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Probably One Of The Greatest Films Ever, 18 March 2004

This movie was made the year I was born. The first time I saw it as a young Boy it seriously F***** me up. Not really, But it was my first taste of what true perversion really was. As I got older and wiser and could comprehend what the hell the movie was about, I fell in love with it. A Clockwork Orange is probably one of the ten Greatest Films ever made. Stanley Kubrick the "master directors" Finest moment. Excellent acting all around especially by the great Malcolm McDowell. The plot and story were far ahead of it's time. This is why I like Clockwork so much because Ultimately the story of A Clockwork Orange is about Redemption, Forgiveness, and the Absurdity of Life. A true masterpiece. Thanks Stanley Kubrick rest in peace.

Not Bad, Definitely Worth Seeing, 18 March 2004

I just rented The Good Thief at the video store and was pleasantly surprised. The great acting and characters drive the movie and at the end you almost want to see what happens over the next few weeks to these characters. Anytime they leave you wanting more, it was a good movie. The direction was fine but the cutaway scenes were a little amateurish and anoying. The plot and script were adequate but were a little lacking. The thing that holds this film together is the great acting, Nick Nolte along with an all European cast really shine in this one. Probably a guy movie, I love a good heist movie and I would rate this as good. Check it out you won't be disapointed.

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A Very Good Film, 21 February 2004

Things Change is one of my favorite David Mamet films. If you don't know who David Mamet is by now you are a lost cause when it comes to film. For those of you that don't know, he is one of the best director/screenwriters of his Generation and I would put his body of work against any of the great directors and maybe make the case that he is the best. I like most of his work and I loved this film. Things Change is a story driven by great characters and great circumstance. The acting, directing, writing, cinimatography are superb. Don Ameche in one of his last roles on film is awesome as Gino the shoemaker and Joe Mantegna is perfectly cast as Jerry the flamboyant low level mobster on the outs with his boss. Some great performances here, this is a definite can't miss for any guy that likes mob pictures. Check it out, 10 to 1 says you love it.

Confidence (2003)
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Not Bad, Worth Seeing, 20 February 2004

I just rented this last night. The acting was ok with standout performances by Dustin Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Donal Logue, and Luis Guzman. Edward Burns, Rachel Weisz, and Andy Garcia were decent. The directing and writing were decent. It was a good story with pretty good characters. If you like grifter movies, 'ie' The Sting, House of Games you will probably like this movie. Although not as good a very watchable movie.

Happiness (1998)
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What the heck was that?, 19 February 2004

I was talking to a friend who recomended this film to me. Let's just put it this way I won't be taking anymore of his recomendations. The movie I guess was ok but definnetely weird and sick. The subject matter can I say is definneltely not my cup of tea. The film is called happiness but left me depressed. I might of laughed a few times during the movie, probably at the short time John Luvitz is in the movie but I didn't laugh much. Actually kind of a sick movie. You or I don't need this. Avoid this one not worth the time.

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Good but Rough, 19 February 2004

This is one of those movies that if your a gambler you can Identify with. James Caan is awesome as usual. This is probably one of his better films so if your a James Caan fan check it out. Deffinetely a guy flick. If you ever had a bet on a basketball game you will identify with a scene in this movie. Rough, But good don't miss.

Hard Eight (1996)
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Pretty Good, 19 February 2004

Actually this is probably my favorite Paul Thomas Anderson film besides Boogie Nights. Excellent Screenplay, Direction, Characters, and Actors. I recomend to any guy that likes gambling films or grifter pictures. Phillip Baker Hall and John C. Reilley are excellent. Gwyneth Paltrow and Samuel L. Jackson show up for small parts and are good. Check it out.

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Pretty Good, I Liked It, 13 February 2004

I really didn't know what to expect when I rented this because A) I don't read many comic books and B) I never heard of Harvey Pekar. After seeing it I did recognize him from Late Night With David Letterman. I thought the acting was good with good direction. The story and characters were interesting. I can say that I laughed more than a few times during this film. That is saying alot. I would definitely recomend to any guy who likes good films. If you liked this movie there is also a movie called Crum about Harry Crum a comic book artist that is not as good as this but decent. Check it out.

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One Of The Better Films of 2003, 13 February 2004

I just rented Owning Mahoney and thought it was one of the better films of 2003. Although slightly depressing at times, it paid in full. The acting was superb, and the Direction was spot on. Any guy that has ever gambled should want to see this film. Cudos to Richard Kwietniowski for Direction and Maurice Chavet for the excellent Screenplay adaptation from Gary Stephen Ross's book. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Minnie Driver, and John Hurt are all excellent in this fine piece of cinema. Check it out I highly recommend.

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Overhyped And Slightly Pretentios, 13 February 2004

I just rented Lost In translation and was pretty much unimpressed. While technically sound it was long drawn out with slightly less than admirable characters. I don't mind slice of life movies if A) They have interesting characters or B) They have something profound to say about life. This had neither. The one good thing I could say is that the Cinemetography was nice. Bill Murray was decent, and the female lead was ok. If your a guy stay clear of this one unless your girlfriend or wife make you watch.

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