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A list of people that have cool photos for their IMDb pages, not just boring red-carpet shots. Not in order, there are some really great pics toward the bottom as well, I just put them in as I find them, so don't think the quality diminishes as you descend...
Feel free to make suggestions and if I like them I'll include them :D
Keep checking if you like the list because it will keep growing with every new pic I come across that I like - or your suggestions (hopefully).
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The best movie posters I have found, inspired by finding number 2... Please suggest other equally good ones I've failed to include...
THANKS to everybody who's already made suggestions, they've been great!
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Just as it sounds, a collection of images of dudes rocking long(ish) hair - mullets excepted cos they NEVER look good. Honourable mention to Holter Graham in Fly Away Home and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 3rd Rock from the Sun.