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Bored stiff, 31 May 2016

This could have been an insightful move into how the stock market is manipulated by algorithms, the media, corporations, governments and insider trading. Yet the movie simply descended into cheap, tension-free farce. Then you have pushy Julia Roberts to transform a merely mediocre movie into a truly ghastly movie. And her upside-down (loud) mouth is a distraction. Certain characters such as the girlfriend seemed to behave in ugly ways that were convenient to the dire script but unconvincing. Then near the end one of the characters makes a confession that dissipates any tension left from the premise, and cheapens all that went before. The joke is on us. We are even neutral about the villain as he's just a minor character on a scam. The movie mocks him and we're supposed feel schadenfreude but we are indifferent to the plight of a stranger. The movie attempts to manipulate our emotions, but fails completely as we are dealing with shallow, self-absorbed characters. This is yet another soul-destroying, desolate, by the numbers Hollywood movie. As for plot holes, let's start with a major TV studio that has security that any old dodgy looking geezer can circumvent, and that's just the start. There are a hundred oh-so-convenient plot devices. The movie is a rip-off, designed to make monster money for old rope (and I'm not just talking about the leads).

Fun on many levels, 20 May 2016

I am a massive fan of the original and this movie riffs on the satirical themes. This is a watered down version, with neither tension nor shock yet, inexplicably, it works. It was great fun on a comedy level. I can't help liking the movie, it is good natured fun. The movie is cheesy, which helps to emphasise how easily the original could have failed in the hands of a lesser director. In a world of bland, generic, wannabe kool Hollywood blockbusters for retarded teens, this movie is ray of sunshine in a soulless Hollywood movie world. Acting: so-so / CGI: unconvincing / Monsters: poor / Movie: fun! Throw in some sassy communal nudity to offend the saddo prudes and movie is complete. As an atheist I was impressed how well done the religion was, the actress did amazingly well to come over as so likable as a religious nutjob.

Silly finale fails in an attempt to tick boxes, 3 May 2016

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The last episode was daft after admirable previous episodes. The opening episode was a cracker, it was a shame the bent copper in that was killed off, he was interesting. Cottan was also a great character before this episode that didn't ring true. If he went to extremes to ensure a getaway then surely knew the game was up (as any fool would), so why expose himself to such risks? Mind you, I was almost cheering him on instead of the smug AC12 trio, a sign that the show has taken a wrong turn somehow. I used to like the brunette, Fletcher? But the show decided to transform her from a shrewd, ballsy yet vulnerable undercover operative into some kind of action super-heroine, mysteriously able to keep up with a getaway car on foot. The finale lacked any tension whatsoever in attempting to be what it is not. It was as if marketers said, hey, lets make it Columbo meets 24 and wrote the last episode in an attempt to "tick boxes", something the show itself ironically rightly mocks. Action heroine saves the day "tick", villain takes a bullet in a kind of redemption "tick", car chase (with only one car!) tick! Gun fight in headquarters "Tick". The show became corrupted.

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Relationships nonsense, 3 May 2016

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Big Bang Theory went downhill when it became about the women and not the geeks. This series has made the same mistake. The only actress I cared about in the series was the Book authoress. She was nice, human, really fascinating in her plight. The others are a token icy blonde, a big-headed, sweary clone of Dexter's sister and a charisma-free psychologist with no brains and no sex appeal who did nothing to warrant the admiration the main characters had for her, nor our sympathy or even antipathy. And the climax was a joke. The two main characters basically bitch at one another pathetically. That's it? Towards the end I didn't care what happened, who won or what happened to the relationships. The trading plots and Axe's scheming were great, but the personal relationships tedium killed the show towards the end. The law guy became a villain but not an interesting one. Deadening political correctness was at play too, the show was preachy and sterile, it didn't have to play it safe.

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Mediocre Hollywood block-buster garbage, 31 December 2015

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Saw the new Star Wars Movie OMFG it was bad bad BAD, much worse than the prequels. Where to start? The two main protagonists were morons (talking in idiotic Hollywood cliché's like, "I can do this") with no charisma and I didn't care about them one way or another. The movie picked up (slightly) when Han Solo magically pitched up. On that topic, I really missed Ewan MgGreggor, who, along with Palpatine and the wacky aliens, made the prequels fun, I must confess I enjoyed the prequels, for all their faults. But this movie: AVOID AVOID AVOID. --- SPOILERS AHEAD!!! The villain was the son of Solo, a foppish fellow in a black suit, a Darth Vader Lite. He was about as menacing as a pooch. So, the Star Wars stars were rubbish, lets take a look at the plot. This was the original recycled (rebooted?), basically, only without the charm. And then we're supposed to believe that a lowly scrap scavenger lass can supernaturally pilot a massive spaceship evading zippy tie fighters. WTF? And then she can rip some electronics from the cockpit and thereby magically fix the craft when it breaks down? No wonder Solo scoffed. Then she turned into a full blown Jedi, able to fend off Darth Vader Lite with a light sabre and use Jedi Mind tricks on a conveniently lonesome guard. The plot also relentlessly relied on coincidences, with characters turning up exactly on cue in specific locations on specific planets across a galaxy. Most of all, The Force Awakens did not feel like a Star Wars movie, the prequels were much closer in this regard. this movie felt exactly like a generic Hollywood director making a "reboot" of the first star-wars movie. There was only one single point in the movie where I felt any sense of surprise or emotion or suspense. There is seldom art in Hollywood movies any more. Don't bother going to see this drivel.

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Horrible Retread, 24 October 2015

The first two Terminator movies were the up there with the greatest action / sci-fi movies of all time. The stories were gripping, suspenseful, brilliant and compelling. The third was bad, but occasionally entertained. The fourth was just dreadful. And just as I thought the series could not get worse we get this. I abhorred the pacing, the direction, the casting, the plot. The lead characters had neither charisma nor chemistry. the girl never seemed in the slightest bit frightened or horrified despite the terrifying and traumatic situations she was placed in. If she was not scared, how could we be concerned for her survival? At one point she was hauled from a falling bus but did not so much as rubbed her skinny shoulders and arms, which would have been severely injured, having held her own weight plus that of a hefty, muscular male. The very same bus had gone hurtling 50 feet through the air shortly before. The dialogue was flat and false. The enemy terminators were not in the slightest bit scary. There was never any sense that the main characters were in any danger. The action was generic, seen-it-all-before CGI tedium. I love action sci-fi movies but this was bland corporate movie-making-by-accountants nonsense. The multiple references to the first two movies only went to emphasise how bad this movie was compared to those.

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Excellent daft escapade, 15 September 2015

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This movie made me laugh. Most modern Hollywood comedies leave me cold, Adam Sandler, Brat Pack drivel, for example. The reason I enjoyed this was that I liked the characters. The chemistry between the male and female leads was best when they were antagonistic, when he disgusted her. I didn't buy into the romantic aspect of their relationship. The last half hour of the movie was by far the weakest, but I guess that they had to provide some climactic fireworks. The movie worked best when the characters were plotting, bitching and scheming. Also the last half hour would have worked better if the villain was less so-so. I didn't yearn for the downfall of the big villain very much and his female side-kick was sweet rather than menacing. This deflated what should have been a suspenseful climax. The visual and spoken gags were the movie's strong point, which worked best when Rocket was around. Rocket was one of those characters I love. Just his facial expressions alone had me laughing. Without Rocket, the movie would have lost a couple of points. Quill was charismatic and seemingly effortlessly pulled off a tricky blend of foolish clown and heroic leader and straight man to Rocket.

Ex Machina (2015)
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Intelligent Movie, 11 September 2015

This movie is obviously allegorical, a fascinating tale about AI, but it is mainly about manipulation and power. It isn't for those wanting action or spectacular CGI, the movie is aimed at people who like to think, rather than passively wait to be entertained. There are themes here not only about AI, but also about surveillance, with excellent points about how data about us is collected by phone companies, search engine companies, commercial operating systems makers and so on. The plot seems simple but isn't, it's extremely clever, with the protagonist playing games, trying to stay one step ahead of one another. This is a movie with perfectly consistent internal logic that plays out perfectly. Don't go in expecting too much, however, as I can see most people will not be satisfied by this movie, but for me, it does what it sets out to do brilliantly. Therefore I give at least 9/10. And most recent movies have been getting 5/10 from me. This movie succeeds where another recent movie about AI, Transcendence, I think it is called, failed (but it was an interesting failure). A third movie about AI, a Spanish movie called Eva, was also brilliant. Eva was more moving and this movie more philosophical. But both movies were perfect in their different ways. The AI's name in this movie, Ava, seems to be a nod to the title of the Spanish movie. As an aside, it's nice that no "stars" appeared in "Ex Machina" and "Eva", the casting was great. Of course there are several aspects of this movie that are unrealistic and often absurd. But because this is an allegorical movie, these are acceptable, because the movie is making points, rather than striving for realism. It's more of a fairytale than accurate portrayal.

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Detached drivel, just about watchable, 10 September 2015

This awkward movie felt like Sci Fi produced by a technical, corporate entity. The idea was fairly cute. Much depended on the mourning by the daughter, but the actress didn't make me care about her. The protagonist didn't make me care about him either, for that matter. I thought the female astronaut was quite engaging but the movie was the most interesting, her choices, angst and suffering were the only interesting thing about the movie. The Black Hole stuff was horrible, but even the black hole in this movie is not volume enough for the plot holes and miraculous coincidences that drive the story. He was only able to communicate via a malfunctioning watch, What the...? Nothing in this movie made sense. Every major scene was blatantly impossible. Worst of all, there was no warmth, no compassion, no style, no love.

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Third season was patchy but reasonably entertaining, 28 August 2015

The first season was almost perfect. The second was not far behind. The third series was somewhat awkward. The scenes with the "Red Dragon" villain were weak, it is hard to put my finger on why I didn't care about the "Red Dragon". The sound track was over used and got annoying in this series, sometimes it created unintentional humour when it overlaid pretentious psychobabble, in the scenes with the female psychiatrist, for example. The only interesting scenes were the ones with Lecter and Graham. They were enough to make the series worth watching. It's a pity the other main characters were so-so/miscast (I didn't care about them despite all their screen time), or this third series could have been great.

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