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Magestic Indian Epic Drama of Bajirao Peshwa not to be missed, 18 December 2015

Its an excellency of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, #BajiraoMastani is a Magestic Indian Epic Drama of Bajirao Peshwa. Whether its the majestic sets, beautiful music , performances of the star casts Sanjay Sir has excelled in each and every frame. After Baahubali this is one movie which is in Hindi originally that you can feel proud of watching it. Deepika is marvelous, Priyanka is excellent and ranveer singh is extraordinary.The song Deewani Mastani itself is a paisa vasool for the quality moviegoers.The war scenes are of world class and may remind you of any good war movies. Its a beautiful love story weaved in with the war plot.this is one movie which is not to be missed...Go for it

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+++ Sardar of Masala Entertainment +++, 19 November 2012

He waited 25 years for his return for a vengeance and when he returned its full on entertainment by Son of Sardar. Son of Sardar is like a smooth butter in a Punjabi Dal and taste extremely delicious and mouthwatering and definitely not for diet or calorie conscious Janta because this movie serves you an extremely delightful buttery menu of laugh riots, peppy songs, supreme camera-work ,Jaw dropping stunts and great performances.

If a family feud and vengeance could have been funny than this is the only destination to watch for. Son of Sardar is extremely underrated by few media houses and SRK Fan Clubs on many social media sites, IMDb, RMH which would hardly effects the collections of the movie because it has all the ingredients of a delectable dish which a true gourmet (moviegoer) will always appreciate

Son of Sardar has no proper story very frankly and is based on a plot. The plot is about two rivalries of two families, an urge of vengeance, and a tradition of respect guest within home boundaries and absolutely love. This plot is further developed by an excellent screenplay by Robin Bhatt and Ashwni Dhir with a spicy tadka of fully enjoyable lyrical dialogues by Ashwni and foot tapping Punjabi numbers. . It's a pure potboiler of Ready, Singham, Dabanng regime and finding logics could disappoint you and flowing with the flow of the movie will entertain you.

Ashwni Dhir, the Director has done a pretty good job to develop the simple plot into an enjoyable ride. The Camera-work and the camera angles experimented along with cinematographer Aseem Bajaj is one of the best ever seen in bollywood regime especially for a potboiler which is the major strength of the movie and made Son of Sardar visually appealing. Stunt Director has done an excellent work

Performances, Ajay Devgan is supremely good as a Sardar. He is perfect in comical timings as well as intense scenes. Sonakshi is an eye treat, and here please welcome our Sanjay Dutt as one of the best enjoyable Punjabi villain you could have ever seen. Juhi Chawla is refreshing, Mukel Dev, Bindu, Tanuja all played well their roles perfect thou Tanuja ji's role as Sanjay Dutt mother is not properly developed.

At last, To all XYZ fan Clubs & Critics, Kade Hans Bhi Liya KarO ;) ENJOY

Regards AVA

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Skyfall (2012)
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SKYFALL +++ Zero Zero Zero not 007 +++, 2 November 2012

SKYFALL – A James Bond brand new chapter where many lessons of bond series seems to be partially written or forgotten like the quintessential '3S' elements of Bond series –SPEED ,STYLE & STORY.

Skyfall opens with an extraordinary adventure sequence in Turkey followed by a brilliantly picturised track song by Adele. But further movie FALL like an apple from SKY and collapsed with few Jumps in Between.

SKYFALL is extremely slow in terms of narration, expect the first 15 minutes it fails to keep the same pace to the rest of the movie. Its background score impresses you at places and at places it fails to generate the high octane excitement of Bond

Sam Mendes, the Director of the SKYFALL seems to be work hard to make the classic adventure as dark as it used to be but the screenplay is such a weak part of the movie that it doesn't return what you have expected. For e.g. : Bond get shot twice in the beginning one at the right shoulder during initial chase and the second when Eve shot him accidentally, but surprisingly in the next scene of the movie he is perfectly all right lying in bed with lady and wine. Also one would think why the movie name is titled as SKYFALL, thou in the end audience gets the hint but it was funny at least not justifiable for a spy movie.

Cinematography –Yeah this one area which scores 10/10, Roger Deakins has done incredibly an outstanding Job. Visual Effects by the team is also impressing.

Overall, in SKYFALL has some colors of rainbow bright, few are shady and rest are invisible. For the Hardcore Bond series Lover this could be a treat without toppings.


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English Vinglish ∞ The Class for Earning Self Respect ∞, 5 October 2012

"If we don't love ourselves we use to attract towards new things but as soon as we began to love ourselves we feel confident and old things look prettier again." This is one dialogue from the movie's lead protagonist which teaches how one can come back to his normal life; English Vinglish is a sweet Laddu with almonds of a logical script, cashew nuts of nice music, raisins of love and pistachios of Hope. English Vinglish is not about just English classes, it's just a metaphor or platform to narrate a simple yet very effective story of self determination, self respect and love about family and love about ourselves.

English Vinglish is undoubtedly a movie about the Family, the children & their attitude towards their parents, the husband who does not see his wife skills and potential beyond a born Laddu Maker and yes, it's about a mother who lost her identity as a woman in the society after marriage being a house wife, as her world does not go beyond her family.

Shashi Godbole (Sridevi) is a simple middle class housewife living with her husband Satish (Adil Hussain) along with her daughter Sapna and a son named Sagar in Pune, India. She is an excellent cook searching for her own respect among children and husband due to poor understanding of English language. One day she got the call from her sister to visit New York to attend her daughter's wedding, but she was reluctant to go alone because of her poor English language, thou she finally agreed on her husband's persuasion. In New York, during her visit to a café she felt humiliated due to her understanding of English language which brought a reason for her to fight against the odds and make a place for herself. She left from there and suddenly saw an advertisement for four weeks English speaking classes and that's how she got the way to prove herself by learning a language which is global now and a synonym of 'Being Modern' in Indian societies called English, for Her VINGLISH.

Overall, English Vinglish is a memorable watch for the genuine script, superb performances, nice music and definitely the feel good factor it has. In Last scene, Shashi requests the air hostess a Hindi newspaper in English Language, and that's we called in Sridevi's MJ Style without getting 'Judgemental' –YoOO.

Regards Your's AvA

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Barfi! (2012)
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Barfi ! - An Inch from Masterpiece!, 14 September 2012

Love needs expressions not language, it requires feelings no boundaries, it's beyond oceans beyond limits- Free and Beautiful but only few know how to live it. Barfi as its name is sweet, full of aroma, delicious and tasty. This in true sense expresses love without any language, caste, creed or color –Selfless with heart; an impeccable cinema worth watching with your beloved, friends and family.

Barfi ! Essentially is a chapter of life which has numerable good moments to recall, laugh and to love with. Every character is well placed without being dramatic with excellent music, performances, direction and screenplay.

Anurag Basu- the director has done extraordinary work in terms of narrating the story. Like 'Inception' his narrative style takes you in flashback and a flashback within a flashback to narrate a simple story in its most impactful form without creating confusions to audience. Every story has been woven perfectly till climax. Despite the destiny of characters what audience recalls some beautiful moments, cheer, laughs, true love and sacrifice. Each and every prank on screen gives you a bucketful humor and feel good factor whether it's Barfi-cop chase or Barfi's effort to impress Jhilmil and Shruti throughout the movie.

Ranbir Kapoor- Well this guy has redefined himself, and the only commercial cinema star of recent time who knows how to act dances and laugh with perfection. Whether it was 'wake up sid', 'Raajneeti'or 'Rockstar' with every movie he has successfully set benchmark for himself but with this movie he has set benchmark even for so called Khans and Roshans. The beauty of his character is despite being deaf and dump in the movie not a single moment you will realize that he even require to speak. His expressions are heartwarming and simply outstanding.

Priyanka Chopra – Luckily we have a pool of talented actress these days and Priyanka Chopra with this movie will give a tough challenge to her peers. Her expressions as an autism child are natural and clean. Her feelings for Ranbir as a lady could be easily readable and this is undoubtedly one of the best performances of her career.

Ileana D'Cruz – She is one of the best debut of this year. Extremely good looking and charming, she never gives the feeling of a debutant. She does her job perfectly as a narrator and as an actor.

Barfi is a way of life, it has potential to make you laugh without getting dirty, it has power to make you cry without getting dramatic and it has energy to teach you love for all without being a documentary. Barfi is perfect in all sense. And for those who could ask why I have written an inch away from Masterpiece ,well being a critique we always expect more than what we got but as soon as the wedding bells rings in the end it was obvious that Barfi has crossed that inch of perfection… It's a Masterpiece of Indian Cinema.

Thanks & Regards Yours AVA For Complete Review Please VISIT Your Views are heartily welcome…

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The Dark Knight Rises - May Long Live the Legend !, 21 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A man in his dark chambers living under the blanket of guilt from the last eight years find it hard to face the light (truth) of his existence, the purpose for which he spent his life to ensure the smiles of Gotham City's Citizens, the purpose for which he fought and the purpose for which he will rise again from the dark- The Batman or I Must say Christopher Nolan's Batman

The canvas of the movie is larger than you expected and has truly made this trilogy larger than life experience. This is one movie which proudly and successfully mocks at 3D Movies because the cinematic experience of the dark knight rises has truly been class apart. The first half of the movie is a bit slow on ride thou making the platform for Bruce Wayne to introspect himself regarding the purpose and need of his life for Gotham City but once he is in his suits , the ride has no stops, no traffic signals what left behind was Just excitement and Wow Factor.

How far one's imagination and hard work could go to make a superhero movie , truly a superhero movie than Nolan scores perfectly 10/10. He made us believe that superhero could be human and anyone could be a Batman with an intention of doing right & kind from the soul. The same are villains –real world criminals-no monsters, no aliens, no robots or computer generated devils. The character sketch of each actor has been defined clearly and perfectly executed.

The difference between a hero and a superhero is very thin and that demarcation has been clearly and cleverly been drafter out by Nolan's (Both Brothers). The technology and science made felt real the way it has been transformed on screen whether it's a Batman motoride or flying plane or the nuclear machine without being too futuristic.

This is one movie which scores a perfect 10 on background score(Hans Zimmer) which echoes even after you left theatres( esp. the prisoners' anthem ) and the cinematography by Wally Pfister is simply outstanding.

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises is one of the perfect conclusions of a superhero Trilogy and with its extraordinary climax it makes sure the death of Bruce Wayne but ensures the Rise of the Legend(s). Go For it


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Best reinvented Superhero franchisee, 3 July 2012

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) who is exploring himself in his childhood and teenage came across the old leather case of his father which unveiled the world of his anxiety for genetic science and possibility of cross breeds .His anxiety led him to meet Dr.Curt Connors at Oscorp who is working on regeneration serum. His experiment is expected to bring out revolution in the health science but one missing equation stops him to achieve his dream which becomes a cause of worry for his project sponsor Dr. Ratha (Irfan Khan) who is continuously pressuring Dr Connors (Rhys Ifans) to complete the project as soon as possible. Peter Parker being curious followed Dr. Ratha to his secret chambers where he find his destiny i.e. the classic spider bite  . Meanwhile Peter shared the missing equation of the experiment with Dr Connors which he learnt from his father white papers that could decide the future of cross breed and organ regeneration and the reason for which Peter Parker has to transform as SPIDERMAN.

No doubt James Vanderbilt & his team worked extraordinarily in terms of story and screenplay to reboot & revitalize the Spiderman series. What worked in the amazing Spiderman is the innocence of the characters whether it's the Spiderman, Gwen Stacy, Mr. & Mrs. Parker and even the main villain of the movie, the Lizard. All characters remain true to their core without being dramatize, there is pure humane feeling while watching the characters as they feel & sense the same as we. The events seem to be more realistic and possible in nature.

Dr.Marc Webb has done incredibly good job to relive the stale franchisee into a fresh storyline with the apt combination of humor, emotions, romance, adventure and very important more practical treatment of characters and story. For this movie audience has to clear that the first part of the amazing Spiderman has lot of layers to be opened in the forthcoming sequels like the character Dr. Ratha and the secrets of Peter Parker Parents. First part is more of an introduction to establish the baseline for the future stories.

Overall The Amazing Spiderman gives you the perfect summer adventurous treat for kids & families alike, this one you should not miss it!

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Ferrari Ki Sawaari ∞ The Ride to Dreams ∞, 17 June 2012

Vidhu Vinod Chopra along with his team and new director Rajesh Mapuskar has given another reason to celebrate the sensible cinema and making one more positive contribution to the Year 2012 which would be known for the best known scripts like Pan Singh Tomar, Kahaani and Shanghai .

Ferrari ki Sawari hits the right chord with the right intention. The story revolves around Rusy Deboo(Sharman Joshi ) a RTO officer and a single parent who is living his simple life with Kayo (Ritvik Sahore) his only son and his father Behram (Boman Irani). Kayo's dream is to become like Sachin Tendulkar –The Cricket Legend and his endurance for the same positioned him as the captain of his school's cricket team. But, next what? An announcement by his coach (Satyadeep Mishra) raised Kayo's hope to play at the Mecca of cricket i.e. Lords England to take his dreams at the next level but the salary of a honest RTO officer does not made his father eligible to avail the Loan facility from banks and Employee Provident fund of Shining India Govt brings on guarantee to help the employee right on time. So what's the Way out? Is it a Ferrari ? If Yes, how it gonna do that? These are the questions on which movie further revolves.

The beauty of a movie lies in its characters notably 'Sholay' or to quote recent 'Kahaani' and fortunately Rajesh Mapuskar made that feel good with his characters whether its Seema Bhargava as a wedding planner, Tendulkar's domestic helper, security guard, politician & his son, traffic policeman and Paresh Rawal , as a selection committee member; all characters could be recalled easily despite the length of their roles.

Regarding performances ,In 3 idiots Sharman was told to made noise of Motor in classroom and it was felt that the sound would be heard more clear in future and with this Sawaari of Ferrari he is riding high on his best performances till date without a doubt. Ritvik Sahore as Kayo keeps you amazed with his performance and Boman Irani has proved his versatility of playing any sort of role with this movie.

Overall this is one rare Father –Son relationship Indian movie which explores the beauty of parental relationship with honesty and pride and promise to make this Ferrari ki Sawari more enjoyable. It might not make 100 crores at theaters but there are few fruits which ripen and becomes sweet with time…This movie is That.

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The Avengers ∞ Synonyms to Iron Man 3 ∞, 30 April 2012

The First question- Does 'The Avengers' is a film of six superheroes? Answer is NO. The movie is heavily based on the power and skills of IRON MAN and later followed by Hulk; all other characters are just supporting characters adding no extra flavor to remember. Since Captain America, Hawkeye & Natasha don't have super powers they lacked the status of being a superhero as far as avengers is concerned. Even the possibility of emotional connects between Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and Natasha was missing. Also Steve Rogers(Captain America) was struggling to make a presence with other super powers.

If one has to term The Avengers as Ironman 3 than it would not be possibly wrong because from the beginning to the climax it's he who holds the film either by his action or style or the dialogues (some of them are really cool). The auto removal of his iron-suit by robotic machines was kool and in a scene where Loki pushed him from the heights, the way his Iron suit came, auto activated and became his body-suit was awesome. Thou Hulk was entertaining but he came into his 'Smashing Avatar' only after half the way movie has past. The way he beaten up the 'Loki' after his comments of being a God was really enjoyable

But Joss Whedon, the director could have done better to balance out the movie in terms of introducing equally capable superheroes. Also first half of the movie gradually reaches to boredom with the introduction of superheroes; it's only in the second half that excitement moved to the next level.

When we talk about visual effects, cinematography, production value, 3D version or soundtrack all are good and worth praising. Regarding performances its again all the good humor punches goes along with Ironman which makes you smile followed by Hulk. Tom Hiddlestone as Loki and Scarlett Johansson as Natasha were impressive. Rest all were limited in role to mention.

Overall it's a good weekend watch especially for Ironman and Hulk Fans but may not live up to the hype created. Walt Disney is gradually learning to tap South-Asian markets by pre releasing the movies here after the debacle of John Carter(thou a good movie) ;Hope this will worked out.

Thanks & Regards AVA

Battleship (2012)
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Battleship ∞ the Perfect Pop Corn Fun∞, 15 April 2012

Peter Berg -the director has done a reasonably good job by putting some nice humor punches throughout the movie and keeps the momentum of the excitement high right from beginning to the end. It's a 132 minutes thriller which keeps you smile, thrilled and Proud too with some clapping moments. Thou the script of the movie did require proper polishing which felt missing at times. Also its commendable that director didn't mixed up Transformers with Battleship; as the former just talked about Machines and later despite focusing on huge powerful machines talked about love, Pride, Courage and Aliens of course.

Despite the many ups the disappointing part was the individual performances of the main leads especially Rihanna . Taylor was decent and Brooklyn Decker looks hot. The movie has few but noticeable characters especially Gregory D. Gadson as Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales. Cinematography by Tobias A. Schliessler is superb and background music by Steve Jablonsky keeps you Haunting.

There are several moments like the strategy of putting down the anchor and hits the bull eye, or the crashing of a building in Hong kong, appearing of the alien Ship out of the sea or the creation of the massive force field in the sea, the newly funny but deadly weapons, breaking of huge ships(esp. John Paul John) into pieces where you will like to have more Popcorns…Enjoy ;)

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