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Orange Is the New Brilliant!, 1 August 2013

I started watching this show reluctantly, not being a Weeds fan, but I got sucked in so fast. Taylor Schilling just grabbed me, with her fantastic portrayal of the main character, she almost made me question my sexuality;-)

The story telling is spot on, mixing up what's happening in current time in prison, with main character flashbacks, and supporting character's back stories. A very neat and clever flow.

This is Oz without constant shiving, but still edgy enough. And lesbian sex. And female camaraderie. And some hetero sex too.

Watch it - this is good TV!

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A Glimpse of a Different Reality, 1 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I will admit to you, I've only watched one episode of this show so far - but I was intrigued.

We get to follow around bikers from a club called Warlocks in Florida. These guys are middle aged, very salty characters. They obviously have their hearts in the club, but they also care a lot about their families.

One thing I noticed was that Kurt Sutter got the club house right, for his show Sons of Anarchy. Otherwise not very similar - there is no Jax on this show. We are talking grey beards and neck tattoos. But the guys have charm and loyalty.

My problem with watching was that a lot seemed scripted. I got the feeling they got genuine people to act out what might happen. Since they broke the law all the time, perhaps that was the agreement.

Still not bad TV, just label it more honestly.

"Vikings" (2013)
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The Gods Heard Me!, 4 March 2013

I've been looking forward to a viking film or TV series for many years, and when my wishes were finally granted, I was very worried that this production was going to be total crap. After viewing the first two episodes I do not worry about that anymore. Thank you, Odin:-)

As a person of some historical knowledge of the viking era, I can point out numerous flaws - but they don't ruin the story for me, so I will let them slip. Historical accounts about those days are, after all, not entirely reliable.

Happy to see Travis Fimmel in a role that totally suits him. A physical and intense character, with that spice of humor that is the viking trademark from the sagas. Gabriel Byrne plays a stern leader, that made me think of him in "Prince of Jutland", and Clive Standen seems like he's going to surprise us.

Been pondering the Game of Thrones comparison, since I love that show too, but in my opinion Vikings has its own thing going on. Way fewer lead characters to begin with, and also a more straight forward approach. Plenty of room for more series with this high class!

Can I wish for more than the planned nine episodes, PLEASE!!!

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ASL for Dummies:-), 12 February 2013

After watching Switched at Birth since the start, I have come to realize that the series is more about being deaf in America, than being, well, switched at birth. And I really like that. More shows should explore what most people consider just a way to cope with a handicap, but what actually is its own culture and a beautiful form of expression. After reading the reviews and comments, I've come to understand that I am not the only one actually learning a bit of sign language, simply from checking out a cute and entertaining family show.

I am also pleased to see the story lines going into darkish places, even if we never come too close to any social realism; it will entertain way more than stir up emotions about issues. But it touches on difficult problems, and makes the viewer a bit more aware in a nice and polite way.

As far as writing and acting: very high standard for this type of production. Very well cast. I hope this show stays on the air - we could all use a bit more ASL in our lives;-)

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"Light Writing", 22 January 2013

I will easily fly in the face of recent opinion on this show. If you want Jeeves and Wooster, then just watch your old DVD:s. I'm sure the ambition was to make this series as funny, but even if it can't quite reach up to that level, it's still good quality entertainment.

We have great actors, relaxed performances, fun guests - and a huge fat pig:) Pretty happy right there:)

I'm not a Wodehouse purist or expert, but I still have a feeling he would have appreciated the efforts to make his writings worth checking out for a new generation. Give it it a shot, and don't be so jeevesed off!

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Third Season Seems Super:), 3 October 2012

After watching the third season premiere, I felt I had to change my eight to a nine in the votes. This show is just so full of life and in your face rudeness, and at the same time it's so weird and lovely - my kind of show;)

And best of all: the unexpected curve ball, usually delivered by the hilarious Cloris Leachman, with scene-stealing steeze. Yea, that's steeze, style and ease!

Season three looking to a great start, story-arc in place, cast in excellent form, craziness nowhere to lessen, and positive messages poured at you without judgment or prejudice. The kind of show that will leave a smile in the back of your mind!

Raising Hope will take the edge off after a rough day, while keeping you thinking:)

"Partners" (2012)
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Lightweight and Snappy:), 25 September 2012

I'm glad I checked the first two user reviews after I watched the first episode, or I probably wouldn't have bothered, since they were rather negative, and a 4.4 rating will sometimes scare me off as well. Anyhow, I'm glad I gave this new show a chance to entertain me, and entertained I was!

David Krumholtz and Sophia Bush both have great personalities, they can keep it low-key and still get the message across, and their style was contrasted nicely to Michael Urie's more over the top comedic mannerisms. Brandon Routh seems solid and likable, hopefully his character will develop into the series.

I was in the mood for something light and funny, something to watch that would simply entertain and make me smile, and Partners gave me that. I enjoyed the snappiness, Urie's facial expressions and body language, bordering on too much - and the clapping transitions didn't bother me one bit:)

In short: Fast paced jokes, fine cast, enjoyable and easy. I think it has potential, for sure!

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Cumming Along;), 12 August 2012

I've watched a few episodes, and I was well entertained and had some good laughs, but I feel the show hasn't yet reached its full potential. Russel Brand really wants to bring up important issues, and make deep, meaningful points - but when he gets too close to doing that, it seems he gets scared and flimsy, and pulls a bunch of sex jokes out of the pocket of his skinny jeans.

I don't have a problem with balancing serious with funny, I love that concept, but Russel the producer should tell Russel the performer to chill once in a while, and actually explore a subject deeper, even if it's not instant laughs every two seconds.

Russel Brand has a very warm personality, and he connects with his crowd in the studio so well, he takes us to the brink of awkward, but brings us home safe:) I want to see this show evolve!

Goon (2011)
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Puck in Goal!, 10 June 2012

Definitely not a hockey fan, though I am from Sweden - but I so enjoyed this movie. Funny, stupid, smart at times, and pretty gritty.

I always thought that Jay Baruchel had something special, and he delivers. This script is very well written. Seann William Scott is perfect in his role, as are many others - I wish we had seen more of the Russian brothers;)

Amidst all the violence and stupidity, there were a few thought provoking lines, this was my fave: "Everybody loves the soldiers, until they come back and stop fighting."

I would also like to mention some of the sequences when Laflamme is on the ice, it just looks awesome! I loved it! And I may become a hockey fan;)

Dreamland (2010)
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A Very Important and Sad Film, 30 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film had me in tears as the end credits were running. It had a lot of stunning images of the Icelandic landscape from start to finish, but the one scene that I still see before me, was of a goose sitting on her eggs in her nest, as the land was flooded, and the bird's attempts to stay her ground even as the eggs started to float away. I guess that symbolized the innocent victims of voracious greed, and greed was the main character and villain of this film.

The story is about how Iceland has become the bitch of outside economical interests, how the leaders of the country have been duped to exploit the country's natural resources, just so a powerful aluminum cooperation, Alcoa, can make a huge profit on Iceland's cheap energy prices.

To get the cheap energy the untouched wilderness needs to be destroyed, dams built, rivers exploited, the land flooded. The film tells the story with passion, great insight and fantastic images, and hopefully it will have some impact on the people who see it, it certainly did on me.

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