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A Scandinavian style thriller on an American icon lookalike and made in France, 22 January 2012

I think the title of this review sums up the content of the movie! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, particularly because I had no expectations. I loved the atmosphere and I think the director and crew where very attentive in giving it that 'thriller in the cold' feeling.

If you add the great soundtrack, the murder mystery and the actors, you have a very good ensemble. Sure, there were some imperfections in the plot (like who exactly is trying to kill the writer?) or loose ends (hotel girl crush on the writer) but I was so much into the atmosphere that it didn't really matter (for me) and it certainly didn't spoil my viewing experience.

I have to say though that I love thrillers with this kind of winter atmosphere like Insomnia, Les Rivières Pourpres, Whiteout or Millennium (the Swedish ones since I haven't seen the Hollywood style version yet).

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A moment of pure joy, 22 July 2011

I was about to write in the summary the following qualification for this magical movie: 'intellectual orgasm' but I was afraid of both words. The word 'intellectual' might scare some people away when it simply means that watching this film is a dessert for the brain and a visual orgy (Paris of today, Paris of yesterday) and the word 'orgasm' would scare the other people away because of its sexual connotation. However, the qualification refers here (once again) to the brain. We share the same astonishment as Wilson's character as he meets Legends of the Arts and we just go along the ride with an exhilarating feeling. You can feel that Allen has a deep knowledge and passion for both these luminaries and Paris and we are happy to share it with him. He also make us think about the respective values of one's fulfillment through materialism or spiritual (through literary inspiration). And that's probably why he is more popular in Europe and particularly in France than in the US...

And I have to say that Marion Cotillard is once again a treat to watch and for me she might be one day compared to the best actress in the world: Meryl Streep! In this movie, she is literally the incarnation of the City of Light.

I got out of the theater very thankful to Woody Allen for producing such an inspired and funny intellectual and visual treat.

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You'll love it if you don't take it seriously!, 4 September 2005

I had a great time watching this movie. Why? Simply because when I got out of the screening, I felt full of energy and i had a smile on my face. You can't say this from a lot of comedies, let alone movies of course.

There is no shame in making comedies. I don't understand why a movie should always be dramatic or convey a message. In a way, it has its own weird kind of humor just like the Monty Python had their own weird kind of humor. If you don't feel like watching this kind of movies, just don't go, you won't like it! If you're ready to experience a genuine weird French humor. Try it, you may love it!

Podium (2004)
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Booster of energy, 27 February 2004

This is the story of Bernard Frederic, a "double" of Claude François (France's Elvis - author of classics such as "My Way"). A special television broadcast on doubles incites him to return to a life he stopped for his wife. We follow him during the steps leading to the big show...

There is something in this movie that makes it irresistible. Is it the story (very original), the rythm (fast but not furious :-)), the humor (I had a smile on my face almost the entire movie), the music (the mood was so positive that the audience sang along)? Or the cast? Benoît Poelvoorde (Bernard Frederic) has shown in this film just how talented he was. An outstanding performance then from him but also from his two co-stars the beautiful Julie Depardieu and the always disconcerting Jean-Paul Rouve. This movie should soon be crowned one of France's cult movies alongside classics such as "Le Père Noël est une Ordure", les "Visiteurs" or "Les Bronzés".

Except if you are looking for what is wrong in a movie, you shouldn't be disturbed by its minor flaws. However for those who read the book (such as me), there may be some level of disappointment (not for me though). You must know that the movie shows only part of Bernard Frederic's impressive personality. He is depicted in the book as impulsive, selfish, stingy but still very likeable. We get to see only a small selection of the ferociously funny situations from the book. But I guess it would have undermined the rythm of the film. So go see it if you want to feel a boost of energy!

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Love indeed!, 21 January 2004

This movie is really what we call a "feel-good" movie. It is an intricate web of love stories that leads to a positive ending for all of them. Everything is uplifting in this film, the humor, the actors (Britain's best), the score (exhilarating moment when Prime Minister/Hugh Grant dance in his office!) and of course the stories themselves. Comparing this movie to a lot of "romantic comedies" of recent times (Two weeks notice, Maid in Manhattan to name just a few), it is a welcome and positive change. You feel concerned by the characters and you want to believe that love is indeed what drives this world. In this matter, we are justly reminded that it was love messages that all the victims of 9/11 gave to their families, not messages of hate or revenge. Love should rule!

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Funny and Heart-breaking, 21 January 2004

This movie is a gem ! At least to me. I found it hilarious with all the humor coming from the cultural and language differences. The scene with the shooting of the whisky commercial is memorable. At the same time, I was really caught by the growing romance between those two drifting souls. There is a strong feeling of freedom coming out of their story as they get carried away by the moment. In addition, and that is more personal, this movie plays a special role for me as I have lived a similar experience. Bill Murray has never been so touching and for example the karaoke scene is one of those amazing cinematic moment. Scarlett Johansson is very convincing and you wouldn't tell her age (18) from her performance. This is one of those movies that makes you love cinema and asking for more. Thank you Sofia for this.

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A beautiful story, 20 October 2003

This movie is great for several reasons. It is set during a crucial period of history, it tells us (Westerners) a bit about life in the East and more importantly, it is a beautiful and very moving love story between a son and his mother. You probably smile more than you actually laugh but it doesn't matter. The story is very strong and you can relate to the characters, first among them is Alex (the son). You can't be untouched by all the efforts he goes to, to avoid another trauma to his mom. All in all, it was a beautiful story with an excellent cast and a solid filmmaking. 9 out of 10.

A moving and thought provoking treat, 15 October 2003

I loved this movie. But you may have to be in the right mood for it. It is generally the case with the majority of strongly emotional films. It is about money and what you can achieve with it, it is about the end of one's life, it is about friendship, it is about restructured family, it is about drugs and it is (overall) about the relationship between a father and a son. There are a lot of interesting, thought provoking lines in the movie and it makes you think about how you feel, stand and react to the issues at stake. I laughed, I cried and I felt very appeased after seeing it. It is exactly the kind of movie one can cherish for a long time. I want to add that I found all the actors great in their roles. 9 out of 10.