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A collection of movies in various genres about witches and magic.
Are there any good ones that I don't have listed? Let me know. :)

I have omitted the Harry Potter movies, but I'll mention them here so no one freaks out about them not being on the list.. So:
The Harry Potter series. ;)
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"What To Watch On Halloween"
Cartoons, movies and tv shows (in no particular order).
Several of these I watched almost every year growing up. Some were added as I got older and in recent years.
Some of them are not kid-friendly, but several of them are.
Not all are set during Halloween-time but a number of them are. Enjoy.

(To view the tv shows, scroll to the very bottom of the list.)
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A work in progress list of movies about growing up/young teenage years/coming of age.
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Because I was bored and.. I like these actresses. ;) Who do you favor?
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work in progress list of teen horror/slasher/thriller/suspense/mystery movies
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My work-in-progress list of some of my favorite teen movies mixed with other teen movies that I've seen.. (minus horror movies - separate list)
Also listed some "coming of age" stories and early adulthood.
Some of these are about teenagers but there's more to them just being a "teen movie" with some cute or silly love story, like Donnie Darko for example, among others.
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Actors and actresses who have similar looks and could play: mother & daughter, sisters, father & son, brothers, aunt & niece, uncle & nephew, grandparent & grandchild etc. (or past & present self). If you have any suggestions, let me know. :)
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A "work-in-progress" list of all of the '80s movies that I've seen.
(I didn't include horror movies. It'll be a separate list.)
I've seen a lot of people get attacked for not having certain movies on their '80s lists, lol, so please remember when looking through mine that these are only the one's that I have seen, minus horror movies and cartoons.
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"Girlie" movies about friends and/or sisters that I've seen.
If you have any other suggestions or recommendations then let me know!
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Movies I like to watch around Christmastime. :)
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A list of movies, shows, cartoons, and specials to watch for Thanksgiving.
For tv shows scroll to the bottom of the list.
The shows listed are shows that I love or grew up watching.
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60 of the most beautiful actresses pre-1960s.