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Better than the first
5 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It was better than the first one. The writing was a little better. But it was still really annoying to me. I only watched it because my friend wouldn't get off my back until I did. So I finally watched it last night. I was surprised by the fact that I enjoyed it a little. Bu his voice still makes me want to rip my ears off. However, I love Jake Weary, Ariel Winters, and John Cena, so that made the movie far more bearable. So overall, the movie was annoying, irritating, pointless, and not at all an awesome movie. But if you've been a Fred fan for a long time, you'd probably enjoy it a lot more than I did. As I said before, it was WAY WAY better than the first one, which I wouldn't even rate a one. more like a - 9..
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