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These actors make my list because I have enjoyed watching them in at at least a couple of films or tv programs.
Some have made me laugh or cry or both,
some have had me on the edge of my seat or hiding behind a cushion,
some have scared me,
some have just entertained me,
some have made a bad film great just because they were in it,
some are 'I think' the greatest actors of all time or at least some of the very best.
(A couple may have made my list just because I think they are gorgeous LOL) well it's my list so I guess I can make the rules LOL.

I have listed them in order of the year they were born.

This list is not finished and probably never will be, any suggestions are welcome but please don't be offended if your favourite doesn't get added, after all if we all liked the same what a boring world it would be.

I'm a 41 year old female from England :)
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All these actors where born in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Most are taken from my other list, that list is so huge I thought it would be great to give these British actors a list of their own.

Another on going project... to be updated :)
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In order of release 1991 - present day

suggestions welcome :) my memory's not so good LOL if I saw it I'll add it :)
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THE GOOD films I have watched and loved or at least enjoyed....
THE BAD films I have watched and didn't like much and won't watch again...
and THE UGLY films that were absolutely dreadful..