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A random list of living women born in the country of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. <3
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Alliteration: Same sound of the first letter. Doesn't need to be the same letter: Katie Cassidy qualifies, Keira Knightley not, because the K in her surname is silent.
(Only living women: you won't find Marilyn Monroe here ;))
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A random list of living women BORN (not just currently living) in Canada.
Some of these women don't live in Canada anymore, they are included.
(You can decide where you want to live, but not where you were born.)
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I got this idea from the series Gilmore Girls, where the two main actresses have 6 letters in their first names and surnames each. My mother and I also have 6 letters each.
Note: I still keep the person on the list when she changed her name or has a longer name after she has married.
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A random list of living women born in Australia
Note: Some of them might not live in Australia anymore.
Also so called Australians like Naomi Watts, Isla Fisher, Sophie Monk or Nicole Kidman are not listed here.
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Same rules as the women list, but I also include deceased and unusual persons.
Work in Progress.
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This also includes some fake redheads.
(Only living women)
I have been loving red hair for most of my life. (Does this sound wrong?)
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Women that are a bit younger than me! :)
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A random list. No ranking.
(only living actresses)
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Living Women that are a bit older than me! :)
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Living Women that are as old as me! :)
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Women of Mixed European and Asian descent.
Asia = From middle east to far east, from Israel to Philippines
Turkey and Russia are considered to be european
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Living women with german background (up to 1/8). They must not be born in a german speaking country (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein).
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A random list of Women named Katharina and variations of that name.
(only living women)
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Just a small list of people born July, the 18th.
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Same rules as the women list, except I also include deceased people and people I don't like.
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All of my favorite actresses. In no specific order.
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Most of these are action stars. (Ordered by surname)