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Extremely recommended, 15 June 2015

Mr. Scorsese had his ups and downs throughout the career. In both cases it was somehow extreme. This one is definitely in the "ups" and of the best he has ever made. Supported by excellent cast of peers (noone really stands out, except maybe for Jack Nicholson being over the top at moments), with fantastic cinematography and editing, Mr. Scorsese shows everybody how to tell a story. Fantastic editing and direction, with subtle messages through music and details in scenes, makes this movie one of the best ever made in the genre. Here one finds everything that makes a good old-fashioned rich movie experience: deep plot, twists and turns, tense, emotions and something I call "unpredictable predictability" (when one knows what is going to happen but not how and when). Excellent job, everybody. Now, watch the movie and give credit where the credit is due.

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Norwegian sense of humor strikes again, 24 May 2015

Very, very good movie, with excellent plot (some resemblance to Cohen brothers), very funny moments and a pretty nice body count. Cast was also "hand picked" and did a perfect job. So, we have a lot of snow, a crime plot, some absurd a la Monty Python which flawlessly blend in, very funny jokes (also by Norwegians about Norwegians), quite a bunch of killings, excellent direction, music, acting and all other movie aspect and what could anyone wish for more? It is also very original in some artistic approaches (therefore the title of the movie in English) and all in all highly recommended. Go and see that Europe (especially Norway) makes outstanding contributions to the 7th art. Enjoy. :)

Furious 7 (2015)
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Cheap and ridiculous 1, 20 May 2015

As someone mentioned before, definitely the worst movie in the series. However, three things look promising: direction and two (maybe three or four) actors who know acting (Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham; maybe Michelle Rodriguez for a moment and Kurt Russell). Others are there just to say their lines (Diesel) with absolutely flat facial expression or to smile stupidly (late Walker) and basically just to smash as many expensive cars as possible and destroy basically everything in their way with no consequences. Oh, yes: there are many "deep philosophical" thoughts about family, brotherhood and other cheap crap. It's not even fun any more. Reminds me of Mission impossible in a worst possible way. Well, you've probably watched first 6 sequels and you'll go for the seventh (as I did). Go then, but be warned: this movie should have not happened. Poor cars.

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My God, what a pile of trash!, 16 May 2015

Yes, the movie is an eye candy, but a very irritating one. I've managed to watch it all (sober, completely) and still don't know who, what, where and (most important) why? What was this? A totally mixed up pile of all kinds of garbage collected from many other movies of a kind? Wachovskys, pull yourself together. You've trashed so much money for nothing here. What is your point? Excellent SFX? Perfect acting of Eddie Redmayne? Showing us that you are simply not able to write a decent scenario? Where(and what) is the story here? What the hell was this anyway? Why did I watch this all the way through? Testing my (our) masochism? So, not recommended except you're under influence of very heavy and illegal chemicals. This is a movie nightmare. And still trash. Just don't.

"Gotham" (2014)
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Almost excellent, 30 April 2015

This is a show that excels in everything but writing. As some mentioned in their reviews, this could be far better(therefore not full ten stars rating). So many chances for making a joke or a witty dialog, yet it remains flat too many times. Should there be another season (and there should be! Please, don't cancel it as so many good shows before!), writing is really something to work on. Cast is perfect, scenography, music, that odd mixture of eras, the dark atmosphere, direction, acting ... and that beautiful smile of one of the most beautiful women ever: Morena Baccarin of Firefly. Yes, most of the outcomes are indeed predictable (otherwise there would be no movies with major villains) but this is the content we've been waiting for: what happened before Batman became the ... Batman. The same goes for the others (both good and bad guys and gals). Something to watch and get addicted to quickly. Highly recommended.

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Simply a beautiful movie, 11 February 2015

Reading reviews before, I've found someone mentioned Interlooper and Inception. Well, this one is far better. For starters, it's simpler, more clever, no ballast, truly outstanding. Everything in this movie has its place and there's a place for everything. Australia does it again. Apart from Robert Heinlein being an excellent storyteller (see other movies adapted from his work; his stories are excellent material for movies), this movie is a fantastic example of how to put all the aspects of a movie (casting, performances, music, direction, editing, cinematography, etc.) together in a perfect fashion. I've enjoyed every second of it and highly recommend it to all the SF fans and also people who know how to appreciate a true work of enthusiasm and art. Really long time passed since I've seen such a good movie. Give it a try.

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No, no, no and no., 13 January 2015

Essentially a correct movie (by which I mean aspects of the trade), with usual emotional Eastwood's approach barely present (or none at all) and Cooper's "just another day on the job". Really nothing to write home about. Maybe we're spoiled by Eastwood's previous masterpieces but this piece of American propaganda cr**p is far too much. There are so many of us on the other side of the ocean sick of "exporting American democracy and way of life to oil rich countries" and fake heroism masked as "world police squad". Whatever happened to America (terrorist acts) they had it coming being arrogant and so full of themselves. No, America. You're not our raw model. I guess it's OK what you do, just do it at home. Not anywhere else. We simply do not share your enthusiasm about you.

This movie could be compared to Hurt Locker in a way that Hurt Locker is waaaaay better and down-to-earth. This one is a big-time miss, despite of the pinpoint sniper precision. Not recommended, except for the American rednecks.

Contact (1997)
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Great disappointment, 3 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After all this time I've watched this movie for the first time (and last). One would expect with such cast, Sagan as an author (which part, btw?) and Zemeckis to do a decent SF instead of a mild lukewarm lemonade. But they didn't. It's too back and white. Tom Skeritt's character is genuine asshole and got what he deserves but everything seems too fabricated and forced. There are good guys and bad guys and nothing in-between. The movie is about one hour too long, wasted on unnecessary romance (with characters having absolutely no mutual chemistry) and idle talking. Americans are standard paranoids (everyone is a potential enemy), obsessed with "political correctness" and religious propaganda and all that crap. Too predictable and full of clichés. O, there is some science in the movie, about 1%. Actors' performances are decent, direction so-so, but the plot is (i'll be gentle) plain stupid. And I couldn't believe Mr. McConaughey took this part. Such a rare talent wasted. Ms. Foster is also good but in vain. Mr. Hurt is perfect. No, I didn't like this movie and no, I don't recommend it.

Godzilla (2014)
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Who put God in the Godzilla?, 27 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Summary: People do stupid things as usual and make monsters in the process. Godzilla can't stand the competition. "Nobody but me destroys everything in the way". There can be only one :)

This is not a good movie. Last one was waaaaay better. Aside from relatively good SFX, this movie has nothing to write home about. Except for a lot of nonsense (i.e., Godzilla sometimes makes tsunami while swimming, sometimes doesn't; EMP crushes planes but not helicopters and so on). On the other hand (except for usual running between cars on a clogged street and screaming and a lot of crashed buildings, but no Al Quaeda this time), people involved in this "project" did a fairly good job, but nothing exceptional. This movie also attempts to send some ecological message, but fails. All in all, forget about it. If you are nuts for monsters, watch previous version. Or don't. But this one is a miss huge as Godzilla.

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Senior citizens refusing the due retirement, 1 August 2014

Apart from few exceptions, the third sequel is always tricky, especially if the second has been better than first. This is a good example, failing in almost all aspects. For starters, direction is awful, SFX are far more better in some B (and also C movies), there's practically no acting (doesn't matter in an action movie of this type anyway) and writing is bad and somewhat amateurish. The story has potential, though, but fell into wrong hands this time. Everybody seems tired of repeating their roles all over again, lacking motivation and enthusiasm. Even an abundance of "stars" cannot save the movie in such circumstances. Compared to the first two "parts", this movie is simply weak. This old bunch should either retire completely, or wake up and make a good movie again. They could do it, but failed this time. I wish them better luck with the next sequel, should there ever be one. 5/10 stars tops.

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