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A superb, yet confusing movie, 20 May 2004

"The Godfather" is an extremely well known movie and one that

this reviewer just recently saw for the first time. There is a lot of

talk about it being the best movie ever made but honestly, there

are other movies that could be better. The cast was made up of

some pretty famous actors and they all did marvelous acting jobs.

The movie definitely wasn't lacking in that area. It was a big

attention getter in the way that there could be a scene where the

actors would be talking and talking, which isn't too exciting, and

then soon after it would be like "BAM!" and there was action. It

would certainly wake up anyone in the audience who might have

been dozing off. All in all, the movie didn't have too much talk, or

too much action, it was just the right amount of both.

It did have a superflous amount of special effects though, most

being gun shots and explosions. Considering the fact that the

movie is about the life of a crime family, the enormous amount of

killing that there is throughout the film isn't too suprising. Maybe a

little disturbing, but not suprisng. This reviewer has never seen a

movie with as much killing as "The Godfather." It was like

someone was killed from this family, so they killed the person who

did the killing. Then that family killed the person who killed their

family member and it went on like that back and forth and back and

forth, if that even makes sense. It was like an argument. Person #

1 says something to person # 2, so person #2 says something

back to person #1 and so on and so on. There was just an

excessive amount of killing. In fact, all the killing is sort of the thing

that the viewer might remember the most about "The Godfather." This movie does something that a lot of movies dare not do. It lets

some main characters die. That is probably the most unpredictable aspect of the entire movie. When people watch

movies they don't expect any main characters to die and they rarely

ever do. The fact that "The Godfather" does this, although it is

sad, is stupendous. The plot of the movie revolves around the crime family, Corleone.

It basically follows their lives during a certain period of time. What

that period of time is, this reviewer does not exactly know. In most

movies, when there has been a big time difference they say at the

bottom of the screen, "one year later" or something like that. "The

Godfather" does not do that. Instead of putting the time change

into words at the bottom of the screen it's put into words that the

actors say. It makes it so the audience has to listen very closely to

the movie to hear how long its been since something happened.

This reveiwer thinks that this is done because when words are put

at the bottom of the screen, like subtitles, it distracts the viewer's

attention away from the movie and what is going on. In "The

Godfather" there is not this problem. The clothing worn in the movie wasn't anything like big, fancy

costumes, but there was something about them that was quite

interesting. If the viewer was really paying attention to the actors'

outfits they would notice that the men are always wearing some

type of suit. They're never caught walking around in casual wear,

just suits. And the women are always wearing dresses. They

don't wear pants with t-shirts, they wear dresses. Tha'ts pretty

grand if you ask me. "The Godfather" was a very superb movie, but there are others that

are better. It's worst feature is the enormous amount of killing. It

is entertaining to watch, but it's not one that this reviewer would

want to watch over and over again.

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This movie is awesome! No complaints here!, 29 April 2004

`Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' is not as well known of a movie as it should be. It is a very good movie that is very interesting and a very good way to learn how some things involving the Senate work. This reviewer absolutely loved this movie and wishes she could run out and buy it right now. It definitely grabs the audience's attention and keeps it there. While watching this movie, this reviewer was laughing, smiling, getting really, really angry, learning, and even getting a little teary-eyed. How can a movie that brings out all those different emotions in someone not be great, or even spectacular! `Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' is definitely one of the best movies ever made despite the fact that it is mostly about politics! It's still interesting!

While watching this movie, the audience might be thinking that the acting isn't half bad and is actually quite realistic. They would be right too! All of the acting is really very good and it draws the audience in and keeps them in. This movie was so close to not having one single cheesy line or unbelievable acting job that it's really a shame that it did. At the very end of the movie Saunders, played by , stands up from her seat in the balcony and yells `Stop Jeff! Stop!' and then falls to the floor. The line and the way says it is very, very cheesy and something the audience might find themselves laughing at. That line is just about the only time in the entire movie where the acting was lacking. James Stewart was, of course, phenomenal. He is a very good actor and one that should be remembered for a very long time. He's awesome!

The only other not so great thing about `Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' is the ending. It's a happy ending but, well, it just ends. It's an abrupt ending. It ends so abruptly that the audience isn't even expecting it to end when it does. It has one of those endings where the audience knows a bunch of things that will be happening, they just aren't shown happening. This reviewer doesn't really care for those kind, it is much better when you get to see the things carried out. Although the ending could have been better `Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' is still an awesome movie and the ending doesn't take away from that at all!

This movie is so great that every person in the world should be able to see it because it is definitely worth the time it takes to see it.

Casablanca (1942)
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A movie that could pick up the pace, 29 April 2004

`Casablanca' is a very well known movie by people of all ages. A lot of whom enjoy the movie quite a bit and some who maybe don't enjoy it as much. This reviewer liked the movie for the most part. It has an interesting plot, but one that mainly people of an older age would understand. It has romance (and that's always a good thing) and it may even teach it's viewers a little something about history that they might not already know. One of the only problems with the movie is that it's slow moving. It's a lot of talk and no action. Movies don't have to be all about blowing things up and killing people to be good, but `Casablanca' involved maybe a little bit too much talking, at least at one time. At one point in the movie one of the main characters was talking for so long that this reviewer found herself starting to drift off. Movies should grab the audience's attention and keep it. `Casablanca' is a good movie, just one that could maybe be improved a little by picking up its pace.

All of the acting was very good. Most of it was rather believable and didn't come across as too cheesy. At the times when an actor/actress was supposed to be making a really long speech, they did so very well with a lot of the right emotion needed to convey what they were saying. Rick, played by Humphrey Bogart, is supposed to be a bad boy who deep down inside has a heart. Bogart did a very good job of portraying this. Throughout the film Rick just seems to be cool and self-confident. It's like he's what every boy wants to be, especially since the ladies like him. All of the acting done in `Casablanca' only helped to make the movie what it is today, a timeless classic.

A big portion of the film is set in Rick's American Café, which is just about the only American thing in Casablanca. Because of this almost all of the music is a piano playing in the background or someone singing. There is music that has been added in, but a lot of it is music coming straight from something in the movie. The whole idea of doing that gives the viewer more of a feel like they're there with the people on screen and not just watching them. It should be used in more movies these days.

`Casablanca' came out in the 40's and, of course, the special effects back then weren't as good as they are now. There was one scene in particular where the movie was really lacking in this area. Ilsa, played by Ingrid Berdmen, and Rick (Bogart) are driving in a car together only they're not really driving. There is a fake background behind them and it seems like they're just jumping up and down in their seats and smiling. This whole thing is in other old movies too. It just shows how far Hollywood has come with their special effects.

`Casablanca' is a good movie that could be improved a little. There are a lot of movies out there that this reviewer would love to own and `Casablanca' just isn't one of them. Yes, it is a classic and a great movie, but it's just not the type of movie that this reviewer enjoys.

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Awesome movie, 15 April 2004

Some like It Hot has to be one of the funniest, most entertaining movies ever! It is so funny that even the biggest sourpuss in the world would most likely laugh, especially about the very last line of the movie. This reviewer has seen a lot of movies and Some like it Hot definitely is one of the best. Old and young alike would enjoy this movie and that is always a good thing.

Out of the entire movie there is only one thing that isn't too great about it. Sometimes when the characters are running or riding bicycles the camera is angled so that the viewer is looking at them from the front. The background behind them looks incredibly unreal during these scenes. It's as if they are in front of a painting and they are riding on one of those bicycle exercise machines. That is understandable though considering that it is a movie from the 50's. That is about the only thing that could use some work in the movie. If that whole scene was changed to be realistic than this movie would be nearly perfect. It is so, so funny!!!

The acting is great! All the actors especially, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Marilyn Monroe, are incredible! They are all so hilarious and their acting doesn't seem at all unreal, in fact, if there had been different actors/actress chosen for this movie, it wouldn't be as good. Curtis, Lemmon, and Monroe are perfect together and they make for a very entertaining movie.

The movie is in black and white, but it's as if it was in color. The acting and just the way the movie is made, it all makes it so it's as if you can see what color everything would be if it was in color. It is definitely not a boring black and white movie.

Some like it Hot is a great comedy movie and this reviewer doesn't see how anybody could give it less than a 10. It can be watched over and over again and still be funny. This one is a definite for your home video library!

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Buy Worthy, 8 April 2004

`Rebel without a Cause' was a very good movie. It was one that some, not all, teenagers could relate to. It involved trouble with the parents, trouble with peers, and young `love.' It was also very entertaining. It isn't one of those movies that at some point would make someone so bored that they get up to go get some food or do something else. It holds the viewer's attention. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's dramatic, and sometimes it's just plain interesting to watch. Overall, `Rebel without a Cause' is definitely a movie worth seeing over and over again.

`Rebel without a Cause' stars some familiar actors/actress like James Dean, Natalie Wood, and Jim Backus, all of which are very good at what they do. All three are really talented and make the movie worth sitting on the couch for an hour and a half to watch it. At some times in the movie the acting does seem a little, well, strange. Those are the times when the audience might laugh, even though that particular line or scene wasn't meant to be funny. Despite all that, the acting is pretty good and very entertaining.

This is one of those movies where there is music being played throughout almost the entire film. Doing that sort of makes the movie seem livelier and more entertaining. The acting grabs the viewer's attention and the music helps to keep it. The music in `Rebel without a Cause' fits the scene that it is being played in. If it was a romantic scene, there would be romantic music, and if it was a fighting scene, there would be loud and exciting music.

In most of the older movies that this reviewer has seen whenever a gun goes off there is a loud bang and smoke leaving the gun, which could be considered a special effect. But in `Rebel without a Cause' whenever a gun goes off, and guns go off quite often, there is just a very loud bang with no smoke. This reviewer has never used a gun and does not know which depiction of a gun shot is more realistic but both seem to get the point across that they have a gun and it is being shot.

`Rebel without a Cause' is a great movie, even though it may take a while for some to think that. It is definitely worth spending some hard earned money on.

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A strange but good movie, 12 March 2004

Dr. Strangelove is a rather strange movie. It is also a very good movie. It provides its audience with comedy, a history lesson (in a way), and drama. The plot centers on the love of nuclear weapons that helped lead to the Cold War. Although the film does not portray this entirely accurate the audience can get the picture. It takes this incident that really happened in history and makes it seem comical. At first the film may seem to be somewhat boring, but once you get into watching it it's great.

The music in Dr.Strangelove basically revolves around three main songs, two being love songs and one being the tune to `the ants go marching.' The two love songs are played at the beginning of the film during the opening credits and at the end of the film while the world is being blown to bits by nuclear weapons. Although at first hearing a love song during a scene in which the world is being destroyed may seem odd, it really isn't. The U.S. used to have this strange infatuation, this strange love for nuclear weapons, so playing a love song while they are being put to use is actually quite fitting. It gets across the fact that we once did love nuclear weapons. Now, the tune to `the ants go marching' is played during every scene with the pilots in their planes. The tune when heard without the words actually sounds very patriotic. The pilots in the planes are getting ready to carry out their orders and they very well know they could die. It is a patriotic thing that they are doing, thus the patriotic music. Having only three different songs in the film helps the audience to remember them better and is something that this reviewer has never seen in any other film. It is a great idea.

The film has more than one main character. It has quite a few actually. All the acting in the film was pretty good. It wasn't as good as others, but it wasn't so horrible that the viewer would become disgusted and turn off the film because of it. Now and then there were some times when the viewer could tell that the actor was just acting, but for the most part it was pretty good and always entertaining. This reviewer kept finding herself just wanting to laugh at some parts that weren't even meant to be funny just because of the way the actor was coming across. Any movie that causes laughter is definitely a good one.

When most people watch Dr. Strangelove they probably do just that. They watch it. They don't think that it has any hidden meanings. They watch it as if they would watch any other film. But this film has something that not all other films have. The film is full of references to sex and penis envy. It isn't obvious though, not at all. The viewer probably won't even catch it, but it is. On the surface it seems as though it is just taking a historic situation and turning it into comedy, but below the surface it's all about sex.

Dr. Strangelove isn't the type of movie that a typical teenager would pick out to rent at the movie store, but it is one that they should. This reviewer admits that she would never have rented or even thought about watching this movie on her own, but Dr. Strangelove is a really good movie and it is really funny. All teenagers should get the opportunity to see this wonderful film.

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A movie that doesn't need a lot of action to be really good, 29 February 2004

Rear Window is another one of Alfred Hitchcock's successes. The movie starts off rather slow and the viewer might get a little bored, but once it gets into all the mystery there is no way anyone could fall asleep. It keeps the audience on their toes and it is very entertaining to watch. The entire movie is filmed in one community which makes it different from other movies and quite interesting.

The movie stars James Stewart as L.B. "Jeff" Jeffries and Grace Kelley as Lisa Fremont. The two work great together on camera and are both very talented actors. James Stewart, who also starred in It's a Wonderful Life, is the perfect actor to play the part of Jeffries. His character is an old army man and you can certainly tell through his acting. Grace Kelley's character is classy and into fashion. She is beautiful herself which only adds to this view of her character in the movie. Overall, Stewart and Kelley are definitely the right people to star in Rear Window

The acting altogether throughout the film is almost never cheesy and is almost always very believable. All the actors and actresses act so well that it's as if what's happening isn't a move and is really going on. Even the people with very few lines are believable when they say them.

The music is all digetic. There is never any background music that was added in after filming. It all comes from a neighbor's piano, a radio, or something in the movie itself. The fact that there is no added in music just adds to the feeling that what you're watching is really happening. It makes the movie seem less like a movie and more like real life.

There aren't really any special effects in Rear Window because it's not a special effects kind of movie. There are however a few times in the movie where something or somebody looks very fake and you can tell it isn't really there or that what's happening isn't really happening like the audience sees it. But those few times don't make a big impact on what the viewer's opinion of the movie is. It is a very good movie and a few scenes that aren't so well put together don't change that.

Rear Window has to be one of the most suspenseful movies there is. Yes, it isn't full of loads of action but it doesn't need to be. This movie has shown me that a movie can be simple and not have much "bad" stuff to be a really good suspense movie. Rear Window is an awesome movie and is definitely on my "see again" list.

Psycho (1960)
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Definitely the best horror film of all time, 18 February 2004

"Psycho" has been called the best horror movie of all time, and it's no surprise that it has considering that it was directed by The Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock, who has directed (and sometimes produced) 53 films,

was definitely successful with this one. It makes no difference that 'Psycho" is a 1960 film, it is just as good, if not better, than any horror film made today. The film has an eeriness to it. Even though it is not constant killing after killing, it is still very creepy. The biggest factor contributing to the "on the edge of your seat" feeling in the film is the music. Throughout the entire film the music is unsettling, suspenseful, and it gives the viewer an uncomfortable feeling that is hard to explain. A scene as simple as someone driving in a car can become

intense and even a little scary once the music begins. It is never dull and it is always interesting. There is no doubt that "Psycho" without it's fast paced, loud, and startling music would not be the truly terrifying film that it is. Anthony Perkins plays Norman Bates, the psycho. Perkins' acting job is very

well done and actually really believable. He doesn't need to stick with one type of acting to be good. He can be a nice guy, he can be mad, he can be sad, he can even behave as a lunatic and in all situations his acting is realistic. When it comes to Anthony Perkins' acting job in "Psycho" there is no cheesiness to be found. There are many other great performances by great actors/actresses in "Psycho." Such as Janet Leigh as Marianne Crane, Vera Miles as Lila Crane, and John

Gavin as Sam Lumus. While all of their acting jobs are believable and

entertaining to watch, there are a few times when they may have overdone it or come across as cheesy. But put those times aside and you're left with one very good actor and two very good actresses. Besides, nobody's perfect. "Psycho" is a black and white film that takes place mostly at night. Because of that, some of the backgrounds in a few scenes don't look as realistic as they could. The viewer may be able to tell that they aren't real and if they are real the viewer is likely to think that they aren't. This does not take away from the film at all. Regardless of some cheesy acting or backgrounds that look fake, "Psycho" is

still the best horror film of all time, and there's no arguing with that.

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A very good movie!, 28 December 2003

"A Christmas Story" is an extremely funny and entertaining movie! It is one that each and every person in the world should be able to see and enjoy! The movie is already rather popular and in some families it is a tradition to watch it every Christmas. Anyone can see why it would be so popular too; it has great acting, it's hilarious, and it's a believable movie. It's not one of those movies where everything is stuff that would never happen to anybody in real life. Most of the things happening in the film are ordinary things that might happen to anyone.

The acting in "A Christmas Story" is very believable. Each actor/actress really makes their character seem real. Every now and then Ralphie has a daydream and in those daydreams the acting is extremely fake and cheesy, but it is meant to be that way! The actors/actresses are acting cheesy on purpose. Seeing them act badly in Ralphie's daydreams and then seeing how they act throughout the rest of the movie helps the viewer to notice just how good and believable the acting jobs really are. It separates the good from the bad. The acting in "A Christmas Story" is just overall awesome!

The music in this movie is, at times, rather unique. It can be interesting too! The music changes a lot throughout the movie. Sometimes its music that is purely instrumental, sometimes its Christmas music, and other times its music being played on a radio by one of the characters in the movie. Most of the time though, the music fits what's happening in the scene. The way music was put into this movie is wonderful and without it the movie wouldn't be as good as it is.

There were no fake backgrounds or buildings in "A Christmas Story." It was all real. The houses were real, the stores were real, everything was real. It was as if someone was walking around with a video camera taping the actors. That's the way all movies should be, unless they are cartoons, of course. "A Christmas Story" is a great Christmas movie that is well worth watching and well worth owning. It provides the viewers with entertainment and a big amount of laughs. This isn't a movie too easily forgotten just like the line from it "You'll shoot your eye out!"

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An absolute, no doubt about it, great movie!!!!, 15 December 2003

"It's A Wonderful LIfe" has to be one of the best movies ever made!

In fact, it could be the best. Some teenagers say that it is a boring

movie, that it's too long, or that they just don't like it, but not this

teenager! This teenager loves this movie! This is one of those

movies that can and should be watched over and over again.

Every time it is seen it gives the viewer the feeling of christmas and

hopefully, it helps them to realize that they should be thankful for

what they have and just be happy with their life.

The acting in this movie is actually really good considering the

time when it was made. It doesn't come off as cheesy or corny at

all. It's believable and it's like you almost can't tell that it's just

acting. The casting director picked some great actors/actresses

for this movie.

Jimmy Stewart is absolutely great as George Bailey. "It's A

Wonderful Life" wouldn't be as good as it is without Stewart playing

the main character. Stewart can portray all kinds of emotions and

actually make the viewer believe that that is what he is feeling. He

can be enthusiastic, sad, happy, or really mad and the viewer won't

even know he is acting.

Donna Reed made a wonderful Mary Bailey. She plays one of

those wives that sticks by her man no matter what. And she

makes a really believable mother.

Stewart and Reed together make a great acting pair and they are

part of the reason that "It's A Wonderful Life" is as great as it is.

The setting in this movie was all the little town of Bedford Falls.

There was no fake backgrounds, everything was real, real

buildings, real cars, real trees etc. The only wierd thing that wasn't

real was at the beginning of the movie when the angels are like

galaxies up in the sky. That whole scene wasn't very realistic and

it was kind of odd, but despite it's oddness this movie is still great!

The music was all background except for when the characters in

the movie sing. The music was nice and it really adds to the


"It's A Wonderful Life" is a great film and this reviewer will never be

convinced that it isn't. It is a classic and it is one that should never

be forgotten.

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