow. You wait for something to happen but it doesn't. Instead, something else happens and you're left with that "what-was-that-all-about?!" expression on the face. At least you have an expression. Characters do not. This one should have been made with Jason Statham and called Transporter IV or something. Highly overrated movie that should very soon be either forgotten or will achieve some cult status. Recommendations? None this time. Decide for yourself.

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Don't be afraid to call this a bad movie., 14 December 2011

There are many ways to make a bad movie (or to ruin a potentially good one) and this example shows us an abundance of them. What's good in it? The general concept, scenery, music and the kid Sally (Bailee Madison). What's bad? Everything else. For starters, the script was probably the beginning of the catastrophe. Clichés, more clichés and then some more on the top of them all. Some parts of the plot are so stupid they hurt your brains (example: if the creatures are so afraid of the light, why do they move through the house during the day and heavily lighted room?). The creatures speak English (lol!). Sally smashes one of them during the party in the house with the bookcase, but nobody notices or even cares. Of course, nobody believes the child that there is something around and so on. Blah, blah, blah. There are so many flaws and only 1000 words (= one picture) allowed. Acting is below average (Mrs. Cruise is awful) and directing is matching it. Almost nothing is in place. If only someone with only half-wit wrote the script, something that makes sense could have been done here. Oh, yes: the movie has a beginning and an end (sort of). Even something in between. Starts as a promising experience, but ends as disappointment. Don't waste your time on this one (as I did, to write you this warning, as a survivor). People who made this mumbo-jumbo were not up to it. Trust me, neither are you.

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Truly best in the series, 11 December 2011

Reading opinions below I could help wondering what do people expect from a movie, or from this story in particular. For me this is not only the best movie in the series (along with Hannibal, 2001), but one of the best movies ever made. Gaspard Ulleil is absolutely fantastic actor, making it hard to believe that this is just acting. I share that opinion with a few of my friends who happen to be psychiatrists. They are unanimous: one could not do better than this ("he is just acting?!"). Of course, it is a must to know "how it all started" and why and from this aspect this movie is a perfect behavioral study. Excellent direction, well balanced story, extraordinary cast - this movie has it all. For me, the "original" - Silence of the Lambs - is the weakest point in this chain, but good nevertheless. Now that the series is "finished", you should watch chronologically and get your own opinion. There are many "franchizes" in movie industry but this one is by all means the best. Go for it and be open minded.

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