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Warcraft (2016)
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Very good entertainment, 20 June 2016

I've never played the game (or, for that matter, had any interest in this type of games - I'm a FPS guy) so for me there is only this movie. After forcing myself (yes, sorry) to watch it, I must say that it is a pleasant surprise. Direction is excellent and the character performances very good. Yes, this movie contains elements from many others (harry potter, avatar, star wars, stargate, LotR and so forth) but it is a well done "compilation"and very entertaining. Of course, it could not be done with an abundance of sfx and they are up to the standards. However, the movie is not for the kids, except for those still living inside adult viewers. As I said, cannot recommend the game (still does not interest me) but as the movie - go for it and have fun. It is really good.

Whiplash (2014)
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Full metal jazz, 1 May 2016

After all this time I've finally watched this. And yes, it reminded me of Full metal jacket, part one. I guess that Mr. Chazelle drew his inspiration from Kubrick and boy, did he make it right! Direction is perfect (including editing), fantastic performances by two main characters and fine choice of music. Beautiful photography also. This movie has everything to make it perfect, however Mr. Chazelle is not Mr. Kubrick but may probably be one day. If he tries hard enough to develop his own style. Do not give up now that you set the bar so high. All my compliments to the crew of this movie. Truly a gem. Highly recommended.

Deadpool (2016)
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Well, I like it., 16 April 2016

Ryan Reynolds is a good comedian and Morena Baccarin is always one of the most beautiful women ever (unfortunately for me: both Gemini and married). The movie is simply goofy, fun, dynamic, crazy at moments, off-beat and entertaining. Full of good one-liners. Jokes really aren't as bad as some of the reviewers suggest here. If we take the whole context into the account, the highlight of this movie is not exceptional sfx, but humor. Essentially, this is a mockery, but who says superheroes cannot be fun? As many observed here, not for children (and language is a minor issue here). Still exceptionally entertaining and I watched it with many smirks on my face. Let's say: intelligently fatuous. Just the way I like it. Worth watching several times to catch all the details (yup. it's fast paced). Go for it.

Black Mass (2015)
Good one but a bit depressive to me, 16 April 2016

Let's forget for a moment that this is a movie about real (and still living, at least some of them) persons and concentrate on the "movie" part. This is one of the flick perfect for generally underestimated actors to show what they can do when given an opportunity. Depp is excellent and everything else is on a high professional level. Story is a bit depressive (and confusing at moments - apparently you cannot encompass such a complex man/story in so little given time), but I guess that's how it was, more or less. And it was a pleasant experience to see J. Depp in a such demanding role doing an excellent job (even with blue contact lens). Not DiCaprio excellent, but close. Worth a watch, but not many times.

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Fairy tale with no fairies and no tale, 27 March 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How do you call incredibly bad writing combined with even more incredible bad acting from bad cast, some light-saber forestry management, material recycling, pretty good direction and fantastic sfx? Something that is not just stupid, but Disney stupid? Yup, that's the one. This movie. I've watched the first movie in the series when I was pretty young and I though "wow!". Probably (only) kids would also like this one. It's simply horrible from an adult point of view. Fiction with no science. A bunch of randomly piled ideas from previous sequels put together. But not so boring. One expects something (new or at all, for that matter) to happen but it does not, and the movie is over. One gets sick from wooden figures called actors (except maybe for Chewbacca). One cannot believe that there is nothing more to say (or to tell) in this saga after the previous sequel, yet they make a movie out of it. Out of nothing, that is. If you ever were a true fan of Star Wars, forget this one for your own good. If you want to become a light-saber woodcutter , feel free to learn. My God, why did I watch this?!

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Almost bullseye, but not quite, 14 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me start with a statement: I'm not a Tarantino movies fan and in my opinion he is overrated. Some of them are quite entertaining (Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterdz) and some quite good (Reservoir Dogs, Django Unchained), some are boring as hell (Kill Bill, Jackie Brown) and some total waste of time (Death Proof). All of them are missing something or are overloaded. He usually has good or excellent cast giving excellent performances but what I don't like is his direction where he tends to cite (copy?) anyone and everyone. Until this one. This is a good movie but unfortunately misses an ending. It just does not last enough long (despite two and a half hours) to round or conclude the story. Maybe he is planning a sequel, but I'm reviewing this one as a "whole". Anyway, cast is excellent as usual and performances very good, with Ms. Jason Leigh and Mr. Goggins standing out. The story is also very good - a western crime. All very promising and enjoyable until the movie abruptly ends without conclusion. His friend, Mr. Rodriguez, is much better as a director in such "exploitation" sub-genres (especially when Mr. Tarantino writes the story). So, watch it, enjoy and wait for the sequel (if any) to see what happened to all the characters.

Spectre (2015/I)
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Cheesy lemonade, 8 January 2016

I loved other Craig Bond movies (and still do - for me they are the best this franchise has to offer) but this one was completely unnecessary, except probably for the people involved in production, trying to earn some salary. It is a usual sequence of scenes: Bond does something "spectacular", then gets beaten (and some more), then has disputes with his boss, then meets a girl, then meets the villain, gets beaten again, solves disputes with the boss and wins the day and the girl. This time, however, without humor, without convincing motivation and practically without "gadgets" (no sponsors, huh?). Aston Martin does not count. Also, no interesting conversations, Ms. Belucci is seen only few seconds and the "Bond girl" is "girl next door" type. Despite good casting, despite experienced director. Bond theme is easily forgettable (yup, Adele's Skyfall was a masterpiece) as well as this movie altogether. I do not recommend it but you will watch it anyway. If no other reason, out of habit. So be it. I'm glad Mr. Craig leaves Bond. This is going nowhere.

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Superb movie movie made on a relative simple story, 31 December 2015

Disregarding what happened during filming, the final product is superb. We've seen this story so many times in different forms, but never with such photographic beauty, masterful direction and editing and extraordinary performance of two main characters. It seem that DiCaprio excels in anything he does, and after a disaster stupidity of "Mad Max" Tom Hardy got a chance to show what he really can do. Add to this hypnotizing music of Ryuichi Sakamoto and you have a perfect movie.I suppose DiCaprio will again lose the Oscar, taken into account his opinion on the "members of the Academy" (yes, bunch of moldy mummies that lost the touch with common sense, taste and reality long time ago), and he deserves one for every role he's taken by now. One of the best actors ever.

Extremely recommended, even if you (like me) did not like The Birdman by the same director. This one is truly a masterpiece of 7th art.

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Overrated by all means, 25 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie not only looks like a joke, but more like Tarantino's practice for something else. Bad direction and writing missed out many important points but wastes time on meaningless blah, blah, blahs and Tarantino's foot fetish obsession. Cast, however, is not bad and their performances are good (considering the circumstances).

What happened to the sheriff planning his investigation on "the psycho"? What happened to the fourth girl, waiting at Charger seller? What really happened to the story in this film? One thing Tarantino got right: this is his worst film and I recommend avoidance even in desperate situations.

Sicario (2015)
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Rarely good movie, a true pleasure to watch, 23 December 2015

This movie reminds me of what True Detective should have been in the second season, since the first season is still unsurpassed. If this story has been converted into the second season, it would be fantastic, on the level and consistent. However, this did not happen and here we have a truly exceptional movie in its place, masterfully directed and with master performances by Benicio Del Toro and Emily Blunt, although Josh Brolin also stands out as an actor that never had the chance to realize his great potential. Until now. This is a truly dark movie that shows some real aspects of "life on the border of Americas", where there are no advanced judgment of what's right or wrong and decisions are made on the move - the goal justifying the means. I really like this movie and recommend it to any movie/crime lover, as well as the ones disappointed by True Detective, season 2 (as I am).

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