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...not so hot..., 26 February 2005

Farhenheit 9/11 is a good film for those of you who dislike George W. Bush. Personally, i'm not a huge fan of his accomplishments, but Michael Moore is one of the worst documentary directors. He's excellent at persuading, by leaving out the other side, but as for his credibility? He has none. Michael Moore makes some very valid points in this film, but he says NOTHING to support the other spectrum, nor does he even acknowledge it. The only TRUE evidence that Michael Moore gave to you is a grieving mother, longing for her dead son. It's worth watching/renting. In my opinion, the war wasn't justified, but before you make a final verdict on whether to scorn or praise George Bush...see another movie.

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surprisingly touching..., 17 November 2004

I'm not going to go into my entire life story here, but I will tell you that i'm a straight person, so it may seem a little odd that I'd like to watch this movie. I work at blockbuster video and I was running movies one day when I came across a movie entitled "Latter Days." This was intriguing to me because I grew up in a mormon household (but am no longer a firm believer). I read that back and was instantly intrigued. I have much respect for both the mormon community and the gay community, so watching this was something I had been anticipating for a while. I was quite curious how the director would portray the life or a mormon who is hiding his sexuality. All in all, I have to say that this movie is definitely worth watching. There have been some negative comments posted about the quality and about how the dialogue didn't seem to flow amazingly well at times, but I didn't notice anything. I was so wrapped up in the plot and the portrayal of the movie that I didn't notice much of anything that was bad. Most of the people that have left comments on here have been gay, so I assume that most of the people watching this movie would be gay males, and if that be the case, it can become very poignant and heart wrenching at times. I know what it's like to be shunned from the people you've grown up with, not exactly how aaron does, but I have a definite feeling and this movie went straight to my heart. As for recommending this movie, I am all for it. Whether you'll enjoy it as much as I did really jumps from person to person, but I say that you should go out and rent the movie just to make sure.

spectacular, 23 May 2004

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is the classic story of an American Hero. After the death of the senate, they strive to search for a new candidate, yet not an honest one. Who's ever heard of an honest government official? They're looking for a guy that is a puppet. A puppet in the puppet master's show…they search for a coward that will do anything to be in and stay in the senate. Ironically, they find quite possibly the only man with true morals, Jeff Smith (Jimmy Stewart). Without going into too much detail about the movie, it must be said that the cast was brilliantly chosen. Jimmy Stewart is such a spectacular actor and can light even the darkest of a character. The fact that he's portraying an honest, caring man does him even better. Every line is sincere, full, and alive. He has such talent and grace on the set. He was born to be an actor, and this movie was lucky to have him. Jean Arthur put on a magnificent show. She was sheik but tough, distressed, but strong. In addition to the acting, the plot was solid…flawless and catching. It got very slow and drawn out at times, but nonetheless, it was amazing. Frank Capra didn't go wrong in making this film. All in all, this film is definitely a keeper and very recommended. Having an overall score of 8.4/10 stars, this viewer doesn't disagree. A solid 8 for an astonishing movie.

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pure genius, 21 May 2004

`The Godfather' is quite possibly one of the best movies made in history. This film has been quoted/mimicked time and time again, even in a Rugrats (the famous children's cartoon) episode. Why would this movie be quoted so much if it wasn't so amazing? It wouldn't be. All the hype made about this movie really isn't understood until you actually watch the film. It's a classic that can't be described.

I suppose it's illustriousness could be arguable either way, but most viewers find this movie riveting and engaging. One could understand how someone could find this movie dry, especially in the beginning. If you're not familiar with the plot at all, many things could be missed the first time around. It starts out at his daughters wedding, and from there, all the events can easily run together and cause a vast amount of confusion within the viewer. If you stick to it, promises are that the movie does get better…immensely.

There isn't one single thing that makes this movie so remarkable. It could be that it had a spectacular cast, intriguing plot, and very realistic situations. Or, it could be that this movie has what any great story has, a huge change in the main character. Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) is by far one of the most interesting characters through the movie. You watch every step of his moves, thoughts, actions and you see him evolve into the person his father tried so hard to keep him away from. The actual scene where he makes his huge jump could be argued, but it is often believed that this change took place at the hospital. This was his first opportunity to take charge of the `family business.'

Many details, sentences, phrases could go into this review to describe the movie. But, words could never really fill all of the emotions that you experience during this film. Out of all the classic films I've seen, this is by far the most captivating I've experienced. This film isn't recommended for smaller children, one because they wouldn't be able to comprehend as well as early adults would, and two, because there are some things that may be found offensive to a younger crowd. All in all, this movie receives a 10/10 stars for pure genius.

Casablanca (1942)
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simply great, 29 April 2004

Casablanca, the `All-American' film. Here is the story of two accidental lovers, a classic story line of any movie. Thinking of a love story you think simple sappy love, yet Casablanca is no where near simple, nor sappy.

Being made in 1942, this film isn't your everyday movie with sex, alcohol and more sex. It actually contains a thing called (GASP!) dialogue to reveal how a character is feeling or to explain a situation. And yes, this does get quite long at times, causing any viewer to become quite confused and on the verge of sleeping. Taking this into consideration, a younger viewer would not appreciate this movie as much as an older viewer would.

Getting used to the ambiance of the movie is the hardest part. After that, you may find yourself at the edge of your seat wanting to know more and more of what happened to this couple, Rick and Ilsa. Rick, a `tough, New York American,' isn't the type of guy that would come off as sympathetic or capable of love. Yet, as the movie progresses, you realize that he was once a lot happier and certain events have hardened his heart. Ilsa happened to come into his life at the wrong time, causing her to choose between Rick and, we later find out, her husband. The movie goes on and, once again, in Casablanca, Rick and Ilsa are reunited. Other than just a love story, people don't really realize that this was also about the political issues going on in 1942, causing people to be able to relate more to the movie then than anyone would be able to now.

Being loved for the past 62 years, this movie is an amazing classic. A great movie for anyone to enjoy and love. I would give this a 9/10 because it is simply great.

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great fun, 16 April 2004

Some Like it Hot is a wild and adventurous comedy that anyone can enjoy. Having a plot of two musicians that are looking for a gig once their previous club was raided; they witness a mass murder by the boss and his henchmen. Desperate to flee for their lives, they take a job as two women musicians in a girl's traveling band.

Who other to be in the girls traveling band than Marilyn Monroe, the sexy, seductive, cute and spunky sex icon of the 50s. This, on top of the absolutely hilarious plot, makes for one great movie. Playing off of Marilyn's sexuality, the whole movie is basically based on the Joe and Jerry's attraction and yearns for sugar, yet, obviously, it is out of the question.

Having a very well casted crew and the perfect idea, plot, and quite a hilarious ending, this turns out to be quite an enjoyable movie. Obviously, being based a lot on sexual desire, you may not want your children to watch this movie, but it is very gratifying to any audience of a slightly higher age. If you have heard any positive things of this movie, you have heard right. The only great movies are the ones made in the good ol' black and white days. Overall, this movie receives a 9/10 for everything within it.

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another dramatic love story, 8 April 2004

Teens, pressure, new situations and trouble. This is what Jim Stark (James Dean) seemed to always run into.

In going through high school and moving over and over, Jim stark is repetedly trying to avoid being like his father...a chicken. Him and his father don't really seem to have the best father son relationship, it actually seems to be quite destructive and nonexistant. Looking up to his father, he never really gets anything that he needs. Love, affection, trust or safety. Just once Jim just wishes that his father would stand up for himself, but he just can't seem to be man enough to do it.

On his first day at Dawson High, he sees the girl that he fell in love with, Judy, while taken to juvenile. for drunkeness. His eyeing her gets him in a lot of trouble with her gang and her boyfriend Buzz. This, like most, has a classic love story wrapped up in all the drama. One night while on a chicken run, Buzz accidentally dies. Oddly, Judy shows no emotion and seems to be quite taken with Jim and his sincerity.

This movie is a wonderful classic and huge for it's time. It's got and amazing plot and has an uncanny way of relating to teens and bringing out emotion. This movie is great for anyone, and especially great if you love dramatic love stories.

All in all, this movie gets a 10 out of 10, not only for it's perfect casting, but for everything else, as well.

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Quite possibly one of the stupidest movies ever made, 9 March 2004

Dr. Strange Love…quite possibly one of the stupidest movies ever made.

Made in attempts to be a `comedy,' the reason for all the hype is nowhere to be found.

With all the aspects totaled together, this includes plot, dialogue, etc. this movie comes about 40 bricks short of a load. Having very few entertaining parts and hardly any entertaining content at all, this film hardly qualifies as tolerable. Now you're probably thinking something along the lines of `Well, then why has it been voted the 13th greatest movie of all time?' I have two words for you…Sigmond Freud.

This movie wasn't just your everyday movie with dry humor and a boring plot…it relates back to Freudian Psychology. If you've never studied Freud, you'll realize this guy was about the biggest nut job in the world, but uncannily accurate.

This movie is all about phallic symbols and sexual dominance when you really get down to it, which was, naturally, what Freud was all about. You're probably thinking this is very odd and a bunch of bull. Well, all there is to say is that if you're planning on viewing this movie, study a little bit of Freudian Psychology before hand and you'll understand the only outstanding aspect…symbolism.

Now, as to whether or not you'll like this movie, the only thing to say is that it depends upon your preference. Some people view this movie as dry, dull and boring, while others view it as entertaining and witty. It's hard to tell who will think what.

Personally, I gave this movie a 5/10…Why such a high score? Solely for the few entertaining parts and the very intriguing symbolism it possesses.

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Slow, yet amazingly good, 1 March 2004

Rear Window, made by the famous Alfred Hitchcok, has a variety of opinions about it. Many say that it's amazingly wonderful and other just say that it plain sucks. You can easily sway either way, depending on preference.

This may not be as exciting and interesting as psycho, but it definetely has the excitement and suspense. Though the begining is lacking everything and is very slow, the ending makes up for it by far.

The entire movie takes place in one room, an attendent of an apartment

building who's back is facing the rear of other buildings, creating a court yard. While on leave from work, the main character is snooping into the other people's windows and gets a crazy idea.

This is the entire movie. Very slow in the beginning, just introducing the characters and creating a plot, the movie gets exciting when the action starts to happen.

Depending on how long your attention span is depends on whether this

movie is worth while or not. If you can't sit through an hour of drawn out building of a plot, I would not advise that you sit through this movie.

Psycho (1960)
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is it mystery? is it suspense? no! it's PSYCHO!, 20 February 2004

Alfred Hitchcock, born in 1899, is known as the `Master of Suspense.' Becoming a director in 1925, he has been entertaining people ever since. One of the classics, and probably close to the most widely known, is Psycho, made in 1960.

Now putting into fact that they didn't have much to work with concerning special effects in those times, this movie may not be the most frightening ever. But, special effects aren't what Hitchcock was all about. He was a man of mystery and always wanted to keep tension between the viewer and the film. He could create the perfect scene by moving the angle of the shot just one certain way. Filming techniques and plot seem to be his forte.

In Psycho, one method that Hitchcock used to create a dramatic scene is the placement of the camera shots. For instance, in a "get away," he would film the character while they were in a car, then show a scene out of the car. He repeated this same idea, coming closer to their face every time it re-entered the close that it almost makes the viewer uncomfortable.

Another aspect of Hitchcock's movies that makes them very memorable are the sets and the way that the characters move, talk and act. For example, a character may stutter, fidget, or talk fast when presented with certain situations. With sets and designs, he always tried to play with the look and feel of a scene. The mansion that was used in this movie created a very mysterious aura around it. This could be because of the placement, which was, on top of a dark hill with many ascending steps. It could also be because the lighting was always dim and never really showed the details, creating wonder and mystery.

Obtaining an overall 8.6/10 stars, this movie is clearly brilliantly made, being loved by millions. With drama, suspense, a good plot and a great director, you've created a masterpiece.

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