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Not so Bad, 3 March 2006

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I know some people are hammering the pilot pretty bad, but really it's not that bad. Sure there are the stereotypical cast of characters, but that doesn't mean the writing is automatically bad. It's what happens with these characters over the course of time that really matters. Conviction is more focused on the lives of the prosecutors than the other Law and Order shows, and the change is a definite plus. In time, this show could turn into a good replacement for those of us who just can't get into Boston Legal.

To the guy who is complaining about Elias Koteas? Get outta here, man. Clearly, he wasn't brought in to be a "Chris Meloni" type, as he was killed pretty quickly! It makes me wonder if you even watched the entire episode or just skimmed it and left.

It's good to see Stephanie March back on regular TV and I hope this show at least gets the chance to get it's feet under it and become something good.

House of D (2004)
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House of D-, 3 May 2005

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I hate to start off my review this way but apparently I should. I'm neither a DD lover or a hater. He's just another actor to me. What I will say is that his movie, House of D was a movie that annoyed me greatly. It just wasn't very good.

First off, Robin Williams. Somebody else commented that he can't seem to play other parts. That's garbage. See him in One Hour Photo or Insomnia to see his other(and better) side. He's actually pretty good in this as his few scenes are rather enjoyable. The retarded bit wears thin after awhile and in select scenes he doesn't even appear to be retarded at all. Some consistency would've been nice there.

Coming of age stories almost always follow the same track and this one is no different. Dead parent, struggling parent, private school, death in the family. I've seen it all before but House of D does it a bit worse than most. The relationship between Tommy and his mother is never fleshed out very well. They seem to be getting along perfectly at first, then out of nowhere she complains that they don't talk anymore. Uhhh, according to what? Nothing shown in the movie, that's for sure! All the relationships in the movie are this way. None of them really give you a reason why these people care about each other. Tommy and Pappas are friends why? Because they work together? Not enough. Tommy and Melissa? Never really got to see them together enough to care about that. It's just a really incomplete feeling movie that I expected a lot more from but left the theatre disappointed.

Underrated!!, 11 March 2005

I won't say too much just that this is a very good film that is not what you would expect from a romantic comedy. First of all the main character is not your typical African-American lead. I love the fact that the story doesn't chain you to the idea that this is a black man and he should be dating nothing but black women. He's a suburban guy with a mixed parentage who hangs out with and loves people of all different types. This might be the only time I've liked Hill Harper in anything(other than The Nephew). Sandrine Holt, Nicole Parker, and Laurel Holloman are as beautiful as ever and put on worthy performances. This is a fun little film that will definitely surprise some people. Give it a shot.

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Great!!, 10 July 2004

I can't believe this movie only has a 5.5!! What's wrong with you people? This movie has everything. Great story, awesome fight scenes. What else could you want? The only thing I can think of is that people expected it to be more about martial arts than it was, but for me this movie is superb. My only gripe is that they never clear up what happened to Hero's daughter. I also think that Shadow should've played more of a part in the final battle, but that's very minor. I think the final battle atop the Statue of Liberty is one of the greatest fight scenes in movies. Period. Everybody who gave this such a low review should definitely give this movie one more look.

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Greatness, 29 January 2004

There isn't much left to be said about this movie or the franchise as a whole. It's simply the best trilogy of movies ever made. All of the movies were great or very good with no dropoffs. The only trilogy that comes close is Indiana Jones. My only complaint with Return of the King is the ending. Didn't it seem to drag on and on a bit? How many people are going to jump in Frodo's bed? What, was Treebeard too busy bathing in his own Entwash to join in on the fun?

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50/50, 29 January 2004

This one is a guilty pleasure movie of mine. I can't explain why I like it, or if I even do like it, but when it's on I watch it. Sure it has my all time favorite movie babe Ali Larter in it, but you don't see me watching Varsity Blues or American Outlaws. Maybe when I discover what it is I like about this movie I'll post it later.

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Surprise surprise, 29 January 2004

I'm as surprised as anyone that Ashton Kutcher has done a good movie, but he has pulled it off. The Butterfly Effect is the very violent, depraved story of a guy who has suffered blackouts his entire life in order to block out painful and traumatic experiences. When the memories start flooding back, he discovers that he can go back in time and change the future by altering events of the past, with disastrous results. This is a good, strong suspenseful movie with superb acting by the mostly reliable Amy Smart and Ethan Suplee(Mallrats represent!) and a decent performance by Kutcher. I don't think Suplee's part was big enough to warrant the starring credit he's received but that's not a big deal. About 3/4 of the way through the movie you start to figure out that the writer had no idea how to end the film, and the abrupt unsatisfying finish only proves it. Still, this is a good movie for fans who want to see a new twist on the "It's a Wonderful Life" theme.

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Twice as Good, 29 January 2004

Twice as good as Phantom Menace....and it STILL BLOWS!!!! This just goes to show how bad Phantom Menace really was. Atleast Clones has some good action sequences, but the writing and acting were still atrocious. And can someone explain to me how Anakin and Padme appear to be so close in age now? Please? Anyone? I defy you to explain it! Since when do Queens have terms of office? Why is Padme dressed like a dominatrix? Is it some sick(albeit appreciated) Lucas fantasy? Why isn't the Yoda/Duku fight interesting upon second viewing? Why does Yoda refer to the war as "the clone war"? How does he know? That's like somebody saying "Welcome to the 100 years War!" This movie is awful. The death of Star Wars rages on, and yet it's so much better than Phantom Menace. Weird.

I'm a Moron, 29 January 2004

I guess I'm an idiot because I really do love this movie. No, it's not the greatest plot in the world but the acting is pretty good. I cringe only at the Laura Sangiacomo part because she sounds like she's reading the lines off her wrist. Denis Leary is hilarious staunchly defending his "fish boots", and ofcourse Walken is great. But my favorite part of the movie is the end. I love movies that don't follow traditional guidelines with contrived happy endings , and this one was definitely not happy.

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Lucas, Go Away!!, 29 January 2004

The death of Star Wars begins here! Sure, this is still an awesome movie. I love it, in fact. The saber battles, the effects, increased Lando sightings, Carrie Fisher in a thong. It's beautiful. But the Ewoks....oh, those Ewoks. That's all I have and will say about this movie. The Ewoks.