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All the movies seen by me (in order) starting from 2011.
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It includes movies which have a higher rating on IMDb than I feel they should have or movies which I don't think deserve to be as popular or appreciated as much as they are.
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These are probably one of my favorite genre :) These are the movies about movies, actors, television, cinema, camera, screenwriting etc.
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1. Stanley Kubrick-> Quentin Tarantino-> Robert Rodriguez-> Martin Scorsese-> Paul Thomas Anderson-> Christopher Nolan-> David Fincher-> Ridley Scott-> jean-pierre jeunet
2.Alfred Hitchcock-> Sergio Leone-> Joel Coen-> Wes Anderson-> Steven Spielberg-> Francis Ford Coppola-> Danny Boyle
3.Terrence Malick-> Darren Aronofsky-> David Lynch-> Sam Mendes-> Peter Jackson-> James Cameron-> Terry Gilliam-> Tim Burton-> Andrei Tarkovsky-> David Cronenberg
4.Leonardo Dicaprio-> Christian Bale-> Johnny Depp-> Edward Norton-> Anthony Hopkins
5.Al Pacino-> Rober De Niro-> Morgan Freeman