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work a genous, 8 June 2004

The God Father Part One is named by this web site to be the greatest movie of all time and for good reason. This movie is a tale of mobsters but as the movie goes on the viewer begins to relate to the mobsters. This movie is a feet of writing, directing, and filming. Music set to this movie fits perfectly to each scene and sets the mood for that scene. This movie has nothing to do with most people's real life instead it has to do with their dreams of wealth and power and is a great movie for any one who has ever dreamed of wealth. The main character in this movie evolves from one who is dead set against becoming a member of the family to the head of the family this transition is the focus of the story and is told and shown very well.

Casablanca (1942)
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a clasic love story impossible to spoil, 8 June 2004

The classic love story Casablanca is very well known. Many phrases in use today come from that movie even some that aren't actually said such as `play it again Sam' which is never actually said in the movie. Other phrases that come from this movie and are `of all the gin joints ion all the world she has to walk in to mine' and `we'll always have Paris.' These sayings have become imbedded in American society as has much of the movie. People who have never seen know details such as the plain scene. This movie uses combination of very simple filming techniques and great sets. This reviewer would argue that the reason this movie is so well liked is because it is easy to relate to on one level while on another level being spectacular and seemingly impossible. There is a story of lost love which is easily related to by most people then the fantasy of finding them again after you have been separated for a very long time appeals even more to those who have loved and lost.

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Go Kerry!!!!!! just to balance out this page. this review may contain spoilers so if you do not want to ruin your movie xperance read no further., 5 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a great movie that makes those who are in fact U.S citizens glad to be such even though it shows corruption in the highest offices of the U.S legislative branch. The way this movie ends up with a patriotic image in the American mind set is quite amazing and the review would argue that the reason this movie does come of with such a patriotic view is that the hero of the movie is easy to relate to and like. Though the hero has strong beliefs about how the U.S is run and the greatness of it all his beliefs are shaken by a man who to him represents everything the America is supposed to stand for turns out to have given in to a political machine. When the hero of the movie finds out that everything he has believed as been a false front he fights and does something that no other senate has ever done he held the floor of the senate for over twenty four hours eventually outing the corruption that had befallen his state. The way the director was able to get away with presenting this corruption and still be seen as a patriot was that he kept the corruption small confined seemingly to one un-named state and eventually defeating it with the biggest patriot of all whom in this movie is Mr. Smith. The way this movie was written and filmed was genius it invokes suck a feeling of pride and patriotism it is almost scary.

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Some like it hot written and directed in the 50's is a very sexually orientated movie. One from this time period generally thinks of the 50's as a very clean a pure time area with the classic nuclear family as it's backbone but this movie portrays a much different image and with Marilyn Monroe as the staring actress succeeds. This movie does something most people never thought of when they thought of the 50's these things include cross dressing and gay relationships. This movie is a mixture of a comedy and a love story. Shot in black and white this movie at first glance to be a classic film but as the viewer watches they relies that it most certainly is not your classic 50's film. The plot of this movie is very see through and has nothing really to it but the viewer can't help but appreciate it for the way it affected society and T.V today.

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spoiler if you don't want to ruin your movie don't read this review, 6 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was entertaining if not accurate depiction of teenaged life. Some parts of this movie have valid points such as abandonment issues and the longing to belong and the hostilities towards those who don't. This movie portrays James Dean as a teenager whose' parents are very well to do and as a result he has scorn for what money had done o his family this is portrayed mainly through James Deans' father played by Jim Backus who in the movie is controlled completely by his wife who this viewer feel represents money and toward the middle of the movie James Dean asks his father to stand up for himself and he won't but at the end of the film after the father sees what he has done wrong he tells his son that he will stand up with him which is how the movie ends. James Deans character is very well played he seems to be the run of the mill punk but as the movie goes on the viewer comes to find that there are reasons for his behavior and that he is not such a bad guy after all.

when Johnny comes marching home will never be the same, 23 March 2004

Dr.Strangelove is a dark comedy that has a very specific message. This message is one that is completely against what was done in the cold war and the paranoia that in consumed the minds of those who have to make word altering decisions. The most obvious of these paranoia's was present in the character Jack D. Ripper who was afraid of fluoridation which was a fear during the cold war the U.S.S.R was planning to sabotage all of the U.S drinking water. To the viewer who knows what fluoridation is this seems to be the reason why he is so obsessed with his `precious bodily fluids'

In this movie names were given with much thought though some of them may not be obvious. The obvious ones include Jack D. Ripper, `King' Kong, and `Bat' Guano. Some of the not so obvious may be Turgidson (turgid meaning swollen or highly embellished which suits the character perfectly) and Mandrake (mandrake being a European plant with narcotic properties and is also said to resemble a human this description may or may not be a reason the name was chosen).

Music for this movie was chosen to show how idiotic it all was but also the song `Johnny comes marching home' was chosen and played every time the focus was on `King' Kong's plane. Anyone who has heard the original song called `Johnny I hardly knew ya' knows this may have been chosen to show the evils of such events and to those that do not know the lyric of `Johnny I hardly knew ya' it continues past when Johnny comes marching home again hurrah to say with drums and guns and guns and drums Harrah with drums and guns and guns and drums the enemy nearly slue your darling john its been so long Johnny I hardly knew ya…………….where are eyes that were so mild why did you run from me and the child…….where are your legs that used to run when first you went to carry a gun…….you haven't an arm and you haven't a leg. If the viewers knows this version of the song it means something completely different when they play it for the men in the planes going to their almost certain death.

Dr.Strangelove sends a very direct massage when he is in the war room and is calling the president `Mein Fuhrer' and also when he stands up out of his wheel chair and says `Mein Fuhrer I can walk' he is sending the image of savoir and also murder to the minds of those watching.

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Great, 27 February 2004

In an attempt not to ruin this movie for anyone reading this review I will refrain from discussing plot elements and I will focus more on the genius in the way it is filmed and the music that is used in the movie.

This movie was filmed entirely in one set that was built indoors this is part of the genius of this movie. The entire movie is filmed from the point of view of one mans apartment and in the entire movie the view only leaves the apparent once. The view of this mans window over looks a courtyard that is in the middle of four other apartment buildings. Each building has several windows facing the courtyard and the viewer through this window learns much of the occupants. Each of these occupants seemingly represents an aspect of the human condition.

Also apart of this movies greatness is the casting. The main character is cast very well and is very convincing. In the movie the viewer finds them self feeling as if they are the main character and becomes extremely connected to him. Also very well cast is the girl friend of the main character. The viewer gets very distinct impressions of her that change as the movie continues.

The sound in this movie is very unique because there is very little music and sounds that are out of place. Though this movie is considered to be a classic Hitchcock film the lack of unexplained music makes it stick out from his other movies such as Psycho which is full of it.

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spoiler if u don't want to ruin your movie don't read this review, 9 January 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A Christmas is one of the greatest movies of all time. It is the only movie shown for the entire day of Christmas eve on some major television stations also it employs a kind of comedy that is innocent and yet still very funny. This movie is great for all ages because it seems to be a typical kid's movie but also has stuff that parents can look back and say that they remember a time in their own life that is like Ralphie's. This movie is a great depiction of childhood fantasy and energy. This movie explores most aspects of being a kid around Christmas time and also being a kid during normal days everything from bullying to double dog dares.

This movie is one of the funniest movies ever made its humor is child like and also that of a spoof since this movie appears to be a spoof of about every other Christmas movie made but also is very original. The movie is about a little boy who wants a red rider bb gun more that any thing else in he world for Christmas but he is continuously told that he will shoot his eye. This does not discourage Ralphie for he has plenty of back up plans. And when even his ultimate plan, Santa, fails he becomes depressed and seems not to want to do any thing and when Christmas comes and there is no bb gun his father asks him if he got everything he wanted he replies almost then his father tells him to look behind the desk he does and finds another present he opens it and it is in fact his prized red rider bb gun he runs out side to try it out and fires once hitting a metal target and the shoot bounces off and hits his glasses the final irony of the movie.

This movie is genius in both the writing and acting aspect. The writer created the scenes and the jokes, but without the actors to play those scenes correctly the movie would not be nearly as funny. This movie is an American classic and one that is synonymous with Christmas. I would give this movie and A+.

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great, 5 January 2004

It's a Wonderful Life is a great movie that touches on a question that everyone has asked themselves at one time or another. This question is "what would the world be like with out me?" The answer for this question is explored through the main character that because of his lack of achevements in his life feels that he has done more harm then good. This movie could be divided up into three parts the first part is when he is a child the second part is when he is an adult but a younger adult and the last part is when he is an older adult.

This movie is about a man who thinks that because he didn't do any thing he wanted to do when he was a kid that his life is a failed one. This movie follows him from when he was just a child up until he wants to commits suicide in when he is about thirty or forty years old. The movie does this in a rather clever way by an angel telling the story of his life to another angel that is to protect George Baily from himself. The viewers first introduction to George is when he is just a child and is sleding in this scene George's brother falls through the ice, George jumps in after him and save his life. This scene was done to introduce something the George that was good and that at the end of the movie would be brought up. The next scene is George a little older and he is at work talking to two girls about what he wants to do when he is older. It apears from this scene that George has a great imagination and also at this early age he relises that he doesn't want to stay in his home town. This scene also is one that ties in to the end for in this scene George prevents his boss from delivering pills that were inadvertently poisoned. Scene continue like this for a little while showing good things that he did and expanding on his dreams.

When he s a younger adult he is confronted with a problem, either he goes off and lives his dream and fathers life work and the last chance most of the people in his town to live a decent life goes down the drain or he can stay and work a job that he hates in a town he has wanted out of since he was just a young boy and help those people in his town who need it and further his fathers work. This decision does not come easily to him though he makes it time and again. He ends up helping hundreds of people in his town start business and build houses much to the dissatisfaction of the villain of this movie who is a greedy stubborn old man who would not give loans to any of the people that George and even if he did the people would not be able to afford them. George is given several opportunities to get out of his town and to leave his job but chooses to help his family and friends instead.

The third part of this movie is when George is on the verge of committing suicide and is saved by his gaurdian angel and is shown how the world would be with out him. The scene of the world without him is not a pretty one all his friends are poor and have horrible lives and his brother whom he saved as a young boy is dead drowned at the age of eight. George is greatly affected by this vision and changes his out look on life. He is now happy about the choices that he has made and acts as if he wouldn't change them even if he could.

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Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 5 December 2003

This is perhaps the most up lifting movie ever made. This movie is great for people of all age mixing a court room drama with the classic story Santa clause except this movie adds a twist. Instead of the viewer knowing for a fact that the person portraying Santa is in fact the real deal the viewer has to make up their mind as to both what Santa really is (an idea, a symbol, or if the take everything literally and a person who lives in the north pole and flies rain deer and can't possibly exist). The way the viewer interpreters Santa speaks wonders for there Christmas sprit and the general happiness in life. This movie is also likely to change the viewers mind about what or who Santa is.

The first set of scenes were designed for the viewer to see who the main character Kris is and what he stood for and to provide proof to the conclusion that the viewer has drawn. The first scene in this movie has Kris Kringle walking down the streets of New York with a smile on looking into various shops to see the window displays that are being changed to Christmas themes. Kris stops at one window and instructs the man setting up the display that he is doing in incorrectly and is very polite about it. The director seems to this to show the viewer that this man will be playing Santa in the movie. The next scene Kris is walking and sees a drunken Santa trying to use a whip Kris offers his help and finds that the Santa is drunk so he tells the director of the parade and tells her she offers him the job and he agrees. The writer wrote this scene seemingly to provide more proof that Kris is Santa. After Kris's excellent performance as Santa he is offered a job as the Santa at Macy's he agrees and brings his own costume to the job (it is much nicer then the one that the company has provided). This was done again by the writer to build evidence that he is the real deal. After a few days at his job Kris has to go through psychological testing because he has mentioned that he is the real Santa he complies and says that he has taken dozens and hasn't failed one yet. This sequence of events demonstrates to the viewer that he has been questioned and doubted about is identify before and has never been proven wrong.

The next set of events show the different types of people whom are split up into two groups the first those who believe in Santa and the second those who do not. This set of scenes starts with the results of Kris's test the man who administered the test claims that Kris is delusional and likely to hurt someone but a man who has tested him before (whom Kris's employer has called in) disagrees strongly saying something to the effect of though this man is delusional his is a delusion to do go and wouldn't hurt a fly (at this point Kris's employer is a non believer). In this scene the believers and nonbelievers argue about Kris's ability to do his job. Scenes continue like this for a while climaxing and towards the end of the movie when Kris is legally declared the real Santa thanks to his friends and his employer who has now has become a believer and gives Kris hope.

This is a great Christmas movie for people of all ages it has drama an intelligent plot that is but to the children's story of Santa. I would give this movie a 8 out of 10 because though it isn't the best movie I have ever scene but is still a very well done movie that make the viewer think and may even change the viewers mind.

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