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Beautiful, striking, and disturbing., 7 May 2012

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I just got done watching both parts of this episode tonight and felt extremely moved after. I saw it for the first time ever about six years ago and felt about the same way then, but this time it was different because I learned something I hadn't known before. Now when I saw it for the first time I found it very compelling to depict how those under the adult stage of life can have such a powerful bond and close relationship that most people think only adults are capable of. As Albert and Sylvia first orient themselves with each other as classmates they realize their differences and how their families aren't the same and don't get along excellently but deep down know that these issues don't have to get in the way of anything they set if they try hard enough not to let them interfere. From the beginning to the end these things become more and more evident and when Sylvia is raped and impregnated, Albert although at first doesn't realize Sylvia had not had made love to anyone else intentionally, eventually comes to see that he was wrong and that he had been foolish for not giving himself a chance to question the situation (like what happened between Jack and Rose in Titanic 1997). What I didn't know until tonight though was that at the end of the episode Sylvia dies as was stated by the previous reviewer. This of course makes it obvious why the further lives of these two with each other is never seen after this two-part episode and Sylvia never again surfaces in the series. I felt horrible about this, but I still find it to be one of the most moving episodes of the series and think that it should serve as an example to everyone both then and now of what young people can do despite their ages and what older people must consider. At the end though which is still very heart wrenching it's good to know that she died peacefully and in the company of the love of her life after he gives her a final kiss (her last words were "kiss me my love"). I also feel good to have grown up in the era when this was produced even though I didn't see it till I was an adult. I found out that Olivia Barash who plays Sylvia was in many other wonderful and captivating movies and TV shows as a young actress.

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Incredible and Awesome!, 25 December 2011

I saw this movie for the first time last year and just finished watching it this evening for the second time. It was a very nice film which combined serious real-life issues with the fabric of reality and the true spirit of Christmas. It's also very heart felt to watch for the young-at-heart. I am however in agreement with some other reviewers who pointed out that certain parts of it can be very emotional for children, especially those very young. Before you watch it for the first time whether alone or with others just keep in mind that the video box cover can be misleading and cause you to think it will be a family holiday comedy all or mostly from a child's point of view. This is not the case as the main characters include people of all ages, and not all of them are shown as caring, sensible or even humane. This can be seen as positive though since it can show viewers what society is like outside of the media. So I enjoyed it all the way through but as I'm an adult I can't insure that the same feeling will be felt by children. Then again every living thing has his or her own personality no matter the age. Basically my whole point in outlining this movie for those who have yet to see it is that adults will all likely be taken back to their childhood in some way, and kids will learn valuable lessons, and may or may not feel a powerful surge of magic depending on their own points of view and what their lives have consisted of so far. Merry Christmas to everyone and may the spirit of life in the universe profoundly enrich you!!

Anniversary 26!, 26 October 2011

Today isn't the anniversary of the release of this movie (that was back in July) but today is the twenty-sixth anniversary of the day Marty McFly went back time in it which makes it the same number anniversary as this date! So keep in mind all the glory and powerful image this story has evoked for everyone over the years since 1985 and the further impact it will have for generations to come. You know I'm a child of the 1980's and think that this was an awesome decade in which to grow up. While of course every time period has it's ways for being defined this way I hope that all you out there will take a chance to view the particular attributes the 1980's had for shaping society and try to notice the positive impact and images you can make out of them. I mean it took things like friendship, love, warm feeling, innocence, and even comic relief and mysticism very profoundly and emphasized that anything can have some form of bright side, and that every possibility is endless! These movies with a new generation in special effects (which was as I've heard launched by Star Wars in 1977) began about 1980, or to a more exact point 1982 with the theater release of E.T. (the first movie I saw on the big screen) and continued for the rest of the decade which went well given that it was just in time for the positive image as described above. One thing I know is that for the rest of my life I'll be in the process of keeping this era alive as much as I can, and showing the world what an extraordinary icon every member of society can make of themselves and the world around them. Transcendence is the key as outlined in these many incredible pictures and pop culture icons (and countless other forms) of the 1980's to making the world a better place and the limitless potential that everyone and everything possesses shine!

20th Anniversary!!:), 19 May 2010

Today is the twentieth anniversary of this movie's premier on The Disney Channel which was May 19, 1990. Although it wasn't one of the best movies I had or have ever seen I do remember watching it on this day with fond memories. Both the world at large and the Disney Channel were sooooooooo different back then, and if you ask me they played so much more positive and worthwhile roles than now. The 1980's which were the decade in which I spent my childhood had just ended, so much was left over from it and the glory and endless possibility of everything was everywhere. I also have vivid memories of the announcer of the Disney Channel announcing the best things that were upcoming and incredible series. Mother Goose Rock'N'Rhyme was as innovative as it was breathtaking and like Faerie Tale Theater (which Shelly Duvall who stares in this movie was the creator) it featured stars among the biggest of the day. I'll be back here with more later, but for now let this movie's twentieth anniversary shine!

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Simply Irresistible!, 16 August 2007

This was an incredible show that I've long treasured. I first saw it back in the summer of 1995 when it was airing on the Family Channel (as it was known then. It later became Fox Family and then ABC Family) on weekday afternoons. In addition to warmly felt episode plots with humane meaning, and superb acting by each of the stars the opening introduction theme to (which remained the same throughout the show's one season) series was perhaps the most touching of any TV theme I've had the experience of observing or learning of to date! Hopefully the show will be released on DVD sometime and then you'll see exactly what I mean (or you could go to the website Youtube right now and search for it). I don't know if I saw the entire series that summer but since it only lasted for 1 season I can be sure I think that I saw MOST of the episodes which had been made 6 years prior. I guess if it ever airs again on television or it gets released on DVD or VHS then I will then have the chance to see any episodes I happened to miss. In regard to the storyline of the series I don't want to spoil anything for you but I remember at least 1 episode that was surreal enough that it transcended the limits of reality as we (or at least those of us grown-up) have come to know it!The following fall was apparently to be the time of the tragic death of Christopher Stone; one of the stars of The New Lassie. So anyway that is my fond memory of The New Lassie and let's try not to keep this phenomenal show away much longer from this moment forward!