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Our delegation has been greatly insulted, 3 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** Obviously inspired by the USS Pueblo Incident the year earlier this Ironside, Raymond Burr, episode has Chief Robert T. Ironside and his aid and personal valet Mark Sanger, Don Mitchell, travel to this unnamed Scandinavian country to negotiate the release of some dozen American oceanographers who were captured by the navel forces of the Democratic Peoples Republic or better yet Peoples Republic of North Korea. Right away things don't look that good for Ironside and his fellow American negotiators in that the head of the Democratic Peoples Republic's top negotiator Nam Feng, Phlip Ahn, isn't just up to the job but slowly dying from this hepatitis like illness known as Acute Yellow Atrophy.

It soon turns out that one of maids, Ottola Nesmith, who was cleaning up Feng's room is found dead of the same illness, Acute Yellow Atrophy, that he's suffering from. It becomes apparent that someone is trying to sabotage the negotiations in order to make the Amerian delegation not only look bad but be blamed in covering up the oceanographers real intent of surveying the waters off the North Korean coast. That's not for fish but for military reasons in case a war with the Korth Koreans, which the US is accused of planning, breaks out! Feng himself soon dies from the mysterious illness and his replacement or second in command II Pak Soong, James Shigeta, goes full blast accusing the US of having him poisoned and made to look that the Democratic Peoples Republic did it!

****SPOILERS**** Jast as II Pak Soong was about to have it his way in framing the Americans of murdering top Democratic Peoples Republic negotiator Feng that his own head of security Hsai Hsu Mak, Khigw Dhiegh, uncovered his plan to murder Feng. That's by II Pak Soong having his room cleaned with a chemical, full strength, that if unhealed causes Acute Yellow Atrophy. Exposed as not only a liar and fraud but murderer as well II Pak Soong is soon to face he music or better yet firing squad back home in the Democratic Peoples Republic. That's unless if he decides to ask for political asylum in the USA the very country he tried to frame in Nam Feng's murder.

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No one gets their skull cracked on my beat, 2 September 2013

***SPOILERS**** Sidewalk fisherman Gio Bartolo, Jay Novello, has been working for a living scooping up or fishing, with a string attached to a wad of bubble gum, on the streets of Manhattan nickels dimes & quarters but things are starting to get real rough for him and his friend and partner Shellshocked, Leonardo Cimino, as of late. It's these Time Square thugs lead by the smirking and brutal Jacko, Terry Green, who've been giving Gio a hard time by taking his business in sidewalk fishing for coins away from him.

One afternoon Jacko and his boys drag Gio into an hotel lobby and brutally work him over only to have the police come to his rescue and arrest the entire bunch of cowards: Five against one and the one, Gio, being old enough to be their grandfather. Besides fishing for coins Gio also wants to adopt 8 year old Paulie, Gary Morgan, out of the Saint Francis Orphanage where's he's been since he was two years old. Paulie is greatly impressed by Gio's tall tales about him once being a fearless fisherman on the high seas and deep rivers all over the globe. The truth is that Gio gets sea sick even when he's taking a bath much less in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during a September hurricane. Besides that Gio is in no financial position to look after little Paulie as well as having no place to live for himself.

****SPOILERS**** Things come to a head with Jocko & co. holding Gio responsible for a member of their gang, who smashed Gio's skull in, being sent up the river for six months attempt to not only rough up but murder Gio just for fun! That's as he's stark naked and chilling out at the Allen Street Baths only to get themselves caught, after his friend Shellshock telephoned the police, and put behind bars for attempted murder. As for Gio not only has he gotten a new lease in life in getting a job as a custodian at a lower East Side housing development working the night shift but being able to adopt little Paulie if not for good but between the hours of 7Am to 7PM which is the best time to spend with him teaching Paulie how to fish not in the rivers or oceans of the world but on the streets of NYC.

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Every man must live in a cemetery within his own digging. Only he knows what's buried there,, 2 September 2013

****SPOILERS**** During a robbery on the NY City docks Det. James Halloran, James Franciscus, confronts the armed robber Peter Cretias, Andrew Cevado, face to face and shoots him dead before he can fire his weapon at him. Cleared of all charges in Cretias' death Det Hallornd can't get the tragic fact that he killed a man out of his mind even if it was a justifiable homicide. Wanting to clear his conscious Det. Halloran goes to see the late Peter Cretias' mother Mrs. Cretias and his wife Yancy, Eugenie Leontovich & Diane Ladd, to pay his respects to the man he gunned down. Det. Halloran was almost thrown out the apartment by an outraged Mrs. Cretias but Peter's wife Yancy showed an unusual kindness and understanding towards him.

Going on his own to find out just who was the man that he took his life Det. Halloran finds out that he was a local hood who was easy in lending out cash to his friends or total strangers but a rat towards those who cared for him like his widow Yancy. In fact it was Yancy who asked Det. Halloran to meet her at Penn Station and lend her money, $23.00, to get on a train out of town to her home back in St. Louis. Knowing her husband better then most Yancy knew that what happened to him was inevitable and didn't hold Det. Halloran responsible for it. He was headed for an early grave or life behind bars and if Det. Halloran didn't send him there someone else would have. Very probably one of his criminal friends or associates if not another policeman whom he would have shot it out with.

It took a while for Det. Halloran to get over what he did in gunning down Peter Cretias but in his talk with Peter's wife about what an unfeeling and violent person he was made that a lot easier for him to accept. Most policemen go through and entire 20 year or more career in the police department without not only shooting or killing someone but not even drawing their gun out of their holster. As we saw in this thought provoking "Naked City" episode Det. James Halloran wasn't to be one of them.

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Marked for Death, 1 September 2013

****SPOILERS*** Mark Sanger, Don Mitchell, while attending with his boss Chief Robert T. Ironside, Raymond Burr, the Annual Awards Luncheon at the Park Claybourne Hotel is gunned down in broad daylight and seriously wounded by an unknown assailant. It's first assumed by everyone that it was in fact Chief Ironside who was the gunman's,Fred Murdoc, intended target. Later it's determined, with a second failed attempt on Sanger's life, that Sanger was in fact the intended victim of Murdoc who was gunned down by the police during his escape attempt. With Sanger recovering from his gunshot wounds he's put under the microscope or third degree in what he can remember in whom he was involved with before he was shot who may have had it in for him.

It soon comes out that Sanger while filling up Ironside's custom made station wagon unknowingly saw a drug deal or operation in progress from the nearby filling station. With those involved in the drug operation not knowing if Sanger realized what was going on it was decided to whack him in case he did and would inform the police or his boss Ironside about it. The fact that Sanger had no idea of what was going on and was gunned down by those who ordered him shot thinking that he did brought the full weight of the SFPD and Chief Ironside on them.

Despite being greatly disturbed in what happened to his good friend as well as valet & driver Mark Sanger Chief Ironside seemed even more disturbed in that he not Sanger wasn't the gunman's intended victim. The fact that Ironside wasn't made him feel that his popularity among those he put behind bars in being the city of San Francisco's top lawman was waining a bit. It took Ironside a while to compose himself and get the job done in tracking down those who tried to have Sanger murdered by him sadly knowing at least in this case that he wasn't #1 on the hoodlums & mob bosses of San Francisco's hit parade.

Skyjacked (1972)
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That kind of radio control is damn sophisticated. Yeah my 12 year old son uses it to fly his toy airplane!, 31 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***Major Spoilers*** What should have been called "Airport II" the movie "Skyjacked" is a worthy successor to that mega 1970 blockbuster hit with Charlton "Chuck" Heston as Captain Henry "Hammerin Hank" O'Hara at the controls. Capt. O'Hara is trying to keep his aircraft Flight 502 together in its being skyjacked by a deranged and not that wrapped too tight, the man has serious issues, washed out from the US Army on a mental disability Sgt. Jerome E. Webber, James Brolin. Sgt. Webber feels that he's been given a raw deal by his country and now whats to go to the USSR where he feels his talents, whatever they are, will be well appreciated. Claiming he has a bomb hidden on board that will detonate when he presses the button on what looks like the toy radio that Sgt. Webber has on him. With a hostage crew and passengers of 100 Sgt.Webber orders Capt. O'Hara to fly first to Anchorage Alaska to re-fuel and then go straight to Moscow Airport where he'll get a hero's welcome from the grateful Soviet Government.

During the flight over Soviet territory the plane is intercepted by a number of Soviet MIG fighter planes that Capt. O'Hara convinces to let his plane land by lowering its landing gear to show he has no evil intentions of doing any harm which was by far the most nail biting scene in the movie. It's when the plane finally landed at Moscow Airport that Sgt. Webber suddenly had second thoughts in defecting which made the situation, in him losing it and going ballistic, more dangerous then ever! You always knew that the guy was nuts but now he seemed to have developed a serious case of dementia as well.

***SPOILERS*** You can see that despite his strange and dangerous actions in the film Sgt. Webber was not fully in control of his mental facilities. Something that Capt. O'Hara sensed right from the start. Feeling sorry for the guy Capt. O'Hara went as far as trying to get him to give himself up before he ended up killing himself as well as everyone on board. Capt. O'Hara's heroic actions kept the casualties count to a minimum with the only person getting it being the reality challenged Sgt. Jerome K. Webber. Not from Capt. O'Hara or anyone on board or even members of the US Military but that of the Soviet or Moscow Airport Security Forces whom he was at one time so eager to give himself up to.

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She makes a really good cup of coffee, 30 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

****SPOILERS*** Living in squalor and cheap beyond belief The Kaminsky's Carl & Anna, Oskar Homolka & Jo Van Fleet, never expected to find what they or better yet Carl did lying in the gutter one evening when he was out looking for empty bottles for their two cent deposit and used newspapers to stuff his shoes in order to insulate his feet from the cold: A wallet with 52 $100 dollars bills with no identification in it. It's Anna who want's to spend some of the money on herself and Carl in an attempt to placate his spree spending wife appeals to her morality in telling Anna that the money may belong to someone who in fact needs it and to return the cash to its rightful owners.

Later claiming that he found an article in the newspapers about someone losing $5,200.00 in the vicinity where he found it Carl rushes over to the person in question and returns him his money. But the big rub in all this is that he got zilch-zero-in reward money for doing his good deed for the day.

It soon becomes apparent to Anna that Carl did no such thing in returning the lost cash but in fact kept it all to himself. Finding the money hidden in the floorboard of their apartment Anna went on a spending spree without her husband's knowledge spending almost half of the money that she found. Now comes the showdown between the two with both planning to do each other in without realizing the consequences of their actions: Life or the electric chair if caught which, in how ridicules they are, is a given.

****SPOILERS**** In the end both Carl and Anna never got a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labors in spending the pot of gold that they had between them. But they did in fact get second prize in trying to do each other in. That's with Carl losing his cool and bashing Anna's skull in and Anna in return serving up for Carl a cup of her deliciously brewed coffee that's so good that her husband Carl would gladly die in him having just a sip of it.

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Your an animal! That's right but this animal is getting out of his cage., 28 August 2013

****SPOILERS**** Chief Robert T. Ironside, Raymond Burr, get's his new custom built station wagon carjacked with him in it as three dangerous convicts make their escape from prison lead by the convicted multiple murderer Mr. Sims played by Johnny "7" Seven. It was the usual on the ball Chief Ironside who was tricked into showing up at Warden Leydon's, Arthur Space, office in order to have him the warden and his wife Mrs. Leydon, Virginia Gregg, among others kidnapped by Sims and his two fellow convicts Toby, Dana Elcar, and Terry Wilson, Jackie Coogan Jr.

With Sims holding Ironside hostage as he together with Wilson & Toby make their escape in Ironside's station wagon their being tracked by Det. Sgt. Ed Brown, Don Galloway, in the air on a helicopter with Ironisde secretly having a tracking device in his pack of smokes on the ground. With Toby having shot and seriously wounded Warden Leydon the three escapees now face far bigger charges then breaking out of prison which makes them even more dangerous then they already were.

***SPOILERS*** It's at the docks where the three together with Sims' girlfriend Joy,Claire Brennen,were to make their escape on a speed boat with the 500G's they have stashed from a previous armored car robbery that their luck finally ran out. Not just in their escape route being blocked by the SFPD and US Coast Guard but with the wheelchair bound Ironsiode disarming Sims with a couple of karate chops. Which kept Sims from murdering all the hostages, Ironside included, as he promised if there was any police interference.

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Guns aren't made to be safe it they were they wouldn't make them, 26 August 2013

****SPOILERS**** Feeling that he outlived his usefulness senior captain of the Staten island ferry the 74 year old Captain Adam Fint played by the distinguish looking Camero Prud'Homme is about to be given his walking or retirement papers. Just when on what was supposed to be his last trip or nickel ride, that's what a ride on the ferry cost then, his boat is high or sea-jacked by this gang of bumbling bank or armored car robbers lead the not playing with a full deck Mr. Biggers, Johnny Seven.

This insanely planned armored car robbery was to and did take place on the Statan Island Ferry when it was some 3 miles out at sea! With no where to go and with Mr. Biggers having shot up the ferry's machinery as well as wounding its 74 year old Captain Flint, the only person who can operate it, the entire NY Police water patrol as well as units of the US Coast Guard had the ferry surrounded; With the by now out of his skull Mr. Biggers & Co. in their gun-sites.

Not much of a job for Lt. Dan Muldoon, John MacIntire, has his partner Det. James Holloran, James Franciscus, to do but wait for the ferry with the robbers on it to be brought to shore and arrested by the awaiting NYPD and coast guard military police. As for the wounded Captain Flint he got a new lease on life by not being forced to retire by the, who seemed to be his boss, police Commissioner Harry Holcombe who hated to do it. Captain Flint proved that in spite of his advanced years he can still do his job better then anyone much younger them himself ever could.

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Take whatever you want but please don't kill us!, 26 August 2013

****SPOILERS*** In it's TV debut the highly successful crime series begins much like the movie "The Naked City" that its based on. We have an aerial view of Manhattan Island and the people who both work and live in it. As the camera pans down to the streets we see 15 year old Arturo, Pat DeSimone, mug this old man by bashing his head in and taking off with a gun the man, who's a watch and jewelry repairman, had in his lunch pale. Arturo then teams up with his fellow greaser Lefty, Joseph Walsh, who are both planning to make a big score by knocking off a local jewelry store. The two brainless grease balls, who have enough grease & oil in their hair to fill up the tank of an SUV, then try to pull off a Jewel robbery on crowded West 58th Street in broad daylight with the streets filled with more cops then pedestrians. The two not that on the ball would be robbers end up slugging the what looked like 90 years old store owner and to make matters even worse shoot a cop who just happened to show up at the crime scene.

Going from dumb to dumber the two then takes off with about two dozen policemen on their tail to a gun show at Columbus Circle where their trapped like rats and are, another bright idea on their part, now planning to go out in a blaze of glory. That in order for them to finish off what had turned out to be definitely not their day. It's there where our hero's Lt. Don "Birdman" Muldoon, John MacIntire, and his young whipper snapper partner the just made NYPD Detective James Halloran, James Franciscus, are introduced to the TV audience as they show up at the scene in order to prevent things from getting even more worse and out of hand then they already are.

***SPOILERS***Stopping short from using fire power to catch the two fugitives from the law Det. Holloran has the store sprinkler system turned on to flush the two trapped and cornered rats out. For his part Auturo in seeing the writing on the wall let one of the two hostages go but in his partner Lefty wanting to duke or shoot it out with the police he soon ended up getting completely drenched. Lefty ended up with his full head of glorious hair or proud pompadour, that the girls were crazy about, so badly mussed up and water logged that to him it was far far worse then any punishment, including life behind bars or the death penalty, that the NY court system could have meted out on him.

Everybody dies! I once had a pet raccoon who chocked to death on a chicken., 25 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** Going together with his crew of crimes fighter Det. Sgt. Ed Brown, Don Galloway, Officer Eve Whitfield, Barbara Anderson, & Don Stanger, Mark Mitchell, for a quite trip in the country Chief Ironside, Raymond Burr, ends up getting trapped in this little out of the way town in the mountains of Nortern California. It's there where the sheriff Harvey Poole, Steve Forrest,runs the local prison work camp as if he were a Nazi concentration camp or Soviet gulag commander. It's work camp escapee D.W Donnelly, Clu Gulager, who on the run for his life in the Sheriff and his goons that includes his brutal deputy Hogg, William Smith,wanting him dead before he reveals what's been going on in what is known as Poole's Paradise.

It's when Ironside & Co. dropped into the nearly deserted Wanda's Coffee Shop run by Wanda, Louise Latham, an old flame of Sheriff Poole that Det Sgt. Brown checking out the famous Ironside paddy wagon was kidnapped by Donnelly and held hostage. That until the truth is finally reviled of what's been going on in Poole's Paradise that he was an eye whiteness of. It's later when his hostage Det Sgt. Brown ended up freeing himself from Donnelly that he found out that he in fact was right about the Sheriff. In that he together with Donnelly were almost shot and killed by one of Poole's deputies when he tried to give himself up. With the thought that both Det. Sgt Brown and Donnelly were killed when their car the Ironside paddy wagon fell off a cliff while being chased by Pool's men when the two "dead men" suddenly appeared with the evidence of his criminal activities. It was then that he together his Chief Deputy Hogg knew that their gooses were cooked and checked themselves into the town lock-up ready to take their medicine.

***SPOILERS*** The biggest tragedy in all this was Ironside's beloved custom built paddy wagon that was destroyed and burned to a crisp. But in the end the Chief was provided with a newer and far more modern mode of transportation a hopped up station wagon with all the conveniences of home including a bar and color TV. So as things happily turned out the destruction of Chief Ironside's famed paddy wagon, that was ready for the junkyard anyway, ended up being a blessing instead a curse for him.

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