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Ongoing list of all movies I watch. Enjoy!
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Ongoing list of all the movies I watch. Recommendations and general comments highly appreciated. Enjoy!
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Ongoing list of all the movies I watch. Any thoughts, comments, reactions and suggestions are very appreciated. New movies added at the bottom. Enjoy!
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Recommendations from 2000 - 09.

Dark themed movies, from straight Drama to fantastic horror.

My ratings go from 9 to 6.5/10, no particular order.

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Horror, Thriller and Gore Recommendations 2010 - 2019. Rated 9 - 6.5/10.
Not in order.
Comments and Recommendations welcome!
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Horror/Thriller/Gore/Mystery Recommendations 1980 - 89. No order, enjoy!
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Horror/Thriller/Gore/Mystery Recommendations 1990 - 99.

Not in any order, ratings range from 6.5 - 10/10.

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Ongoing list of all the movies I watch. Suggestions and general comments are highly appreciated. Also check the 2011 and 2012 logs! Newest entries at the bottom, so reverse list order. Enjoy!
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Horror, Thriller, Mystery and Gore from '60 - '69. Enjoy
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Ongoing list of all the movies I watch, starting 1.1.12. Enjoy!

First time viewings if not indicated otherwise.

Check the 2011 Diary for older entries. New entries at the bottom of the list .. (so reverse list order)
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My ever growing DVD collection.

No order.

Constantly updating. Recommendations are highly appreciated.

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no particular order. suggestions very welcome. enjoy!
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Starting End of June 2011 I will try to keep track of all the movies i watch. No exceptions. Enjoy!

New entries at the bottom!

edit: Continued in Movie Diary 2012!
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You had some traumatic experiences too?